Chapter 10: Once upon a time…

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On the 1st of September, they made their way to the Hogwarts Express early not only to secure an empty compartment at the very end of the train but also to hopefully avoid Granger and the youngest Weasley boy. Therefore, they arrived at half past ten on the train station accompanied by the Dark Lord and Narcissa. Everyone wore their finest casual robe they owned; even the twins and they strode over the platform as if they owned it with Harry in the middle, Draco on his right and the twins on his left. None of them had luggage since it was all shrunk and in their pockets.

Many of the people quickly got out of their way looking at them questioning not only why Draco would walk together with Weasleys but also who the boy in the middle was since Harry changed a lot over the summer. He not only grew his hair except a fringe to cover his scar, but also the potions he received over the second part of the summer let him grow quite a bit and he wasn’t as scrawny anymore. On top of that came the aura of confidence and slight arrogance so it was no wonder that no one recognised him. All in all he looked quite handsome and not a small part of the female population currently standing on the platform looked after him as well as a few boys and even adults. It seemed that this would become a very interesting year indeed.

After seeing off Narcissa and the Dark Lord who remembered Harry to send him over the memories of what he planned, they entered the train to look whether the compartment at the very end of the train was empty. When they entered said compartment however they found that it was already occupied.

From the racks hang a girl upside down with light blond slightly curly hair which were bound in her neck and who obviously was eleven attending Hogwarts for the first year. She wore skin-tight jeans and a pink hoodie reading a magazine upside down from her point of view.

At first, she didn’t even react to them opening the door but once she became aware of the fact that she wasn’t alone anymore, she jumped down with a flip and gracefully landed on her feet. She walked over to the four friends looking them up and down before holding out her hand towards Draco.

“Hi, Luna Lovegood” she said with a broad smile while cocking her head. “Nice to meet you.”

Draco who didn’t know what to think of the girl shook her hand mechanically. “Draco Black” he answered which only broadened the smile on her face when she suddenly gripped him and sat him down at the window, he was too shocked to even react.

“Come in, come in, I don’t bite…well most of the time…” she exclaimed happily while dragging Harry in and sitting him opposite of Draco before placing the twins on Draco’s side and sitting down herself next to Harry.

“So how was your summer? I hope it was productive,” she said with a canny smile.

“Very” was Harry’s simple reply. He picked up the magazine Luna put between them and looked at it. “Wait, Luna Lovegood as in the co-author of the Quibbler?” he asked her astonished.

Luna nodded. “Yes, daddy and I write the articles, produce the paper, distribute it…” her gaze became a bit dreamy.

“Cool, I never thought I would meet you. You know I like your magazine, it is quite informative,” she smiled upon hearing the praise and leaned her head against his shoulder. Draco on the other hand looked at him in disbelieve.

“You read the Quibbler? The thing that can’t even distinguish between fact and fiction?” he exclaimed.

“Oi, nothing against the Quibbler. It is not their fault that you don’t get what they want to tell you,” Harry huffed in reply. Draco however simply shrugged not wanting to get into a quarrel with Harry over something as minor as a magazine.

“So you read it?” Luna asked and Harry nodded. “What did you think about the article about Dumbledore?”

“The one saying that he is infested with Wrackspurts? I loved it and I have to say that it has merit,” Harry mused. “With how much nonsense he spouts what else could it be.”

“You’re right he is much to negative, no wonder they swarm him,” Luna replied.

Draco followed their conversation not believing what was happening. “Both of you are completely bonkers I hope you know that,” he muttered.

Harry looked at him and shrugged before returning to his conversation with Luna. That was when Harry who could oversee the entire train station from his seat groaned.

“What’s the matter?” Fred asked concerned of the sudden shift in Harry’s mood.

“Granger just entered the platform. I can only hope that she doesn’t try to find me,” he replied moodily.

“That will be fun,” Luna suddenly piped in happily with a strange glee in her eyes.

Everyone looked at her confused, for once questioning what and how she knew and despite that what that look was about. They sat there for a few minutes in which the entire compartment remained silent when suddenly the door opened revealing said bushy haired girl. Granger stood there looking around before speaking up.

