Chapter 4: The end of the Golden Trio?

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The next three days went by without a hitch. It was now Thursday and in two days, they all would sit in the train on their way back home. Harry right now sat in a hidden corner behind the greenhouses enjoying the summer and the sun not thinking or doing anything in particular.

He was just musing over the fact that bumblebees could actually fly. Thanks to Dumbledore for that because he wore a robe that morning with a swarm buzzing bumblebees on it and a magazine he once snatched out of the bin after Vernon dumped it there stated that physically it was impossible for them to fly. That was when a nondescript owl swooped down to him lading gracefully on his knee. When she gave him an arrogant look as if to tell him to hurry up he quickly untied the letter she carried. Once freed from her burden she took off again.

Harry turned the letter around and saw a green seal with the Malfoy coat of arms in it. Curious what the Malfoys who did not attend school with him wanted he broke the seal and took the letter. Carefully unfolding it, he started to read.

Dear Mr. Potter,

Recently I was informed of the, for one of your standing, inadequate living situation you find yourself in. Therefore, it is a pleasure for me to offer you an alternative that would be far more suitable for a boy of your status. We would be honoured should you decide to sojourn with our family during your holidays. This would also include a three weeks long trip to our country estate in Spain.

A mutual friend also left a present for you at my mansion ready for when you arrive. He asked from me to inform you that his part of your agreement therefore is fulfilled.

For your response to my offer simply approach my son Draco he knows how to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Lucius Malfoy

Huh, that he had not anticipated. Would he want to stay with the Malfoys over the summer? The trip to Spain sounded very tempting and not having to stay at the Leaky Cauldron as he originally planned also was good. Whom was he kidding? They had him with the offer to stay with them already everything else was just a bonus.

However, he wondered what this present the “mutual” friend left was. It took a few seconds before it hit him, the Dursleys. In what way had he fulfilled his part of the deal though? Harry doubted that the Malfoys would allow Voldemort to store three corpses at their house so they had to be alive. Then how had he fulfilled his part? Wait, the deal said that Voldie had to get rid of his problem before the term ends. His problem laid within the Statute of Secrecy and the Restriction of Underage Magic hence why he could not get rid of his family himself. As it seems he brought them to the Malfoy manor so the Statute of Secrecy was not a problem anymore but what was with the Restriction of Underage Magic? Perhaps the Malfoys had wards preventing the detection. That surely would explain how purebloods always seemed to be ahead of class though the how did not really matter if he could use magic in the end.

Harry suddenly started to laugh maniacally and it was good that no one was around because they surely would have peed themselves upon hearing him. He had to admit that Voldemort was good. The man found a way that Harry could get the revenge he wanted. Sure, it was very likely that this was a way to determine what he was capable of and how far he would go but for this once, he did not care. This was an excellent opportunity for trying out a few of those curses he read in a book he got from Malfoy and all those other books he found in the library. The end of the term now could not come fast enough.

Singing the song “Highway to Hell” from AC/DC, he imagined what he would do to his so-called guardians. Everyone else wondered that day what made him so happy and quite a few found it creepy as hell that the boy who was deemed as worse as Snape with his snarky comments suddenly was in such a good mood, would they know the truth…

The last days passing by Harry grew more excitedly with every day and not even Dumbledore was able to dampen his mood…nearly. He now sat with all the others in the in Slytherin colours decorated great hall because they won the house cup with a non-insignificant amount of help from Harry. It was the end-of term feast and Harry awaited happily the next day when he would go back to London.

He already talked to Malfoy about the holiday arrangement. Harry would stay with them until short before the letters were due to arrive. Then he would move to the Leaky Cauldron for a few days until he got the letter. Why all this inconvenience with moving? Simple, he did not want Dumbledore to know where he stayed over the holidays since it would be suspicious staying with the Malfoys and as they addressed letters to where he stayed when they were send he had to change that location for that time. Inconvenient but unfortunately necessary.

