Chapter 4: The Beginning of the End

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It took the Dark Lord a few days to find an adequate curse breaker who was willing to work for him. They also pushed back healing Harry’s old injuries properly until they got rid of every potion and spell on him so nothing could interfere with it. During this time, Harry was freed from any practical lesson though Voldemort gave him a few books to read and told him that he would question him on them. Slowly his fear of being sent away by the Dark Lord diminished but still lingered in the back of his mind waiting for an opportunity to rise its ugly head.

About a week later, Voldemort entered Harry’s rooms. He saw the boy was sitting in front of the fire, his legs pulled beneath him and reading one of the books he assigned he noticed with approval.

“My Lord?” Harry asked when he noticed his visitor. He stood up and placed the book on the desk before turning back around to the Dark Lord.

“I found a curse breaker who will remove the spells on you. He will arrive tomorrow morning so be prepared,” Voldemort told him.

Harry nodded but looked down at the floor avoiding the Dark Lords gaze.

“What is it?” Voldemort finally asked.

“Uhm…so you’re not sending me away?” Harry asked. He had to know. Sure, the Dark Lords behaviour spoke volumes but he simply needed to hear it.

This question surprised the Dark Lord. “Why would I do that?”

Harry remained silent for a moment before answering in a low voice. “Because I’m weak.”

Voldemort blinked a few times in confusion when it dawned on him what the boy meant. He asked himself whether it was a compulsion charm speaking or if the abuse let him think he wasn’t worth his attention. “Harry, you might be many things but being weak isn’t one of them,” he made a quick step towards Harry and gently pushed his chin upwards so that he had to look at him before stroking a lose strand of his hair out of Harry’s face. Once he became aware of what he actually did, he quickly composed himself and took his hand down. “As I told you before it is a wonder that you managed to get away from Dumbledore and come here. I even daresay that you are stronger than him because otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible.”

He looked at him for a few more seconds before turning around and leaving the room. Harry on the other hand remained standing still as a statue. It took a few minutes before he moved again lightly touching the spot the Dark Lord’s finger had touched him before clenching his hand into a fist and running of into his bedroom. There he slumped unceremoniously onto the bed and screamed into the pillow in frustration. Why had he to be a pubescent teenager? Worse, why had it to be the Dark Lord he had a crush on? Life definitely wasn’t fair.

As Voldemort said, the curse breaker arrived the next morning though what the Dark Lord didn’t anticipate was that the second the man stepped into Harry’s room he found himself at the boy’s wand point.

“What is he doing here?” Harry snarled.

“He is the curse breaker I got to remove the spells on you and I would appreciate it if you don’t threaten him,” Voldemort snarled irritated.

“Ah yes? He is working for Dumbledore you don’t expect me to believe that he doesn’t run to the old bastard once he gets out of here to tell him everything about me,” Harry growled his wand still pointed at the man before him.

The man gulped visibly eying the wand fearfully. “Actually I’m not working for Dumbledore…” he replied.

“If this is true then why are you in his order, Weasley? Don’t deny it I saw you at the headquarter,” he interrupted him.

Bill Weasley threw a quick glance at the Dark Lord who just motioned him to go on so he lifted his left sleeve to show Harry his left arm all the while keeping an eye on the boy not wanting to get cursed. There on slightly tanned skin sat the pitch black Dark Mark. Harry blinked a few times in surprise before taking down his wand.

“I never wanted to work for the old meddling fool but I was kind of forced into it. However, I also didn’t dared to approach the Dark Lord once he returned fearing – probably correctly – that I would be killed on sight. Once word reached me though that, he was looking for a curse breaker I let him know that I was willing to work with him and here we are. What surprised me on the other hand was that you are the reason he was looking.”

Harry narrowed his eyes. “Did you think you’re the only one who could care less about Dumbledore’s…wellbeing? I trust you for now only because I want those spells gone but you should get to know that the last one who irritated or antagonized me to much got…convinced to not do it again,” he said with a glinting in his eyes before turning around and walking back into the room.