“Harry, what are you doing here and what in Merlin’s name are you doing in a compartment together with Malfoy?” she started to tear into Harry with her bossy demeanour.

“For once, what are you doing here Granger? This is our compartment and Harry can stay here as long as he wants. Despite that it is Black now not Malfoy,” Draco snapped back quite glad that he didn’t have to use that name anymore.

“Shut up, Malfoy! I’m talking to Harry not you,” Hermione snarled ignoring the fact that she got the name wrong again. “Harry, you can’t seriously tell me that you want to be here with people like him,” she went on pointing with her head at Draco.

Slowly but surely the entire thing grated on Harry’s nerves and he wanted to do nothing more than cursing that girl through and through. The twins seeing the twitching of Harry’s eye, which they knew indicated that he was shortly before snapping got an idea.

“You know Harry,” Fred started before George continued both sporting equally devious smirks. “Your guardian showed us something very interesting” “over the summer.” “A secrecy charm” “that prohibits people from talking” “about certain things.”

Now a glee entered Harry’s eyes that promised nothing good and he just wanted to reply something when Luna who bounced in her seat beat him to it.

“Oh yes, let’s do it” she said with a glee equal to Harry’s.

Harry on the other hand looked at her surprised when he started to laugh. “You know what? I like you,” he told her.

Hermione looked at her and the other occupants of the compartment as if contemplating whether it had been a good idea going in here alone when she heard the compartment door slam shut behind her. She turned around and tried to open it again only to find out that it was a futile attempt, even the Alohomora charm didn’t work. With a flick of Harry’s wand, also the curtains were closed and strong silencing wards erected. Luckily, for them the train pulled out of the train station some time ago, so also no one was outside the window and could look into the compartment from there.

“You know Granger, I thought I was clear with me breaking up with you and telling you that you should leave me the hell alone but it seems I have to become clearer so that I get through to you. I think it is time to show you what I truly think about you and your actions. Who wants to go first?” he asked in a cold hard voice while looking into the round.

Hermione looked at him fear now clearly written all over her face when Luna jumped up and onto her back draping her legs around the other girl’s hips and the left arm over her chest so that she didn’t fall off. Harry’s eyes went slightly wide when he saw that the blond girl had a knife in her right hand and not a wand as he first assumed.

“It seems that you were a very naughty, naughty little girl,” Luna drawled out with a giggle. “And I know just the right thing to do with naughty girls,” she continued while drawing the knife over Grangers left cheek leaving a long cut that instantly started to bleed. She hopped down and rounded the girl only to slip into Harry’s lap. “What do you think, Harry? Looks nice doesn’t it? Fitting for a bitch like her.”

Harry observe with an intense glare how panic and shock entered Grangers face upon feeling the blood running down her cheek while he draped an arm around Luna.

“You know this is a very nice knife, yes it is. A cut made with it doesn’t heal fully you know? There will always remain a scar,” she muttered absently twisting the knife in her hand.

Hermione looked at Luna as if she was completely insane while Harry snickered lowly. “Oh yes I admit that this is truly a very nice knife you have there but you know what is even better?” he smiled at her before with a flick of his wrist had his second wand in his hand. “This…Sanguine Ferventis.”

Instantly Granger started to scream like there was no tomorrow while she went onto her knees. Interestingly even the blood that flowed down her cheek started to boil leaving blisters behind. About a minute later, he stopped the curse leaving Granger heavily panting on the floor.

“Oh, I know something to,” Luna piped in taking out her wand but Harry stopped her holding out his wand to her. She looked at him confused.

“Use this one or it would be traceable to you,” he explained upon which Luna started to smile broadly before taking the offered wand, giving him a peck on the cheek and turning back to Granger.

Os’dilatarit” she said while giggling. Again Granger started to scream while her bones were stretched to a point they nearly snapped. Normally that spell was used when someone broke a bone to relocate it correctly but used on healthy bones was highly painful as Granger just got to know. Luna stopped the spell before her bones really snapped not wanting to do any damage they couldn’t reverse or explain.

After that, the twins also took their turn clearly showing their displeasure about how she treated Harry. After a few rounds of their pain spell, she was sobbing heavily her entire body shaking in convulsions. They only were interrupted by Draco after a while.