Dumbledore stood and announced the end of the year. Babbling something about full heads and getting them empty again over summer he finally came to the house cup. Gryffindor were the last with three hundred and twelve points with Hufflepuff in third and Ravenclaw in second place while Slytherin lead with four hundred and seventy-two points. One hundred and sixty points difference had been a lot of work Harry mused smugly. Then he heard what Dumbledore said next.

“Yes, yes, well done, Slytherin,” he announced. “However, recent events must be taken into account.”

Harry was dumbfounded. What recent events? The whole ordeal with Voldie had been a week ago. So what was he talking about?

Dumbledore went on with his speech. In the end he awarded fifty points to Ron for “the best-played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years”, another fifty points to Hermione for “the use of cool logic in the face of fire” and sixty points to Harry himself for “pure nerve and outstanding courage”. That brought them equal on points with Slytherin but Dumbledore did not stop there. No, he awarded the last ten points to Neville for his “bravery to stand up against his friends”. With that, they outdid Slytherin with ten points and won the house cup. Harry was enraged, his whole work rendered null and void in mere minutes but not if he had any say in this and well…he had. This victory Dumbledore would not get.

“What the fresh hell is this about?” he growled quite loudly but thanks to the chanting masses of Gryffindors only Hermione heard him.

“What are you talking about? We won the house cup! You should be celebrating,” she said.

“What I’m talking about? I can tell you what I am talking about; it is this blatant show of favouritism. Sure, I’m happy that we won but not that way,” he now shouted which silenced a few Gryffindor around him and let them look at him in shock.

“Favouritism? These are well earned points so what is your problem?” Hermione was confused.

“Point one, all these `deeds´ happened one week ago. Point two, of all the points we earned only Neville’s where truly well deserved,” now he stood staring at Hermione daring her to disagree.

“Yes, and?” Hermione still did not get what her friend wanted to tell her. In the meantime, nearly the entire hall went quite to listen what this was about but neither Harry nor Hermione picked that up. Okay, Harry did but he did not care it would even help him.

“You don’t get it, do you? Dumbledore could have given those points one week ago right after everything happened but what did he do? He waited ‘til the very last moment to dish them out so that no other house has even the slightest chance to compensate not to mention that he gave just as many points necessary to overthrow the rightful victor. Which brings me to my other point. The only one who truly deserved the points given is Neville. With this Dumbledore was right it takes a lot to stand up against the own friends but the rest of us…not so much. I mean, really? The best-played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in years? Please, I have seen far better chess matches and even a child could have beaten those stupid things,” here Ron interrupted him in his rambling.

“What do you know about chess, mate? As far as I remember you were never able to beat me even once,” he snapped.

“Oh Ron, Ron, Ron…one thing you should definitely know about chess is that it is a game of tactics. Do you really think I would show my capabilities to some mediocre player who boasts himself to be good? Think about it,” hearing that Ron’s head went as red as his hair and he just wanted to retort something but was ignored by Harry. “Then the oh-so difficult potions riddle. Come on, a four years old could figure it out with enough time.

The entire protection of that stone was more than laughable. I mean how useful is this protection meant to fend off one of the most brilliant minds of this century if it can be beaten by three eleven-years-old children?

That brings me to the points I `earned´. Really? Points for…how did Dumbledore word this? Oh yes, pure nerve and outstanding courage. Sure, if you think that surviving the killing curse…again…is some feat of `outstanding courage´ please be my guest. Problem is…I had no doing in it, it simply happened. This is as if you receive points for the fact that a butterfly bats his wings somewhere in South America or was it South Africa? Never mind…” Harry now panted heavily after the speech he just hold dishing out death glares at everyone who wanted to open their mouth to say something.

At the teacher’s table

“I have to admit that the boy has some valid points there, Albus,” McGonagall leaned over to the old man while saying it.

“Minerva is right. You shouldn’t have done it that obviously,” Sprout added.

“Cum on, te Headmaster ‘nows wat he’s doin’,” Hagrid’s voice boomed over the table.

Snape on the other hand kept his silence observing with glee how Dumbledore shrank down in his seat with every other voice that agreed with Potter’s reasoning. He grinned inwardly and complimented the boy about how he handled this. Sometimes the open ways of Gryffindors where the far better method than the hidden ways of Slytherin. One only had to know when it was better to carry the heart on the sleeve like a Gryffindor and when subtlety was the better choice. Potter really knew how to handle the different situations all the while coming out the way he wanted…at the top.

