The Snake in the Lion’s den


“Ah, Professor Quirrell…or should I say Lord Voldemort?” One question with which one world ends while another begins. Harry Potter steps through the flames of the last obstacle on the way to the Philosopher’s Stone in order to vanquish Voldemort like everyone thinks. Or does he?
Contains same gender pairing.


Chapter 1: The beginning of the End
Chapter 2: To be or not to be an enemy of the Dark Lord
Chapter 3: Sometimes I feel I’ve got to run away
Chapter 4: The end of the Golden Trio?
Chapter 5: The “Malfoy Striptease Dance”
Chapter 6: Problem solved
Chapter 7: Down the Highway to Hell
Chapter 8: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions
Chapter 9: Back to Black
Chapter 10: Once upon a time…
Chapter 11: Black to the core
Chapter 12: Coming soon!

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