Chapter 11: Black to the core

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Headmaster’s office – 11 p.m.


Dumbledore paced in his office Minerva and Severus sitting in front of his desk. At the moment the old man kept his silence but Severus was sure that it wouldn’t stay that way. True to his words, Dumbledore finally spoke up after a few more minutes of furious pacing.

“This is a disaster” he suddenly exclaimed quite loudly which startled Minerva, Snape only rose an eyebrow. “First Voldemort gains guardianship over Potter then he spins everything the way that no one believes he is Voldemort only to torture Lucius Malfoy, again spinning it to his benefit and now that” he fumed. “Not only that Potter requested a resorting…no he also managed to get into Slytherin” he shook his head in disbelieve stroking his beard lost in thoughts again.

He already talked to the youngest Weasley boy and Granger about how to salvage the situation but they couldn’t come up with a satisfying solution especially since they weren’t in the same house as the Potter brat anymore. Not to mention the misdeeds Potter informed the entire hall about. Should they become friends again any time soon it would be highly suspicious. What he didn’t understand however was why Granger had been so silent. Normally the girl was the worst know-it-all he had the unfortunate luck to meet giving her opinion to anything and everything but today she barely spoke answering only when asked…really strange indeed. On the other hand he still had a few aces up his sleeve not having to rely on those two so his plans were not endangered in any way, he would have to talk to a few people but without a doubt things would soon be under control again.

“How did he even get to know about this possibility?” Minerva questioned. “He never was the avid reader in their group that was all Granger and I doubt she told him something like that, that’s if she even knew herself.”

All Severus could do was mentally shaking his head over that. He knew that the woman didn’t look after her lions the way he did after his snakes but that statement let it seem that she didn’t know Potter at all. Most of the time he saw the boy he was with a book be it either when he had been in the Slytherin common room last year or during summer. Though Potter didn’t read because of knowledge’s sake but because out of self-preservation, a true Slytherin trait. After the troll incident he was mostly seen with books about curses (most of which the other two persons currently in the room would definitely get a heart attack over) and other ways to defend oneself, after Christmas he switched to goblin culture and customs and in-between warding which Severus now knew was to protect himself from his relatives. So to say Potter wasn’t an avid reader was as to say that dragons made good pets. Potter would read everything that supported him in reaching his goals.

“Probably from Lord Slytherin. How would it look like…his heir in Gryffindor,” he sneered.

Minerva now looked shocked and quite worried. “So it is true then? That Potter is the heir of Slytherin?”

“I fear that yes it is,” Dumbledore admitted with a sad face. “I didn’t tell the boy however in fear what he would think being related to a wizard as dark as Salazar Slytherin but that was pointless as it seems now,” Severus growled upon that statement, he didn’t like Dumbledore’s attitude towards the founder of his house.

Though it wasn’t as if Potter cared to whom he was related as long as it didn’t suit or hindered him in his goals. For Merlin’s sake, the boy is related to the deemed to be the worst Dark Lord in history and he didn’t care, not that the Dark Lord was as bad anymore with his restored sanity.

“Albus, as much as I like to listen to your ranting about Potter I have to go see that my snakes are not wandering the corridors and prepare myself for patrolling,” Severus snarled after looking on the clock in Dumbledore’s office. “So as long as there is nothing more I’ll take my leave.”

“Severus my boy, before you go I would ask you to keep an eye on Potter. I fear that he might not survive without protection in the house of snakes. They might see him as weak or a traitor and try to harm him,” Dumbledore said with a gaze that showed the severity of the situation and were Harry his “Golden Boy” as he assumed then he would be right, unfortunate for him that this was not the case.

Severus hat to withhold a snort. Him having to protect Potter from his other snakes? It would be more likely that he had to protect them from the boy and his group of friends because otherwise he sooner or later would have another case like Malfoy at his hands.

“Very well, but I have to leave now, good night,” with that he turned around and stalked out of the room his robes billowing behind him as usual.