“As much as I like her to be tortured to insanity it would be better for us all when she would be able to walk somewhat properly once reaching school,” he said snickering. He observed the entire thing with interest but didn’t participate in their little game.

“I hate to admit it but you’re right, it wouldn’t do if she can’t walk anymore,” Harry sighed.

Draco whose mother taught him in great foresight some healing spells, roughly patched Granger back up so that only a scar on her left cheek remained and Harry poured a pain reliever down her throat. Once they were sure that she would be able to walk properly without giving away what happened the twins placed the security charm on her they spoke about earlier. It would prevent her from talking about anything that just happened, or giving it away through any other means. After that, they unceremoniously dropped her on the other side of the door leaving her to her own.

Sitting back down Harry smiled pleased with himself Luna lying next to him her head in his lap. “That was a very pleasant distraction,” he mused while twirling one of Luna’s loose strands who was purring like a content cat.

“You’re right” “this was truly a well start” “into the new school year.” “Can we keep Luna?” “Please” the twins asked with a pleading look that made Draco snicker.

“Yes? Do you want to keep me?” Luna opened her eyes and looked directly at Harry.

Harry had to admit that she underwent quite a change within mere minutes. At first she was an admittedly strange but innocent girl though once Hermione entered the compartment she went…well for the lack of a better word insane in an instant and as quickly as that went back to the strange girl once more when they were done. To be honest Harry was intrigued by her and he liked it…and her.

“I see no reason for why we shouldn’t keep her,” he answered with a smile at the blond girl who squealed in delight clapping happily. Harry laughed upon that and shook his head.

After that, they talked about various things enjoying the train ride, Harry all the while playing with Luna’s hairs absently. That was until he suddenly stopped earning him a glare from Luna, which he didn’t see though.

“What’s wrong?” Draco asked a few moments later when Harry didn’t show any reaction to their conversation anymore.

“Please tell me I fell asleep within the last few minutes and I’m dreaming” he replied.

“I don’t know whether I’m sorry or not about it but you are fully awake. Why?” Fred was confused.

“Because there is a blue Ford Anglia flying right next to the train” Harry deadpanned.

Draco looked at him as if he suddenly decided to grow a second head while the twin’s eyes went wide.

“It can’t be” “can it?” they exclaimed before jumping up and running over to the window to look out. Just as Harry said there was a blue Ford flying right next to the train. “Our brother went insane.” “Why is he flying the car?”

“I think Harry’s elf has a quirky sense of humour,” Luna chuckled lowly.

Harry didn’t question how Luna could know that an elf was behind that idiot’s stupid idea of flying in a car to Hogwarts or how she knew that he was his. “Which elf?” he simply asked.

“Dobby was the name if I’m not completely wrong.”

The elf that warned him about Lucius’ doings but why would he make Weasley pull such an insane stunt? “Dobby!” he called out and said elf appeared with a low pop.

“What can Dobby do for Master Harry?” the elf asked while bowing lowly.

“Do you, or do you not have anything to do with the fact that the youngest Weasley boy currently is flying in a car next to the train?” Harry questioned the creature.

Hearing that a maniacal glee entered the elves eyes. “Dobby was watching out for Master Harry when hearing bad, bad Weaselbe boy talking bad about great Master Harry. So Dobby revenged Master by closing off barrier before bad, bad Weaselbe could enter platform,” Dobby told with a smirk.

Harry blinked a few times in surprise when starting to laugh hard, this story was simply hilarious. Even the others started to laugh once having processed what the elf told them, only Luna smirked.

“Dobby” Harry finally said after cooling down a bit. “That is the best thing you could have done if only for that idiot to get into a massive amount of trouble once he reaches Hogwarts. You know what? For providing such an excellent amusement you can chose a reward and I’ll see to it that it is fulfilled as long as it lies within my possibilities.”

To everyone it looked like Dobby couldn’t decide between being completely over the moon for receiving so much praise or being embarrassed about it. “Master Harry doesn’t have to reward Dobby. Dobby being content with being allowed to watch out for Master,” he finally said.