“I can see that,” Bill muttered. Harry turned around and glared at him upon which the man put his hand into the air. “I’m sorry what I meant was that I can see magic. You don’t need to remind me to never cross you.”

“Just let’s get this over with. What do I have to do?” Harry snarled.

“Lay down on your bed and relax I’ll do the rest,” Bill explained.

“Can I read instead? I still have a few chapters to go.”

“Suit yourself but I’d ask you not to move around too much,” he shrugged following Harry through to the bedroom. The Dark Lord already sat in the chair observing them closely.

Harry sat down on his bed and started to read the book the Dark Lord assigned him while Bill went to work. He first cast several detections charms in order to see what spells exactly were on Harry.

What angered him the most were the spells that bound Harry’s magical core and he could see that there have been even more. He didn’t want to think about what might have happened had they remained until Harry turned seventeen. A to most people unknown fact is that when a witch or wizard turns seventeen they gain another influx to their magical core making them more powerful, though most don’t feel anything because it isn’t much in their case. With Harry, it is different however. He already is quite powerful, the influx might be enough to shatter the bindings and with that outright kill him, because of the magic suddenly flooding the core to its breaking point and letting it burst. Considering how powerful Harry is that could be enough to level the entire Hogwarts castle to the ground.

Muttering under his breath Bill deconstructed the remaining bonds one by one so that Harry’s magical core had some time to adapt. It was a good thing that when the first bonds broke he had the possibility to vent some of the excess magic so that no more severe repercussions occurred.

Harry could feel how with every binding on his magic falling how his core was freed and even more magic coursed through him wondering how powerful he really was.

When Bill was done with the bonds, he continued with deconstructing the other magic. Concealing spells as well as loyalty and confounding spells, one after another they were broken. Once the last spell fell under his constant chanting he was sweating and breathing heavily because of the magical exhaustion. He cast one last revealing spell to see whether he got everything and nothing remained when his eyes opened in shock and surprise. It seemed that Dumbledore’s spells hid something much more…disconcerting. After another chanting, he was sure.

“My Lord,” Bill spoke up with a fearful look at the Dark Lord. “I found something truly worrisome. It seems that the concealing spells from Dumbledore hid something else,” he visibly gulped under the intense stare Voldemort now gave him. “Harry is a Horcrux,” Bill finally brought out and he had a distinct feeling who’s Horcrux it was, he knew about them thanks to his work at Gringotts.

The Dark Lord’s reaction confirmed it for him. Voldemort jumped up and cast something on his own before he groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose starting to pace next to Harry’s bed who now looked up from his book confused and worried.

“What is a Horcrux?” he asked.

However, neither man answered his question, Bill in his fear pressed himself against the next wall closely observing the Dark Lord pacing praying that he didn’t get cursed for something he had no influence over.

“What. Is. A. Horcrux?” Harry asked again stressing every word irritated.

That snapped Voldemort out of his musing. He looked back and forth between Harry and Bill before starting to talk.

“A Horcrux is a piece of your soul stored in a container meant to anchor you in the mortal plane so that in case your body is destroyed you don’t die,” he explained.

“Huh…interesting but I fail to see the problem,” Harry cocked his head in thought. “I mean even if there is a piece of your soul in me…what does it matter?” there was no need to second guess for him who’s Horcrux that was.

Both men looked at him in surprise before Voldemort started to chuckle. “You’re truly extraordinary,” he muttered. “I will block it so that it doesn’t influence you.”

He walked over with his wand drawn when he was stopped by Harry. “Why blocking something that could be an advantage?” Harry asked with a devious smile.

Now the Dark Lord blinked a few times in surprise before smirking. “Very well,” he replied. “However Mr. Weasley should you tell anyone about this…let’s just say you wouldn’t like the result.”

Bill looked at Voldemort for a few moments before raising his wand and speaking up. “I, William Arthur Weasley swear on my magic and my life that I will not redirect the information concerning the Dark Lord Voldemort’s, also known as You-know-who or He-who-must-not-be-named, Horcruxes in any possible way. Nor will I knowingly and willingly take any actions, to harm or destroy any of those Horcruxes, so mote it be” he said in a firm voice not even put out by this since he regularly swore an oath to not reveal anything should one of his clients request it.