The next morning Harry already sat at the Slytherin table with the twins on either sides of him talking about what occurred the evening prior. They all had sat in the Slytherin common room when Marcus Flint approached them asking Harry and the twins whether they wanted to play on the Slytherin Quidditch house team since they were short of beaters and also the seeker position was available. Quite a few of the team had graduated last year and now several positions were vacant hence why he would be glad to get them on the team knowing how good they were. The twins instantly agreed and after a few minutes of convincing Harry also gave his ok, the year prior he only was on the house team because he knew Dumbledore expected it from him but he didn’t really cared whether he played or not. On the other hand, they nearly pitied Wood…but only nearly. Gryffindor would have a hard time to fill every empty spot this year since not only two chaser graduated last year but also the three best player on the team were now in the enemy team. Yes, even with the vacant chaser spot in the Slytherin team they already were the most powerful team this year.

That was when Draco walked into the great hall and over to them. Once he reached them, he looked confused. “Weasley, you’re sitting on my place,” he complained.

“Draco, stop whining and sit down. They were here before you and it is quite hard to hold a proper conversation when the respective other sits miles away from you,” Harry retorted.

Draco muttered something before sitting down next to Fred who sat on Harry’s right side. “You know the sitting order is important as it shows the ranking of your closest friends,” he elaborated while picking up a slice of toast and buttering it. “The one with the highest position who is your right hand man always sits on your right side while the second sits on your left and so on.”

“Then we have a problem, Draco, because I have only one right and one left side and I don’t care where any of you sits,” Harry replied before taking a sip of his tea. “I also won’t give any of you a rank because whoever I deem worthy of being called my friend is equally my friend as any other I call that…no ranking involved.”

Right at that moment Luna entered the hall and strode over to them with a spring in her step. When she reached them she jumped onto Harry’s back placing a leg on each side of him so that she comfortably knelt on the bench to keep the weight of Harry anchoring herself by draping her left arm around him.

“Good morning, Luna. How was your first night at Hogwarts?” Harry asked shifting slightly, so that the girl sat more comfortably and wouldn’t fall off the bench.

“Great, the other girls in my dorm provide great amusement,” she smiled while snatching the toast Harry just made for himself and started to nibble at it.

“Who had to be sent to the infirmary?” Draco inquired hesitantly not really wanting to know.

“No one, Draco” Luna replied shocked as if he asked the unthinkable.

“At least,” he muttered.

“But I might have scared some of them with my pondering about whether fire or acid is better for disposing a corpse,” she hummed upon which Draco sighed.

“I’d advice to use a cutting curse and spreading the remnants in the forbidden forest, everything else the creatures there will do,” Harry added. “Or simply banishing the corpse but that’s less…spectacular.”

“Good idea,” she replied grabbing some of Harry’s bacon while Draco only shook his head in exasperation.

That was when dozens of owls swooped into the great hall delivering letters, parcels and the newspapers. Harry observed with amusement how an owl swooped down to the youngest Weasley that looked as ragged as the rest of the family landing right in the boy’s cereal bowl dousing everyone in range with milk and several other things a bright red envelope in her beak. At the same time, another owl swooped down and landed in front of George delivering an equally red envelope to the twins.

“And here it goes,” George muttered untying the letter. Once relieved of her burden the owl took off again.

He just wanted to open the letter when he was stopped by Harry who just relieved his owl of the newspaper and payed her. “Wait I want to hear what the idiot’s one says first,” he told him with a glee. Luckily, the twins’ one still had time before it would become nasty.

After fidgeting some time in indecisiveness whether to open his letter or not and seemingly being told off by his mates the youngest Weasley boy finally took his entire courage and opened it.