“Are you sure?” Dobby nodded vigorously. “Well, should you decide upon anything sometime tell me and if you want to you can stay but please make sure that no one sees you,” now Dobby practically gleamed.

“Dobby will not disappoint Master Harry,” he replied before vanishing.

“You know that you are not allowed to have personal elves at Hogwarts?” Draco questioned.

“And your point is?” Harry grinned.

Draco shook his head in exasperation.

“However I still don’t get it why that idiot chose to fly in a car to Hogwarts…he could have written a letter telling them that he didn’t get on the train or something like flooing over there,” Harry shook his head.

“You know Ron never was” “the brightest candle” “in the chandelier” the twins snickered.

“Perhaps Dumbledore infected him with his Wrackspurts,” Luna mused upon which Draco shook his head in disbelieve.

Suddenly the twins spoke up again remembering something. “Harry, before we forget it” “we should probably warn you” “about our sister Ginny,” Harry who had started to read the Quibbler edition from Luna looked at them questioning. “When nothing” “drastically changed” “over the summer” “she has a massive crush on you.”

Now Harry groaned. “Then I can only hope that her mother talked her out of it after my `improper behaviour´ at the beginning of the holidays.”

“Highly” “doubtable.”

Great, so he would have to fend of the advances of a girl with a crush on him. Perhaps he could convince her anyhow to leave him the hell alone.

The rest of the train ride they conversed about several different topics like classes or Quidditch. Time flew by and soon the announcement went through the train that they soon would reach Hogsmead and that everyone should get ready. Draco just wanted to tell Luna that they would wait outside for her to change into the Hogwarts uniform when said girl started to undress right in front of them all completely oblivious to the stares she received from Draco and the twins, only Harry snickered and got changed to. Once she wore her uniform and became aware that the three boys were staring at her, she cocked her head and looked at them questioningly.

“What?” she asked innocently.

That brought them out of their stupor making them shake their head and getting changed themselves.

“You know you are a very strange girl,” Draco muttered once done and sitting again.

A thoughtful face entered Lune before she nodded. “Maybe.”

Five minutes later the train pulled into the Hogsmead station and finally came to a halt. The five of them left it Luna walking up to Hagrid who like every year collected the first years. Harry, Draco and the twins on the other hand quickly went to the carriages to make sure that they sat together in one. That however didn’t stop Percy from joining them obviously wanting to have a word with the twins.

“Ah, so you finally give us the honour of your presence. You know mum is very disappointed with you for not showing up all summer,” he scolded his younger brothers with an air of superiority.

“We told her” “to send Errol around” “once she cooled down enough” “and wouldn’t shout at us anymore” the twins shrugged.

“You really should apologize to her,” Percy gave them a pointed look, which they completely ignored.

That was when Draco was fed up. “You know Weasley you come in here uninvited and start to seek a quarrel but as you see the twins are not interested so leave them and us alone,” he growled.

“Mr. Malfoy, I wonder what you are doing here between Gryffindors,” Percy tried to sound superior but failed miserably with looking like a tramp in his worn down robes.

“At least I was invited unlike you and it is Draco Black now,” the older Weasley threw him a questioning glance but Draco opted not to elaborate his statement any further. “We reached Hogwarts and now get lost Weasley before you make an even bigger fool out of yourself.”

Percy gave him one last glare before turning back around to the twins. “You should be really careful this year mum is at the end with her patience,” he said before walking away.

“Luckily they are not our problem” “anymore after this evening,” the twins muttered which earned them a questioning look from Harry and Draco. Oh yes, the twins weren’t delusional about what their family would think about what was about to happen but they were beyond caring, their mother never cared for them so they didn’t care for what they thought anymore. Together they entered the great hall Draco walking over to the Slytherin table and Harry and the twins to Gryffindor noticing with glee that the youngest male Weasley was still missing.

Harry sat at the Gryffindor table waiting for the sorting to be over. Fred and George sitting on either side of him were also waiting in anticipation. They knew Harry was up to something but he didn’t tell them what exactly except that it had to do with a resorting. Listening how Luna was sorted into Slytherin all three smirked watching the girl walking over to the table of the snakes and sitting right next to Draco who gestured Blaise who sat next to him to make some room for her. Blaise on the other hand looked a bit irritated before complying.