To everyone else not a snake it might look like he was single-mindedly rambling about the unfairness but a true Slytherin knew that this was not the case. Sure, the ire of his own house would be upon him but every other student would respect him for what he did especially since he showed the courage to go openly against his own house to defend others not to mention Slytherin. Should he continue his path he eventually would have the entire school standing unitedly behind him except Gryffindor perhaps. What were a quarter of the student body compared to the rest of the school including some teachers though?

“Harry, this is ridiculous. Dumbledore is the headmaster he knows what he does,” Hermione tried to reason.

“This is the problem, Hermione, it looks like he doesn’t. A professor has to be neutral in regards of the different houses though I can understand that the heads of the houses act slightly biased towards their own house since they all want to win the house cup. Dumbledore on the other hand is the headmaster. He should be the ultimate neutral party in this, what does he do though? He gives out one hundred seventy points in one go only so that his favourite house wins. This is blatant favouritism and you can’t tell me that this is how things should work?” he huffed.

“Why do you question Dumbledore’s decision? It very well in his rights to do this.”

“So you, the girl who abides every rule…every law, want to tell me that it is okay that the headmaster of a school is biased towards one quarter of the student body? So much even that he helps them winning the house cup that is rightfully belonging to another house? That is not fairness that is bordering towards bullying!” he shouted outraged before storming out of the great hall having enough of all this or so it seemed. On his way out, he heard Snape speaking up.

“Potter, twenty points from Gryffindor for disrespecting a professor,” the man said with a certain smugness in his voice.

`Finally´ Harry thought while storming to his dorms `took him long enough to deduct those points though it might be because he wanted to see how far I would push this.´

Now he had to prepare for the night because he doubted that his dorm mates would be very amused about what he just did since reasoning was not theirs. When he reached his bed, he closed the curtains around it and warded them with everything he knew, which was quite a lot. Out of a bout of boredom, he read every book he could find upon warding and started practising what he read. At that time, he mostly did it to protect his belongings from his relatives and other people snooping around but now it came in handy.

Once he was ready, he laid back on his bed and started to laugh maniacally. The expression Dumbledore showed when he openly started to tear his actions apart…priceless. Especially when Snape deducted the twenty points from him, which therefore put Slytherin back in the top spot. Harry had gotten a glimpse of it when he left the hall and shortly turned around to look at him. He would have laid on the floor laughing his ass of right there and then upon seeing the fool’s sour face if he had not brought up his entire willpower to withstand the urge. Dumbledore had looked like he was ready to murder someone. Not only had his golden poster boy rendered his favouritism null and void, no he had also done it in a way Mr. Merlin-reincarnated could do nothing about since that idiot would give proof to every word Harry had spoken if he gave Gryffindor even one more point. Harry did not want to imagine what then would have happened.

All in all today was a marvellous ending of a very good year.

Harry already sat in his compartment looking out of the window observing the masses of students trying to get into the train to find a hopefully empty compartment. He evaded his housemates the entire night and this morning. Sure, they tried to open the curtains around his bed but failed spectacularly. Even those of the seventh year who tried could not disable the wards. Harry at some point also put silencing charms up since the attempts and screams of bloody murder distracted him from reading. This morning they luckily stopped cursing him though he received quite an amount of death glares during breakfast. Not his fault that they could not see what Dumbledore did.

He was so deep in his thoughts that he did not register his “friends” entering.

“Harry James Potter, what did you think yesterday? Not only did you cost us the house cup after Dumbledore awarded us so many points no you also had to disgrace Gryffindor in front of the entire school,” Hermione raged talking to Harry like he was a small boy who needed a talk down.

“Hello mum, goodbye mum!” was his simple answer to that, he did not even stop looking out of the window.

“Harry…mate, Hermione is right. What you did yesterday…the entire school is now laughing about us,” Ron said while slumping down on a seat opposite of Harry who now looked at him.