“RONALD WEASLEY, WHAT DID YOU THINK STEALING THE CAR? I WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SURPRISED IF THEY’D EXPELLED YOU,” the loud and shrieking voice of Molly Weasley effectively silenced the entire hall. “YOUR FATHER’S FACING AN INQUIRY AT WORK AND IT’S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT. I TOUGHT HE WOULD DIE OF SHAME. BUT THAT IS NOT EVEN THE WORST. WE WORK OUR BUTTS OF TO GIVE YOU A HALFWAY DECENT LIFE AND NOW WE GET TO KNOW THAT YOU RECEIVED A LOT OF MONEY OVER THE LAST YEAR. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURESELF. IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE, WE’LL BRING YOU STRAIGHT BACK HOME. Oh and Ginny dear, congratulations for being sorted into Gryffindor. We’re so proud of you,” when finished the letter tore itself up before bursting into flames and burning down to ashes. Ron was white as a sheet staring into the off while Ginny blushed furiously obviously ashamed for being congratulated in such a manner.

Harry chuckled lowly taking vindictive pleasure in the youngest Weasley’s misery. “Your turn” he addressed the twins after casting a volume adjusting charm over Luna and himself. Draco did the same himself as well as several other Slytherins. Hearing a howler going off on the other side of the hall was one thing but so close up it was something entirely different especially when it was sent by a harpy.

The twins looked at each other and nodded before George opened their howler that already started to emit smoke at the edges.


That letter also tore itself up and burned to ashes. After banishing the remnants, George gave a mock yawn before resuming to his breakfast as if nothing has happened at all. Fred who sat on Harry’s other side did the same completely ignoring the disbelieving stares they both received. Some of the Slytherins actually shifted away from them as if they suddenly got to know that the twins had the plague Harry observed amusedly.

Draco who looked worried because he actually liked the twins leaned around Fred and poked Harry to get his attention. “Harry, we have to do something…this is bad, very bad. Being disowned by the family is the worst thing that can happen to you in the magical world. The twins are practically no one now…no money, no name to rely on…” he whispered.

Harry on the other hand started to laugh. “Oh Draco, Draco, Draco, do you really think that I would have let that happen if I hadn’t at least three backup plans in place? Please…have some faith” he replied when a black eagle in perfect timing elegantly swooped down and landed in front of Fred who quickly untied the letter the bird carried with a grin.

“It can’t be…” Draco muttered in shock. Oh yes, he recognised the bird on sight since it was the Malfoy…well Black eagle now after all.

Fred started to read the letter and the further he went the broader got his smile. In the end, one might have thought that his face got split in half with how broad his grin was. When he was finished, he took one of the two forms that came together with the letter and gave the second one to his twin brother. Both took out quill and ink and signed the forms that instantly rolled themselves up before vanishing in a puff of smoke. The twins obviously happy gave each other a high-five over Harry’s head.

“May someone please be gracious enough to explain me what just happened?” Zabini who sat opposite of George asked confused. That not only the Weasley twins got disowned, but acted as if nothing happened at all and now they both looked like they wanted to celebrate while Harry sported a smug grin.

“What happened, Zabini, is that I knew or at least pretty much expected the twins to get disowned after being sorted into Slytherin hence why I took several precautions of which one now played out perfectly. You know while they are not Weasleys anymore they just got adopted by someone else,” Harry explained. “You’re sitting with Fred and George…Black,” he said after a small dramaturgic pause. “It seems I have to congratulate Draco for gaining two brothers,” he added with a smile towards the blond boy.

Yes, Harry expected something like that to happen hence why he talked to Narcissa beforehand. What surprised him though was that she always wanted to have more children but thanks to all the inbreeding she couldn’t bear just one other child without risking her life and while the twins technically weren’t children anymore she was more than happy to adopt them. Voldemort also expressed his approval to this since it meant that the House of Black could prosper once again even bringing new blood into it.

Zabini on the other hand didn’t know what was more shocking, that the twins got disowned or that they got adopted into the Noble and Most Ancient Hose of Black and that on the wish (or was it a command?) of Harry bloody Potter. It seemed that the boy had more political power than they all accounted him for when he was able to pull such a stunt.

Draco however sat there in utter shock staring at the point where the eagle had been minutes ago. Slowly but surely he was getting out of his stupor only to glare at Harry. “You couldn’t have warned me?” he accused him.

“Why? To miss your incredulous face? Not in a million years” he snickered in reply.