McGonagall just called out the last name on her list of first years to sort, Ginny Weasley, who promptly was sorted into Gryffindor. Happy and with a bounce in her step the girl made her way over to Harry to sit opposite of him, it seemed that she hadn’t given up hope of becoming Harry’s girlfriend. She would be in for a huge surprise.

Right when Professor McGonagall walked over to the chair and hat to put them away Harry stood and spoke up.

“Professor, please wait” he addressed the woman with a confident voice, standing with slightly spread legs and arms crossed in his back. “I request a resorting.”

The reaction to this exclamation was instant. Everyone first stared at him in shock (Gryffindor and Dumbledore) and surprise (the entire rest) before starting to chatter loudly.

“Silence!” Dumbledore’s voice boomed through the hall silencing it effectively. “Mr. Potter, you can’t just demand a resorting because you want it. Now stop this,” he told the boy before sitting down again thinking that this was just out of a fit.

“Headmaster, I actually can demand a resorting. Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw added a paragraph to the statutes of Hogwarts that gives a student the right to request a resorting under certain circumstances. Those circumstances are for once not feeling the belonging to a house anymore as well as having to fear bodily harm if staying in their assigned house.”

“That may be as it is but I fail to see how any of this fits you, Mr. Potter,” Dumbledore looked at him sternly over his half-moon spectacles.

“Then please let me enlighten you.

I actually asked the sorting hat to be placed in Gryffindor against the hats better knowledge. The reason for why I did so is that I thought I would be joining a house of righteous and honest people who would go any length in helping and protecting their fellow mates. A house that values bravery and unity.

What I found though couldn’t be any further from the truth. I found a house of traitors, liars and thieves. Not only that but also the worst bullies of their kind. One quarter of the student body gets bullied and despised solemnly for which house they belong to, being attacked verbally as well as physically whenever the opportunity arises. In addition, the other two houses while not outright bullied are looked down upon simply because they are not Gryffindors.

Does the bullying end there? No, not even their own housemates are safe from the bullying. As soon as someone is prone to something that isn’t deemed Gryffindorish, they are shunned and despised if not outright attacked. It gets even worse should you dare to express any opinion that doesn’t go with the collective belief as I did at the end of the last year. I had to fend off nearly the entire Gryffindor house because I despise bullying and blatant favouritism and voiced it. The entire night I was left on my own and I highly doubt that hadn’t I succeeded in protecting myself from my fellow housemates that I would have been able to leave Hogwarts the next day on my own,” here McGonagall drew a sharp breath. “The worst of this all is that such a behaviour not only seems to be wanted but also is heavily supported.

I am the Boy-who-lived and while I hate the accompanied fame, I’m not oblivious to what it entails. Many people…children look up to me for guidance, admire me and want to be like me. However, what do I want to represent? What do I want to teach those children who look up to me? That bullying is a good thing, even wanted? That being a backstabbing thieve is something to be admired? That it is okay to betray a friend whenever you like?” here he started to pace a bit before standing still, again facing the head table.

“Certainly not! One should be able to trust a friend and not having to fear that they backstab you any given moment or steal your money behind your back. People should help each other and not shun the restrictive other only because they belong to another house or have another view upon the world. I won’t deny that not everyone gets along splendidly but that doesn’t mean you have to kill each other, avoiding the restrictive other suffices.

Last and most importantly, such actions should not be supported in any given way especially not by authorities and that is why I don’t want to associate myself with Gryffindor any longer. I don’t want that in a few decades people think back to the Boy-who-lived and see a bully and a traitor or at least someone who supports this. Therefore, headmaster, I request a resorting. Should you however think about declining my request consider this, I then find myself in the unfortunate position to decline any further attendance at Hogwarts. I am NOT supporting this,” he finished his heated speech. Take that old fool.

At first, the entire hall was covered in utter silence when suddenly someone stood up and clapped. Not shortly later, every single student of Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff stood applauding and some even cheering at him for his impressive and moving speech. Only the Gryffindors as well as the Headmaster and McGonagall looked like they wanted to be anywhere but here.