“I hate to burst your bubble Ron, but that one was Dumbledore’s doing. What I did only earned me the ire of Gryffindor and the respect of the entire rest of the school. Do you really think anyone not Gryffindor found it good what Dumbledore did yesterday? They are actually glad that I did what I did,” Harry shook his head before looking back out of the window. Quite a few students of the other houses he met in the corridor this morning thanked him for taking his courage telling Dumbledore he was wrong.

“But Harry, why couldn’t you just be happy that we won the house cup and leave it be?” Hermione asked.

“So you still support that old manipulative fool? After everything I said yesterday?”

“He is a professor, Harry, he knows what he does,” Hermione did not know how she could convince Harry that he was wrong he was so stubborn sometimes.

Harry though looked at her in disbelieve until it started to dawn him. All this Dumbledore this, Dumbledore that…not to mention that Hermione was more a Ravenclaw with her know-it-all attitude…though why was she in Gryffindor? Something was seriously wrong here and Harry had an inkling about what.

“Dumbledore didn’t, did he?” he asked.

Hermione and Ron exchanged a look before looking back to Harry. Harry though saw the slight fear in Hermione’s eyes. Fear that he knew too much.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, mate,” Ron replied looking away which was a good sign that he was lying.

“Ah, but I think you very well know. I tell you what…your friendship with me had an expiration date right from the first day onwards and you just reached it. As long as you were useful to me I let you hang around me but you have to know that I neither need nor want you around me anymore so do not even bother trying to change my mind. Oh and should you decide to have fun with another troll or something the like keep in mind that I won’t save you this time. Have a nice day,” he said in an ice cold tone his eyes glowing with disdain before leaving the compartment and two stunned ex-pawns behind.

Harry stalked down the train deep in thoughts again. How could he have been so blind? Not only that they spied on him the entire year now also this…and he hadn’t seen it but thinking about it now…it was clear as day. He felt an overwhelming urge to hit his head against something solid…repeatedly.

Not paying any attention to his surroundings, he suddenly bumped into another person. Looking up it turned out it was one of the Weasley twins, whether it was Fred or George he could not say though.

“Harry,” the other boy piped jovially until he saw the mood Harry was in. “Harry, what’s wrong? What happened?” he asked in a serious tone, concern clearly audible in his voice.

At that moment, the other twin stuck his head out of the compartment they were standing in front of to see where his brother was. When he saw Harry, better felt the magic pouring around him he grabbed the younger boy around the wrist and pulled him into the compartment. Harry too stunned to react let it happen.

“Jordan, would you please leave us for a bit?” he then addressed the other occupant of the compartment with a grim voice.

Jordan who knew that when one of the twins were like that not to mention both it was better to do what they asked and so he stood up and left the compartment. “I’ll go and see what Angelina is doin’.”

When the door fell close, the twins erected some silencing spells and closed the curtains so that they were in private. “Now Harry, say what’s wrong? What happened that you’re in such a mood?”

“What is wrong? What happened? I tell you what happened…Dumbledore that is what happened,” he snapped at them who were now sitting opposite of him.

The twins exchanged a look. “What has the old fool done now?” asked the left twin.

Now that Harry calmed down some, he rose an eye suspiciously. Why were they not talking him down for losing the house cup? Moreover, since when did they not use the annoying twin talk they usually did? “What the old meddling fool did? He incited Ron and Hermione to spy on me paying them with MY money for it,” he growled.

That left the twins dumbfounded. “What? Are you sure?” now the right twin spoke.

“Yes, after Dumbledore sent me the invisibility cloak on Christmas I contacted Gringotts because I feared that the man might have taken other things that rightfully belonged to me. You know what? He withdrew money from my trust vault regularly,” he just wanted to stand up to retrieve the Gringotts statement from his trunk when he remembered that it was still in his old compartment with Ron and Hermione. Thinking about that they most likely would exploit this situation to get into his trunk he started to laugh.

The twins shivered hearing it since it was not a nice laugh but a very vindictive one. “Want to share what you’re laughing about?”

“I just remembered that my trunk still is with those two dunderheads who called themselves my friends and that they might take advantage of it and try getting into it. They will be surprised” Harry chuckled. He truly spent too much time with Snape even using the man’s favourite way of describing his students.