Draco shook his head in disbelieve but kept his silence. He knew that it was pointless to argue with Harry about that point, he either informed you beforehand when he saw it fit or not. Luna in the meantime grabbed a sausage from Harry’s plate while Harry himself started to read the Prophet continuing his breakfast.

That was when Nott who up to now silently watched the entire thing spoke up. “Say Luna, can’t you just sit at the table normally and eat like everyone else? Not only you, all of you…ever since you joined the house of Slytherin manners and etiquette are blown to the wind,” he growled in obvious distaste of their behaviour.

Zabini nearly chocked, it looked like the Nott heir didn’t get the hint about how powerful Potter really was. He could only hope that the other boy did nothing to piss off Potter.

“Your point is?” Harry hissed lowly looking up from the paper, he didn’t like what the other boy said in the slightest.

“This entire behaviour of you and your…friends is unbecoming of a Slytherin. You should learn to show some more decorum,” Nott retorted.

“Nott, if I were you I would be extremely careful about what I say. When Luna wants to sit in my back and eat from my plate, she can do so and you won’t change anything to that. Despite that, are you really going to act like those idiotic Gryffindors and shun someone I like only because she is different and doesn’t fit into your nice little world? You know the last time when a certain blond idiot pissed me off it didn’t end well for him,” Harry now glared daggers at the other boy which made him gulp visibly.

Oh yes, the case of Lucius Malfoy’s fall from grace was very well known in the pureblood circles. Many rumours circled about what happened and who was powerful enough to ruin a well-known man as good connected as Malfoy completely without leaving so much of a trace and as it seems within one day. However if what Potter just hinted at was true than he was the one behind it which gave Nott and everyone else who heard that all the reason to play nice with him so he nodded. “Good and now shut the hell up,” he continued to read when an article on the front page caught his eye. “Hey guys, listen to that,” he said before reading out the article.

Dumbledore pilfered form the Boy-who-lived

Yesterday several unthinkable things happened at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. According to an eyewitness who wants to stay anonymous it all began when Harry Potter the Boy-who-lived requested a resorting after the sorting of the new first years. What was even more surprising was that he then was sorted into Slytherin. Is that a sign that the vanquisher of You-know-who is going dark himself? Or is this perhaps the attempt of saving himself from further harm?

It was the very moving speech Mr. Potter held as an explanation for the reasons he had to request the resorting that hold the answer to that question.

“I actually asked the sorting hat to be placed in Gryffindor […]. The reason for why I did so is that I thought I would be joining a house of righteous and honest people who would go any length in helping and protecting their fellow mates. A house that values bravery and unity.

What I found though couldn’t be any further from the truth. I found a house of traitors, liars and thieves. Not only that but also the worst bullies of their kind.”

This is an excerpt of Mr. Potter’s speech (for a full transcript see page 10) and one has to wonder how much truth is contained in these words. Has Gryffindor really fallen so low as to resort to lying and thieving? If this is true my dear readers one has to question if Slytherin which has the reputation of being the house of dark and lying witches and wizards really deserves it and whether it isn’t Gryffindor which should have such a reputation, there was at least one known Death Eater who was in Gryffindor after all, Sirius Black.

Later Mr. Potter mentioned the reaction of his house mates to a speech he hold at the end of the last school year (see page 9) about the blatant favouritism the headmaster Albus Dumbledore showed towards the house of Gryffindor by bestowing a ridiculous amount of house points to them in the very last second before the house cup was awarded. According to Mr. Potter, he was threatened with bodily harm by his peers because he voiced his opinion. One has to wonder where the Professors were at that time. Shouldn’t they make sure that their students don’t come to harm? Unfortunately, the head of Gryffindor Professor Minerva McGonagall was not available for a statement.

Though, what lets us hope that Mr. Potter cares about those who got oppressed by his former house mates are the last words of the speech he gave.

“[…] such actions should not be supported in any given way especially not by authorities and that is why I don’t want to associate myself with Gryffindor any longer. […] I am NOT supporting this.”