That caught Voldemort off guard for a moment. “So mote it be,” he finally brought out waiting for the golden glow that sealed the oath to settle.

“My Lord, if this was all I’d request to return to the Order. They are momentarily in a state of disarray over Mr. Potters disappearing and especially Dumbledore seems to be more afraid with every second passing. I fear that another member going missing will be much too obvious,” he bowed lowly. “If you want me to, I can give him some misleading hints about Mr. Potter’s whereabouts.”

“A few sightings in muggle London might do, Mr. Weasley. You’re dismissed,” Voldemort nodded.

Bill bowed again before leaving the rooms to walk to the apparition point.

Voldemort turned around to Harry with a contemplative look. “I don’t have to tell you that it would be detrimental for your health to tell anyone about the Horcrux,” he snarled.

“I’m not stupid, but I think Dumbledore already knows about this,” Harry retorted. “I mean why else would he cast concealment charms over it and it would explain his reaction when I gave him the destroyed diary…sorry about that…”he added with a pained face.

“It was Malfoy’s duty to keep it safe,” the Dark Lord sneered. “He was the one who failed me in the first place.”

Not wanting to be cursed Harry just nodded and fell silent again carefully watching the Dark Lord. His gaze was drawn to the red lips that just at that moment curled into a slight seemingly knowing smile before they parted because the Dark Lord spoke up again. Harry however felling as if he got caught with the hand in the cookie jar quickly looked somewhere else, which happened to be a mirror in which he could see Voldemort’s backside perfectly well. Not wanting to see this perfectly formed butt or anything else from the Dark Lord he quickly looked downwards on his hands.

“I’ll send Healer Laxley to you so that he can get rid of the potions in you and heal you properly,” Voldemort stated in a matter of fact before leaving the room.

It took about ten minutes in which he continued reading before the door to his bedroom opened again and Healer Laxley entered surprisingly without the Dark Lord. Laxley instantly started to chant over Harry in order to see what still needed to be done. After a few minutes, he turned to Harry.

“Right now you still have a few loyalty and obedience potions in your system though they are already fading and will last for another two weeks at maximum. You can wait for them to fade naturally or I can give you a system cleansing potion though I have to tell you that it will hurt,” the healer explained in a professional tone.

“I don’t want anything remaining in my body whatsoever that might give Dumbledore any hold over me so give me that potion,” Harry snapped.

“Very well, I’ll also give you a dreamless sleep so that you can sleep through the process,” Laxley said opening his briefcase and taking out two vials. “Once your system is cleansed you will also have to take nutrition potions over the duration of a week to get your bones and body into a healthy condition.”

“Don’t bother with the sleeping potion I don’t need it” he retorted.

“Are you sure? This process is extremely painful because your system gets cleansed of everything,” Laxley inquired with a worried gaze.

“Do you really question my decision?” Harry snarled.

Laxley blanched upon the boys glare and shook his head. “I’ll leave it on your bed stand though if you decide otherwise.”

Harry grabbed the system cleansing potion and gulped it down in one go before resuming his reading. It took about five minutes before the pain started but Harry could only laugh about it, this was nothing in comparison to the Cruciatus.

Once the Healer gave the all clear Harry resumed to his practical lessons and he had to admit that he had been hindered by what Dumbledore did to him pretty much. Whereas before he could hold his ground against Severus for only about forty minutes before, which anyone else would see as an outstanding accomplishment it irked Harry something rotten because he had to forfeit because of magical exhaustion. However, now that everything tainting his system was gone, well the last duel was interrupted by the Dark Lord after three hours because Severus was required in a meeting.

Releasing the bonds from his core didn’t make Harry more powerful but he had much more stamina now.

What would forever change the relationship between the Dark Lord and Harry, though was what happened during one memorable lesson in which Voldemort taught Harry some very advanced dark curses.

