Centurio Battle Arena

Start Screen

Centurio Battle Arena

This is the start screen for the Game I created together with Falk Hähner on an intern Game Jam here at school. The task was to create a “One Button” game within one week, a game controlled by only one button per player.

We decided to create a small battle game where two roman gladiators fight against each other.

These are examples for two of the menu buttons of the game.

The sprites for the Players were kept in a style like Rayman so that we could create more detailed characters without having to fear, that we run out of time because of complex animations, since this way we only needed to animate the different sprites of the body-parts.



A concept art created for an arena car fighting game set up at a research station on an alien planet.

The thought behind this drawing was that to sustain the population of the station they also needed greenhouses which were operated by lamps that emit light of a certain frequency (near ultra-violet) benefiting the growth of the plants. This picture shows how the car of one of the fighting parties dashes through one of those greenhouses laying waste to everything in its path.


Axt skin

Another drawing exercise, this time a worn battle-axe. It already has seen many battles as it has deep notches. The handle is wrapped in rough leather for a firmer grip even in the heat of the battle. On the other end of the axe a spiked mace not only works as the counterweight but also can be used as a blunt weapon. The handling of such a weapon however, needs practice as the wielder doesn’t want to hurt himself.