Yes dear readers you heard right, Harry Potter openly despised the actions of his house and Albus Dumbledore, even going so far as to threaten the headmaster with leaving Hogwarts all together. One has to wonder what the famous Albus Dumbledore did to earn the ire of the Boy-who-lived. Was it really only the favouritism the man showed at the end of the last school year or is there perhaps more behind it?

The answer gave Mr. Potter himself again after one Ronald Weasley accused him of lying insisting that no one in Gryffindor was a thief. To your remembrance, Albus Dumbledore had been in Gryffindor himself. What was revealed after that outburst left many students of Hogwarts speechless. Albus Dumbledore stole from the Boy-who-lived. According to Mr. Potter who also claimed to have proof about it the headmaster withdrew 325 Galleons from his trust vault every month without the boy’s knowledge or approval, money that was left behind by his parents for him to see him through his school years in case that something happens to them.

325 Galleons deer readers are a lot of money, enough to see more than one family through the day and I have to admit that I would be happy receiving so much money each month, so the question arises what Dumbledore did with it. Mr. Potter also gave the answer to this question, fifty Galleons went to each Ronald Bilius Weasley and Hermione Granger for spying on him while the rest seemed to stay with Albus Dumbledore. Though, why would the headmaster pay two eleven years old children to spy on the Boy-who-lived? Unfortunately, we can’t give you the answer at the moment.

Now the question arises whether those were the only atrocities that happened? Or are there perhaps more skeletons hidden in the closets of one Albus Dumbledore? At the moment we don’t know but this devoted author will stay at it finding out every single piece of this puzzle to report it to you dear readers. We here at the Daily Prophet will reveal everything and nothing can be hidden from us.

-Rita Skeeter-

For more about the Boy-who-lived see page 2

For more about Albus Dumbledore see page 2

For a full transcript of the two speeches from Mr. Potter see page 9 & 10

“I wonder how she got to know about the two speeches you hold,” Draco mused once Harry finished reading.

That cast a malicious grin on the twins’ faces. “We might” “or might not” “have made sure” “that copies” “of our memories” “found their way” “to a certain woman”  they answered cryptically.

“I knew there was a reason I keep you two around” Harry joked upon which the twins whacked him over the head simultaneously. “Good job you two. That gives me an idea…I think I have a few letters to write later” he now grinned in a way that promised nothing good for the receiving end.

“What are you planning and who do you want to torture?” Draco questioned knowing exactly what that grin meant.

“Dumbledore…who else?” Draco sighed. “And it will be absolutely legal.”

“You should ask Griphook for a contract” Luna threw in with a dreamy gaze.

Harry looked at her in surprise and a bit confused when his face lit up in recognition what the girl meant. “Luna, you’re absolutely brilliant,” he said happily which earned him a kiss on the cheek from the girl in question.

Everyone else in their vicinity however looked at them utterly confused but neither Harry nor Luna reacted to it in any way.

That was when Snape went along their table to give out the schedules for the year. Once he reached the two ex-Weasleys, he stopped and reached into his pocket to draw out two potion vials, which he handed to the twins. “Messrs Black, your potions.”

The twins took them and after a short “Thank you, Sir” downed them without any further ado knowing what they were.

“What was that?” Zabini questioned curiously.

“Blood adoption potions,” Luna answered again with a dreamy gaze sipping Harry’s tea.

“As I said I had several backup plans in place and that was just one,” Harry chuckled while taking his schedule from Snape. “And I have the feeling that the twins will be far happier with their new family.”

Luna smiled leaning back and looking at Snape after taking her own lessons plan. “Thank you, Professor” she piped happily.

That seemed to surprise Snape. “You’re welcome, Ms. Lovegood” he nodded curtly before continuing to give out the schedules.

“Professor Snape is really a nice man don’t you think so too, Harry?” Luna mused which let several people looking in shock at her. Snape and nice? Were they thinking of the same man? The bat of the dungeons? The greasy git? Sure, to his snakes, he was always decent and they would never call him that way but nice wasn’t on any list to describe the potions master.

“You’re right he really can be nice if he puts his mind to it, he also can be quite humorous,” Harry replied taking his cup out of Luna’s hands to take a sip before handing it back.