Harry had been mentally not quite there that day and got easily distracted, especially by the Dark Lord. That his dreams more often than not centred on that man in a more sexual fashion lately didn’t help matters either. So it was that he was clumsy and even managed to miss the trainings dummy they used by so far that one might think he had fallen blind all of sudden.

This was when the Dark Lord finally had enough and snapped. With a swift movement, he had Harry pinned against the next wall his left arm over the boy’s chest pressing him down.

“What is wrong with you today?” he hissed irritated unconsciously having fallen into parseltongue, his head a nose length away from Harry’s. “One might think you’re doing this on purpose.”

Harry on the other hand only stared straight into Voldemort’s crimson red eyes mesmerised by the hissing that he understood as if it was English, it sent shivers of pleasure down his spine. Recognising how close they were he blinked a few times before as if he was compelled to do it he slowly leaned forwards and kissed the Dark Lord.

Voldemort at first was so stunned by the sudden contact between their lips that he could do nothing but stand there and let it happen. However, that lasted only for a moment before he to his own utter surprise responded to Harry’s lips on his own. While he intensified the kiss, he could feel Harry’s tongue coming forward trying to part his lips. Slightly opening them, it took no further doing for Harry invading his mouth but if he thought, he could dominate the Dark Lord he would have another thing coming. After a short fight, Voldemort quickly regained the upper hand eliciting a slight moan from Harry with it.

This was what drew Harry’s attention back to the present and to what exactly he was doing. Quickly retreating he looked at the Dark Lord in shock before he managed to get out of his hold and dart from the room. He ran down the corridors as if the devil himself was after him and considering what he had just done, that might not be that far from the truth. On his way to his rooms, he sent a Patronus to Severus asking him to come as quickly as possible. Once he reached his room he started to pace in front of the fireplace replaying what happened in his head over and over again.

How could he have been so stupid? Sure, he did his fair share of things of a debatable level of stupidity, but kissing the Dark Lord? That was a new record even for him.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear Severus arrive. The Potions Master observed him for a few minutes before he spoke up.

“What happened?” he finally asked.

“My stupidity reached a new height that is what happened. How could I have done that? I should probably Avada Kedavra myself for all that’s worth it. But would that even work? I mean the prophecy states that it has to be the respective other but what…” he rambled on before Severus interrupted him.

“Harry, calm down and tell me what happened,” he snapped grabbing the teen by his shoulders stopping him in his track.

“Calm down you say? CALM DOWN!? I BLOODY KISSED THE DARK LORD! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN?” he screamed genuine fear in his eyes before resuming his pacing.

When Severus had received the Patronus message, he had clearly heard that Harry was in distress and instantly had known that something had to be seriously wrong, but that? Not in a million years, he would have suspected that Harry Potter would have kissed the Dark Lord of all people. Therefore it was quite understandable that he simply stood there staring into the off the last statement from Harry echoing though his mind.

‘He kissed the Dark Lord?’ he thought repeatedly not fully able to comprehend the statement.

Both of them were so lost in their own thoughts that at least Harry didn’t notice that the door to his room opened and the Dark Lord stepped through. Severus however whipped around and blanched slightly when seeing him. He briefly wondered whether the rage of the Dark Lord would overshadow any rational thought making him kill Harry but then he realized that the man was completely calm, too calm for Severus liking considering what happened.

“Snape, leave!” Voldemort snapped at him which brought Harry out of his musing and stopped his pacing.

Harry looked up fear showing in his eyes, though Severus knew that it wasn’t fear of the man but fear of what he might think about him. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that Harry cared more about the Dark Lords opinion than fearing the man himself.

“My Lord,” Severus replied with a bow towards Voldemort and an apologetic look towards Harry but he couldn’t do anything because he didn’t want to anger the Dark Lord, especially when the man was anything but angry at the moment which should raise Harry’s chances to get out of it…alive.

The last thing he witnessed before the door closed behind him was that Harry backed away from Voldemort.

Harry took a few steps away from the Dark Lord who now idly walked around the couch and up to him with an expressionless face. The only thing that stopped Harry in his retreat was the bookshelf that lined the wall. Voldemort now stood in front of him towering over him. When he gulped visibly a small smile graced the Dark Lords face while placing his left hand next to Harry’s head on the shelf and leaning forwards if only a slight little bit.