Once the applause died down the twins stood up to position themselves on either side of Harry before draping their arms over his shoulder. “We second that and request a resorting to,” the both said simultaneously.

McGonagall looked at the three of them not knowing what to think anymore. It took a few more moments before she came out of her stupor. She looked sternly at her own house. “Is anything of what Mr. Potter said true?”

None of the house reacted except for the first years who looked a bit confused; everyone else looked down on their plates their faces speaking volumes. That was when the anger got the better of one Ronald Weasley, who joined them shortly before the sorting began. “You talk about being betrayed but you were the one who betrayed us and who stole anything in our house?” he shouted.

Harry snickered lowly when turning around to the redhead. “Ah yes? I betrayed you? So you were not the one spying on me…manipulating me and being paid for it with my very own money for it without my knowledge?” he started lowly but with every word spoken he rose his volume until speaking at a level that the entire hall could understand him perfectly well. “Fifty Galleons were it if I remember correctly. Every. Single. Month!” he emphasised the last three words. “For one entire year and from the gaze your dear brother and sister throw you at the moment they didn’t even know did they? You know fifty Galleons are a lot of money, enough for a family like yours to comfortably live from and even have some remaining but you Ronald Bilius Weasley were to egoistic to share. So tell me, who betrayed whom?

Despite that don’t even think for one moment that I didn’t notice that you `lent´ my Invisibility Cloak from time to time without my consent or that a certain Hermione Granger stole the essays I wrote to exchange them with ones that were full of glaring mistakes. Next time you try to downgrade someone, at least learn to fake their handwriting properly. Must have been infuriating that you were never able to get my potions essays since I delivered them right after writing them,” Harry snickered before turning back to Ron. “So yes Ronald Weasley you are perfectly right no one betrayed me and no one stole from me,” he added sarcasm heavily dripping from his voice.

“That are all lies, Potter, you are the only one lying here,” Ron snapped in anger his head as red as his hair.

Harry sighed. “Then why do I have an official Gringotts Account Statement saying that one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore withdrew 325 Galleons each month over the last year. 325 Galleons, of which fifty Galleons went straight into the vault of one Ronald Bilius Weasley and another fifty Galleons into the vault of one Hermione Granger which I never knew or approved of?” he asked the other boy. Granger on the other hand didn’t even react as well as she hadn’t reacted to the accusations of stealing his essays. She simply stared into the off their little session on the train not forgotten.

Over the entire hall were several people heard who took a sharp breath, 325 Galleons were one hell lot of money putting into mind that most of them only got five Galleons maximum as allowance each month. Nearly everyone now looked accusingly at the headmaster who seemed to shrink into his chair.

At the teacher’s table

“Did you really do this Albus?” Sprout asked in disbelieve but the man in question didn’t react trying to reign in his anger about what the boy just did…again.

“That can’t be true, this would be around four thousand Galleons and no child has that much money in their trust vault,” Vector the Arithmancy teacher exclaimed quickly having done the mathematics in his head.

“But he says he has a valid document from Gringotts saying so. Do you really think he is lying about this?” Babbling added upon which Vector shook his head.

“Where did the boy get so much money from?”

“Probably his parents as a way to secure his future should anything happen to them which then did unfortunately,” Sprout mused with a sad face. “Poor boy, not only having lost his parents but now also the money they left him.”

It was like it had been before the summer holidays for Snape, he sat there and amusedly observing Harry tearing into the doings of the Gryffindors and Dumbledore. The boy admittedly had a thing with words. When that Weasley boy accused Harry of being a liar, he thought back what the boy said in his speech and he had to admit that he didn’t find even one wrong word in it and he knew what the boy was truly capable of. Harry managed to word everything in a way that it wasn’t a lie.

He peeked over to the headmaster and he had to bring up his entire willpower to not outright grin upon what he saw. When he thought that Dumbledore looked bad at the end of last year, then it was even worse now and he had a feeling that it wouldn’t become better when Harry was sorted into Slytherin and he didn’t doubt for one moment that it would be the house he was going to be sorted into.

McGonagall also didn’t look any better upon hearing what not only her house did behind her back but also the headmaster. The woman was pale as a bedsheet and even trembled slightly.