The statement however let some choke in shock. “Did you hit your head, Potter? Snape is certainly not humorous,” someone a few seats down threw in.

“Mr. Harrow, I didn’t know that you knew me well enough to form any adequate opinion about my humour,” Snape who was just on his way back to the head table and in hearing range sneered.

“Professor, you have to forgive him but some people simply don’t have the mental capacity to process or appreciate your hidden and dry-witted humour,” Harry smirked at Harrow.

“Then I fail to see how you’re able to do so, Mr. Potter” Snape retorted.

“But Professor, I never said that I do. I would never dare to pride myself of being conversant or worthy enough of unravelling the artfully hidden sarcasm camouflaged by too many words,” his smirk grew even wider. “Despite that it would be undreamt of me to give someone sufficient retorts, not to mention one of my professors.”

“Then I question myself how it comes that you always seem to have an adequate remark on your lips,” Snape rose an eyebrow. “Or are they simply the adolescent antics of a child who thinks himself older than he really is? Because then I would advise you to refrain from proclaiming inadequate statements in the future.”

Harry laughed upon that while looking on his watch. “As much as I would like to controvert the mental age of a child and fitting replies with you it seems that I’m running out of time since it is only ten more minutes until the first class starts and I don’t do late. I also have it on good authority that you’re not overly fond of tardiness either.”

“I would never have dreamt about the day that one Mr. Potter is so lost about words that he tries to get out of a conversation,” Snape now chuckled lowly which shocked many of his snakes.

“By no means, Professor, however my first lesson is transfiguration and I highly doubt that a certain grumpy cat is overly fond of me anymore ever since I ripped the once impeccable reputation of her own house and one certain headmaster to shreds. Not to mention that I left her precious house and changed affiliation to the archenemy in this petty little house rivalry. Therefore I simply want to avoid further aggravating her by being late to her class,” Harry simply shrugged.

“Then I’d advice you to hurry up and not lose any points because of your hang towards lateness.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it. However I hope that we can resume to our discussion at a later point in time, Professor” Harry dipped his head.

Snape nodded before taking a leave towards the head table leaving behind a lot of stunned and confused Slytherins and Ravenclaws who sat at the table next to them and flagrantly listened in.

“What the hell was that?” Harrow who was a level above them and therefore never had potions lessons together with them inquired.

“You just got to see a glimpse of how our potions classes normally passes off,” Draco replied and shook his head. “Come on, Potter, I don’t want to be late on my very first day back and earn Snape’s ire.”

Hearing that Luna hopped off the bench so that Harry could stand up. “I have Potions now…seems to be a lot of fun,” she hummed.

The five friends left the great hall together before splitting up. Luna went down to the dungeons for her potions class while the twins went to charms and Harry and Draco walked to transfiguration together. They arrived at the classroom a few minutes early and now sat in the front row awaiting class. The class went on without a hitch Harry not holding back anymore proved to have gained quite the knowledge over the summer, which resulted in gaining several points for Slytherin. At the end of the lesson though, McGonagall asked Harry to stay behind.

“Mr. Potter, I am truly sorry for what happened last year. However I wonder why you never came to me, I would have helped,” she finally said after a few moments of silence.

Harry on the other hand looked at her incredulous. She really expected him to come to her after what happened a week earlier? “I beg your pardon?” he bit out.

“You should have come to me…” she started again but Harry quickly interrupted her.

“Oh Professor, I thought about coming to you but then I remembered that there was an angry mob outside of my bed curtains screaming bloody murder. You know, should I have dared to do as much as poke one toe out of my bed and my wards, I doubt that I would have been able to avoid landing in the hospital wing. So how would I have been able to get to you? The thing is…I wonder what would have happened hadn’t I taken on learning protective warding over the last year and became good enough in it to keep the other Gryffindors out. Despite that did you really expect me to come to you after what happened a week prior?” here McGonagall looked a bit confused so Harry elaborated that point. “You sent us away when we told you that the stone was endangered. `The stone is too well protected´ and `that no one could possibly steal it´ were your exact words and how well was the stone protected? In fact so well that three first year students could get through the safety measurements with ease not to mention Lord Voldemort. So sorry if I didn’t go to you but with how much you cared at that time I highly doubted that you would care this time,” Harry sneered.