“Finally you show some fear,” he smirked. “You know I could order you to submit to me,” he leaned forward even further so that his mouth was right next to Harry’s ear. “I could order you to give yourself to me and you would have to comply. However, I won’t. I want you to come to me on your own free will, oh, and you will come,” the Dark Lord whispered in a seductive tone and with an air of confidence.

Oh yes, he could feel Harry’s reaction only to well but he wouldn’t force him. No, he wanted that Harry broke under his very own longing and come to him voluntarily. He didn’t want him broken and subservient after all, not because he ordered him to be. It would be his ultimate victory having a willing Harry not only as his follower but also as his lover.

It was something he still couldn’t wrap his head around, why he wanted the boy in the first place but he accepted weeks ago that Harry Potter was not some ordinary follower of him. So many things the boy did he let slide…that even amused him, how the boy could scare even his most seasoned Death Eaters shitless, he was truly his equal as it was stated in the prophecy. Yes, he wanted Harry Potter and the boy would be his and his alone. If he was one thing, it was possessive over anything and everything that was his.

“You know where you can find me,” he finally whispered before pushing of the shelf and walking out of the room without so much, as looking back.

Outside he saw that Severus leaned against the wall opposite of Harry’s room a mask of impassiveness on his face though he didn’t doubt that the man was anything but impassive on the inside. With a smile towards his Potions Master, he walked down the hallway and went to his study.

Severus, once the Dark Lord was out of sight, pushed himself of the wall and walked back into the room to find Harry sitting in front of the bookshelf his knees drawn to his chest, the arms wrapped around them and his gaze staring into the nothingness.

“Harry, are you all right?” he asked concerned cowering down before Harry.

Harry’s gaze snapped up to him but it was still void of any emotion and since Severus knew that Harry still had trouble hiding them even with his ongoing and quite successful Occlumency lessons it was saying a lot for the boy.

“I…he…” Harry was lost, not only for words but also with what he should think or feel. The Dark Lord wanted him…HIM…he had no idea what he shall do. Should he go to him, as he wanted? But this was Voldemort he was talking about. He surely couldn’t want him of all people.

“He said he wants me,” he finally brought out.

That stunned Severus. Had he heard right? The Dark Lord wanted Harry Potter? This couldn’t be true, could it?

“I beg your pardon?” he asked after a moment.

“Voldemort…he said he could order me, that I would have to comply but that he won’t. He wants me to go to him on my own,” Harry explained in a monotone voice, it looked to Severus that Harry had gone into a state of shock and that he only went on autopilot right now not really processing anything.

Seeing that it would be futile to try to get any decent conversation done with him in that state Severus stood up and helped Harry to get up too. Once he was sure that the boy could move he brought him to his bedroom and laid him down. Harry didn’t even resist or complain when Severus transfigured his clothes into some nightwear before taking a vial out of the pocket of his robes and handing them to him.

“Drink this; it is a dreamless sleep potion. The best for you to do right now is sleep,” Severus stated in a tone that broke no argument.

It was a sign of his momentary mental state that Harry downed the potion without any complaint and a few moments later, he was in a deep sleep that would last for at least twelve hours.

Severus in the meantime left the room and the manor deep in thought about what he got to know and witnessed today. He could only hope that this would end well for everyone involved especially for Harry, he was only fifteen for Merlin’s sake.

Harry woke up shortly before noon the next day. When the happenings of the day prior came back to him, all he could do was groan and pulling his blanket over his head. He didn’t want to get up and least of all he wanted to get anywhere near the Dark Lord. What had he thought kissing him? First, he attacks him because of Hedwig and now he bloody kissed him! He really seamed to have developed a suicidal side, if he went on like that…to hell with his immortality, the Dark Lord truly will kill him. Worse, he will give him to his Death Eaters for target practise, or to have their fun with him. A shudder went down his back when he heard the door to his bedroom open.

