About me

Hello, my name is Barbara Beil, I have been interested in 2D art for quite a long time now. Having drawn a lot of pictures during school time already as well as always having been an avid gamer, since I had access to a computer and games, my passion increased  for the subject.

Now I’ve decided to make my hobby as my job.

Therefore I started a course in business informatics after school in hopes of earning a degree to go into the gaming industry later on. However, after seeing that the informatics part was purely theoretical I abandoned that course.

After a year of reorientation, I entered an eight-month long internship at a worldwide renowned music studio during which I received further education in 2D design applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.

During this internship I became aware that a school for game design had opened, in response to which I promptly enrolled myself and ended up finishing it in two years time as a bachelor of ……. During that timeframe I learned how to use Photoshop further, as well as some 3D applications like Maya, 3ds Max, and Zbrush. My best results in 3D definitely were done with Maya.

Unfortunately, I had to take two years off after that degree course for personal reasons. Knowing, how fast the gaming industry is developing I decided to enroll myself for a second different degree course in game design not only to refresh and deepen my knowledge of the applications, but also broaden my knowledge as the new school also offered lessons in programming.

In my free time I do mainly two things, playing games on my PC or Playstation, or I write my fanfiction stories revolving around the Harry Potter and Supernatural series in major.

For those who want to have a look at my fan-fiction stories they these can be found under the Fan-Fiction tab and, unless marked otherwise, are work in progress and will be continued.





Substance Painter

Substance Designer

3ds Max



Programming languages




German, English

Professional education

10.2016 – 09.2017 game artist trainings program with IHK degree Digital Media Designer, school of games Cologne

04.2012 – 04.2014 Interactive Animation trainings program, SAE Cologne

08.2009 – 08.2010 business informatics degree course, Cologne University


05.2015 – 07.2015 internship Schreinerei Freund (carpentry)

08.2011 – 04.2012 internship Dierks Studios (recording studio)


07.1999 – 06.2009 attending of the Lieb-Frauen-Schule in Cologne with doing my A                                          levels

Other activities

08.2003 – 04.2009 first aid trained volunteer at school nursery