“Mr. Potter, ten points from Slytherin, remember who you’re talking to. How could you have known how I would react without coming to me?” she looked disappointed now.

Harry on the other hand snorted. “You’re the head of the Gryffindor house, are you not? As such, you should have made sure that I’m not in any danger after what happened during the end of term feast especially with the death glares your precious students sent after me. I dare say that it was quite obvious what would happen once they got a hold over me after my speech resulted in losing the house cup that wasn’t even Gryffindor’s to begin with.

You know it is quite shocking that the professor with the worst reputation at this school Professor Snape cares more for his snakes than the head of the beloved Gryffindors. He would have come to make sure that everything was in order and no one would get hurt. Despite that, he always has an open door and ear for the problems of his students and may it be something as trivial as homesickness, he would never send someone away. Did I already mention that he also stays at least one hour every evening in the Slytherin common room to help with anything that might come up may it be problems with homework or anything else? You on the other hand I never saw in the Gryffindor common room even ones. Yes, yes, I know…detention for how I spoke to a professor but that doesn’t make it any less true. Just tell me where and when …” he snarled at the end with his patience, he was quite glad that he wasn’t in Gryffindor anymore…less of a headache.

McGonagall in the meantime just sat there shocked to the core realizing that the boy was right with every word he said. For the first time in her life, she didn’t know what to say. She thought that she was a good head of house but now a twelve years old boy told her that she was far from it even going so far as to praise Severus for how he led his house while she didn’t so much as listen to her students. That came as a huge blow to her and her ego.

“Luckily for you not this time, Mr. Potter, but don’t think that it will always be that way. You can go,” she dismissed him. There were many things she would have to think about and despite that, the next lesson would start soon.

Harry nodded curtly to her. “Professor” he said before swirling around and leaving the classroom. Outside he saw that Draco was waiting for him.

“Harry…finally, what did the…how do you always call her?”

“Grumpy cat” Harry snickered.

“Okay, what wanted grumpy cat from you?” he inquired while they walked to History.

Harry shook his head still not able to fully believe what just happened before he replied. “She asked me why I didn’t come to her when the rest of the Gryffindors threatened me and tried to get revenge for the lost house cup.”

Draco stopped dead in his track to stare at Harry in disbelieve. “Are you serious? After what happened previously? Not to mention that she should have made sure that you were well on her own as it is her duty as head of the house?”

“That is exactly what I told her, cost me ten points but was totally worth it.”

“For giving a professor a dressing-down? Not to mention McGonagall? You’re damned right that it was worth it. You should consider showing Uncle Sev; he would surely get a malicious pleasure out of it. Luckily we have double potions in the afternoon,” Draco said with a vindictive grin. Oh yes, he normally only observed what Harry and the others did but that didn’t mean that he didn’t get pleasure out of it.

Harry looked at Draco in shock. “I think I have a bad influence on you,” he mused. “Hopefully Aunt Cissy doesn’t get to know about it.”

“What do you mean by that?” the blond was confused.

“That you never used a language like `damned´ before,” Harry snickered.

“You’re right and I wouldn’t were anyone else around but since we’re alone…” Draco shrugged. “I also didn’t know that my mother allowed you to call her Cissy.”

“She did after what I did to Lucius,” Harry replied while opening the door to the history classroom before sighing loudly. “Why do we have to have history by the most boring teacher,” he complained.

“Hey, see it that way…you can sleep some more,” Draco laughed sitting down with Harry right next to him.

“That’s true,” he replied and that was exactly what he did during that lesson. Luckily, Draco woke him once the lesson was over because he doubted he would have realized it and therefore continued sleeping. Also fortunate for him was that Draco listened to Binns and took notes.

“What would I do without you,” he said while stretching.

“Probably getting a T in History,” Draco snickered.

“Probably” while stifling a yawn he stood up and with Draco in tow left the classroom. Luckily they hadn’t any class together with Gryffindor yet because that would have been horrendous.