“Get up! You slept long enough! I expect you in the trainings room in ten minutes!” Voldemort snapped at him as if nothing happened the day prior though unseen by Harry who still hid under his blanket the Dark Lord smirked upon that sight.

Once he was sure that he was alone again and the door shut Harry got out of his bed to get ready for his training. Despite not wanting to encounter the Dark Lord at the moment he even less wanted to do anything else that would bring the man’s ire down upon him anytime soon.

The training continued as if nothing happened at least it looked that way from the outside. Would anyone take a closer look though said person would see that some things did change. So was it now that Voldemort taunted Harry with many small things like an accidental brushing of his hand against Harry’s or a slight change in the tone with which the Dark Lord talked to Harry to test the boy’s patience.

The only person who recognised all those little changes in the Dark Lord’s demeanour was Severus who closely observed them if only in hope of protecting Harry. Though with every passing day it became more and more apparent to him that Harry was right and the Dark Lord truly wanted him. He could only pray that Harry knew what he did.

Next to his practical training, Harry also devoured every book he could get his hand on mostly to gain more knowledge but also partly to avoid the Dark Lord. Considering that, Voldemort had quite a large library it was doubtable that he ran of reading material any time soon.

That was when Harry one day stumbled upon a tome from the founder’s time of Hogwarts. When he read what the book contained a malicious glee entered his eyes before he went to his rooms to snatch the piece of old parchment he took with him when he left Grimmauld place and walked straight into the meeting room, where Voldemort was in the middle of a planning with his inner circle.

“Potter, what do you want?” the Dark Lord snarled irritated, fingering his wand threateningly.

Harry ignored that but looked on the plans lying on the table in the room. “Azkaban? Interesting, but I would wait with that, my Lord,” Harry simply stated showing the proper respect while in company of the other Death Eaters.

“Why is that?” Voldemort was on the verge of cursing that imbecile brat that dared not only to interrupt one of his meetings but also questioned his plans.

“My Lord, what if I could give you the British wizarding world on a silver platter with nearly no resistance whatsoever? However, for that to work you would need to act quickly,” Harry now smirked.

“Speak before I think you an apt target for practise,” he snapped his patience running thin.

“Uhm, I would prefer lesser audience,” Harry looked at the Death Eaters who were in the room together with them.

Voldemort clenched one of his hands in order not to curse Harry. “Leave!” he finally exclaimed towards his other followers.

“Severus, Weasley, stay!” Harry added.

Once everyone else left mild curiosity showing on their faces Voldemort spoke up again. “For your own sake I hope this is good,” he snapped.

Harry unimpressed by the cold demeanour of the Dark Lord laid the parchment he hold on the table before pointing his wand at it. “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good!” he exclaimed watching the ink spreading over it and starting to form the plan of Hogwarts.

“You want to attack Hogwarts?” Bill asked incredulous once he recognise what the map showed, the smirk that Harry sported giving him the answer. “That is insane, even I won’t be able to break the wards that surround the ancient castle.”

“Who said anything about breaking them?” Harry inquired before opening the tome he found in the library at the page he marked and laid it in front of the curse breaker.

Bill read the information written on the page Harry pointed at his eyes growing steadily wider with every line his eyes passed. “Huh, that could actually work, my Lord,” he finally said shoving the book over to the Dark Lord who also read the provided information.

“What do you have in mind?” he asked once he was done reading, his mood considerably better now.

“I thought about taking twenty of you best Death Eaters and port-keying right into the antechamber of the great hall,” he emphasised his point by pointing at the room he meant on the map. “Two then will split off and go straight to the headmaster’s office while the rest enters the great hall. The Death Eaters will then spread out to subdue any student brave enough to stand up against us while we distract Dumbledore for long enough so that the other two can reach his office. They will there either kill Fawkes or in case that this doesn’t work at least prevent Dumbledore from returning there with the phoenix’ help,” Harry explained.

“Provided we’re quick enough, Dumbledore cannot use the defence mechanisms of Hogwarts against us before we have them under our control. The problem with this plan however is that we need the heirs of two founders to overrule the old fool,” Voldemort put into consideration. “While I’m the Slytherin heir I don’t know of any other if their lines are even still in existence.”