`Oh yes´ Snape thought with a smug feeling. `This is truly a remarkable day and it didn’t even end yet´ he would do as Harry suggested lean back enjoying the show and what a show that seemingly will be, he couldn’t wait for what the boy would do next.

The entire hall was silently waiting for the headmaster or anyone else to make a move and one could have heard a pin falling when suddenly the Professor sitting on the DADA place stood up and smiled at them.

“My, my, there is no need for ruining this nice evening. Headmaster why don’t you simply agree?” he asked with a broad smile that could have blended everyone with how shining his teeth were. What did he do with them?

“And who are you blondie?” Harry sneered and it seemed that Snape had to supress a smirk upon that.

The man in question however seemingly hadn’t anticipated this question because he looked hurt upon it. “I am the new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher” he started before pausing for effect. “Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin…third class, honorary member of the Dark Force Defence League and five times winner of Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award,” he introduced himself pompously while smiling the broadest smile.

“That should tell me…what exactly?” Harry retorted. Great, another idiot with more titles than were good for him but everybody who wasn’t in his group of friends looked at him in utter disbelieve which he noted with surprise, so better not antagonize the man to much even if he didn’t like him. “Well, it seems that you’re better than our last teacher in that subject at least though this isn’t too hard since that man was a bigger idiot than the troll I met last year on Halloween,” he shrugged before turning towards the headmaster. “So what now Dumbledore? Do you agree for the twins and me being resorted or not? Because quite frankly it is getting late and I’m surely not the only one who is hungry and wants to eat some.”

Everyone looked at the headmaster expectantly. Dumbledore seemed to think it through and coming to the conclusion that he should grant the boys their wishes thinking that they probably would either be sorted back into Gryffindor again or in the worst case Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, so nothing to risk Potter leaving over.

“So mote it be, you can be resorted,” he finally said motioning McGonagall to proceed with it.

“Harry Potter” she called out and Harry walked up to her with a broad smile and sat down on the chair. Once he sat, he got the hat placed on his head.

“What have we here? A resorting? No three resorting’s, as it seems. My, my, do you at least now listen to me or are you again starting to argue with me?” the hat asked telepathically with a snicker.

“You know my reasoning for why I argued the first time but no I won’t do it again,” Harry growled.

“Yes, fooling the old fool and as it seems you were quite successful with it. Perhaps at that time, it was really the right thing to do but we will never know now, will we? Oh, and I see that this soul piece finally merged with you…it seems that interesting times lay ahead indeed,” Harry smirked hearing that. “At least you will join your rightful house now,” the hat snickered before shouting aloud. “Slytherin.”

The silence that followed that exclamation was deafening while Harry strode over to his new house with a smirk the colours and the emblem on his robe changing from Gryffindor red to Slytherin green. Both Dumbledore and McGonagall looked dumbfounded. That was when the first students came out of their stupor and started to applaud soon followed by many more.

Once reaching the Slytherin house table, he sat down at his rightful place right between Draco and Luna. To everyone not a Slytherin including Dumbledore it looked like he simply sat with his friends but the Slytherins knew that this wasn’t the case at least not entirely. No, the place Harry sat down at was reserved for the person who was the so-called “Leader of Slytherin”.

Oh yes, over the last year Harry made himself quite the reputation within Slytherin. The problem had been that on the first evening Harry stayed within the Slytherin common rooms quite a few of them were offended by the fact that not only a Gryffindor but the “Golden Boy” dared to stay there. This resulted in the at that time ruling boy challenging him to a wizarding duel. It was true that at that time Harry knew neither offensive nor defensive spells but what he had was an iron tight grip on his magic he developed over the years with the Dursleys and the knowledge how to access it even without the need of spells. The result was…let’s say no one dared to even voice the concern that a Gryffindor was sitting among them ever again, though they quickly got to know that there was nothing Gryffindorish with Harry.

So now, he sat at his rightful place and eagerly waited for the twins to be resorted while quickly glancing at Snape. The man gave him only a short smirk before putting up his mask of indifference again. A few minutes later first Fred and after that, George joined him at the table of the snakes and sat down on the other side of Luna. Every one of the five sported a smile that clearly told everyone that they were very content with how the day ended.

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