Now the two were on their way to lunch when they saw how the twins were cornered by their former older brother a bit further down the corridor. Harry quickly dragged Draco into a niche so that they could listen to what Percy Weasley would want.

“Ah Messrs Noname, I have to admit that I never thought you as stupid as to get yourself sorted into Slytherin. Mother truly was right you are a disgrace for everything upright and good and I’m glad that you’re no longer part of our family. Though, I wonder for how long Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy will keep up with you. Soon they will also realise what a disgrace you are and leave, then you’re truly outcast and alone,” Percy addressed the twins. Harry scowled, not only got they adopted this morning and that should have made its way to the Weasley by now but also the blood adoption potion already had a visible effect. They now had black hair and all the freckles vanished while their entire facial structure changed giving them a more noble appearance. On top of that came that Draco didn’t go by the name of Malfoy anymore.

“You know Mr. Weasley your wrong in every point.” “We were always meant for Slytherin” “but we went into Gryffindor” “because we had no other choice.” “You also call us a disgrace” “of everything upright and good” “when your very own brother” “not only is too stupid to get to school” “without making a fool out of himself” “but also stole from our friend Harry.” “Despite that we highly doubt” “that our dear brother” “will want to get rid of us” “anytime soon” they replied. Harry had to admit that he would have loved to see their faces during the speech but unfortunately, the twins stood with their backs to them.

Percy on the other hand looked a bit angry and confused probably because of the statement of their brother. “I beg your pardon? Your dear brother? I fail to see how two Nonames like you have a brother except each other.”

“That is the next point where you were wrong” “we do have a brother…” “one Mr. Black,” that Harry took as their cue so he motioned to Draco and they both walked over to the twins as if they just arrived.

“Mr. Weasley” Harry greeted crisply.

“Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy” that he shouldn’t have said because Draco instantly became peeved.

“What did you just call me, Weasley?” he said sourly. “My name is not Mr. Malfoy anymore and hasn’t been for quite some time. It is Mr. Black now so I would ask you to address me as such.”

Percy looked from Draco to the twins and back slightly confused.

“I would also ask you to show a bit more respect to my brothers,” he added as an afterthought or so it should look like.

“Your brothers?” Percy now looked at them with shock not even trying to conceal it.

“Yes Mr. Weasley you heard right, the twins got adopted by Ms. Black right this morning” Harry who had been silent up to now spoke up.

“You know dear brother o’ mine that gives the expression of being the `Black sheep´ of the family a whole new meaning,” Fred piped in.

“You’re right whether Ms. Weasley knew that when she shouted it?” George replied.

“Highly doubtable since they obviously didn’t even knew that our family goes with the name of Black now,” Draco added.

Harry snickered before speaking up. “I somehow have the feeling that if this goes on the way it did until now the entire Weasley family will be wiped out before Christmas.”

“Is that a threat, Mr. Potter?” Percy brought out with barely concealed anger.

“By no means, Mr. Weasley. However shouldn’t Ronald Weasley learn how to shut the fuck up I might suddenly remember that he owes me 700 Galleons plus interests. What are the interests for stolen money at the moment, Draco?” he asked knowing that the blond was firm in wizarding law.

“If I remember correctly that are 5% which makes a total of 735 Galleons,” Draco replied after thinking shortly about it.

“Hmm 735 Galleons…do you think he has so much money?” Percy blanched. “Then there is still the issue about the stealing itself. Draco, you’re quite firm in wizarding law. What is the punishment for stealing?”

“Depending on the severity five to ten years in Azkaban” Draco gave out as if slightly bored.

“Five years? Interesting but it doesn’t end there. You know the goblins detest nothing more than thievery. By them not only the culprit is punished but the entire family, their vaults confiscated and any further business with them terminated,” Harry now grinned deviously while Percy looked like he wanted to faint. “You see Mr. Weasley it would be beneficial for you to see to it that your dear brother gets reigned in, have a nice day,” with that he stepped around Percy who didn’t even move and went to lunch followed by the others.

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