This made Harry snicker. “We actually have three founder’s heirs” he grinned. “Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff unfortunately went extinct when you killed their last descendants in the war.”

“Gryffindor and Ravenclaw you say? With three heirs, we could overrule the old meddling fool completely and remove him as headmaster though I highly doubt that whoever is the Gryffindor heir would willingly work together with us. He is probably so deep up Dumbledore’s backside…” Voldemort mused. “The Ravenclaw heir depends on who it actually is.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that Dumbledore thinks the Gryffindor heir deeply lodged in his ass but I know different,” Harry smirked while revealing a ring on his left hand he retrieved from Gringotts on his fifteenth birthday. “Hi!” he said with a playful wave of his hand.

Voldemort blinked a few times before he started to laugh. “This is…I don’t know what to say,” he shook his head in disbelieve. “But who is the Ravenclaw heir?”

“That was a bit tricky to find out but the goblins were extremely helpful. The Ravenclaw line merged with a few others, the last one being the Prince line,” Harry snickered seeing his potions professor’s eyes going wide before he narrowed them.

“I was disowned,” he snarled.

“And?” it was Bill who spoke up now confused before realisation hit him and let him pinch the bridge of his nose. “Let me guess, Dumbledore told you that because you were disowned you had no right to claim the Prince heritage? The problem with this is that you’re the last living descendant in the position to claim the title of Lord Prince legally. According to magical law, any disinheritance is rendered null and void given the case that there are no other persons to legitimately claim the lordship of a line. This was ordered by Merlin himself to prevent lines from dying out,” he explained. “Though I wonder why the goblins never informed you about that.”

Rage claimed the Potions Master upon hearing that Dumbledore not only kept his heritage from him for over all those years but also obviously redirected and read his mail, he was furious.

“I will kill him,” he hissed in a low but extremely dangerous voice.

The Dark Lord snickered lowly. Perhaps he should leave Dumbledore to Snape; Merlin knows that the man could get extremely creative when it came to killing people who managed to get on his wrong side. Oh yes, Snape was someone you never ever want to piss of if you value your life and want to see the next day.

“So with three heirs we are able to overpower Dumbledore and get Hogwarts under our control…” Voldemort stated.

“And once Hogwarts has fallen and the children of the oldest and most influential bloodlines as our hostages…” Severus continued.

“The Ministry will fall too,” Harry finished with a smirk. “Though we will only be successful under three conditions. One, the Ministry is still in denial over your return because otherwise they might strengthen the security in Hogwarts. Two, no one who has children at Hogwarts is involved since that might endanger the entire thing because they would try to protect them. Three, the most important point is that every single student, teacher and other staff member needs to be in the great hall when we strike so that no one can escape and warn the Ministry too early. Considering all that there are only two dates we can strike and be successful.”

“September 1st during the welcoming feast and during the Halloween feast,” Severus mused. “That are the only dates when the last condition is met. These are the only two dates where everyone except Trelawney is in the great hall but that woman is a drunkard that never leaves her tower so it is highly doubtable that she would even realizes that something is going on.”

“Correct, though I advise to strike on September 1st, in a week and a half, because ever since I started to attend Hogwarts something big happened on Halloween so I don’t doubt that Dumbledore will be more alert on that day,” Harry added.

“The best thing will be that since Dumbledore is spreading that he took you to a hidden and secure location to train you personally, the Ministry won’t be alerted that anything is amiss until it is far to late, even if you don’t show up at the welcoming feast,” Bill snickered.

“I bet you ten Galleons that Dumbledore and the Minister will get a heart-attack when I show up in Hogwarts at the side of the Dark Lord,” Harry replied with a smirk.

“So the only thing that remains is whom we can trust enough to accompany us,” Voldemort interrupted the chatter in a cheerful mood.

Soon every single witch and wizard will bow to him and those who still oppose him will be vanquished. The day Harry Potter stepped into his throne room was truly the best day in his entire life.

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