As if he had foreseen it, someone knocked at the door. The twin sitting nearer to the door cancelled the silencing charms and opened it. Outside stood one former redhead and one know-it-all both sporting Slytherin colours all over.

“Harry, what did you do to us?” Ron roared.

“Stupid forgetful me. That I forgot to tell you that it would be a very bad idea trying to get into my trunk…” he said with a mockingly friendly voice before he switched back to the ice cold one he used previously on them. “Oh wait, this is nothing of your concern and now get lost before I fetch some prefects because you tried to get into my trunk,” he snapped before closing the door again and erecting two-way silencing wards not wanting to hear any of the cursing the two threw his way.

“Please remind us to never cross you,” one of the twins said with wide eyes.

“I read quite a lot about warding and I have to admit that it is very useful. You know I’m wondering about something,” he suddenly changed topic. “Everyone else who is in Gryffindor wants to rip me apart at the moment though you didn’t even mention what happened yesterday.”

“That might be because we wanted to do right the same thing before you beat us to it. We have to admit that your approach was far better than what we came up with.”

Harry leaned back and observed the twins closely. Somehow, they managed to surprise him. Normally he was quite good in reading people, he had to be to avoid punishment at the Dursleys, hell he even could read Snape most of the time and the man was a spy for Merlin’s sake. He even knew about the spying of his so-called friends he was not stupid but what infuriated him earlier was that Dumbledore actually paid them with his own money. The twins on the other hand? It seems that they were able to fool him so what else were they hiding? Then there was the genuine concern he heard in their voices earlier and as it seems they did not like Dumbledore as well. Time to get some answers.

“You nearly got me with your act. Why would I believe you that you would have gone against your own house?” he asked slyly.

“That wasn’t an act…”one of the twins started before looking to the other one. It seemed that they had some kind of silent conversation before they both looked back at Harry. “What we are going to tell you now…” “no one else knows this.” “We Trust you that you keep this secret.” “At first…the hat didn’t wat to sort us to Gryffindor.” “It took us all our persuasiveness to convince the hat otherwise.” “Originally we were meant for Slytherin” “but you know how that would have looked” “the entire family light as they come” “and in Gryffindor for generations…” it looked like they fell back into their twin-speak habit.

Harry though looked back and forth from the two twins when he suddenly broke out into laugher again. The twins looked at each other thinking that they made a grave mistake until Harry started to talk. “I somehow can imagine that. You were even able to fool me and I can read Snape most of the time,” he again looked at the two in front of him contemplating something. Could he trust them? Right now, it looked to him like those two could become even more that simple pawns to him as the others had been. They seemed to care for him and on top of that trusted him with their secret though he doubted that this was everything. Wait…had they not said “the entire family light as they come”? What did that mean? He had to admit that the twins intrigued him and they definitely were worth his attention so he made a decision though before he could speak up one of the twins talked first.

“Harry…why are you looking at us like you’re measuring us for our graves?” they both fidgeted under his gaze.

“Sorry,” Harry shook his head before looking back at them with a softer glance. “It is just that I thought about something. Normally I’m not the person who trust others easily especially when it is possible that they are loyal to Dumbledore and tell them everything I do.”

“We definitely won’t run to that man,” one of the twins piped in.

“I wonder what he did to earn your ire.”

“Nothing concerning us in particular.” “We read some about him and got to see his true self.” “He is a manipulative and lying bastard.” “You might not know but he was one of the people voting for the Creature Registration Act.” “This is a law that prohibits Werewolves for example from getting a decent job.” “But in the public he plays the act of a caring person” “who wants to make the world better for them.” “But that is not all” “he did a lot what stands contrary to his caring grandfatherly image.” “Though why do you hate him so much?”

“Because of what he did to me,” the twins simultaneously rose an eyebrow. “He dumped me with the worst of their kind and magic hating muggles you might find on this planet when I was fifteen month old and I was their house-elf ever since,” he growled lowly.

Upon seeing the slightly confused but mostly worried and angered looks on their faces, he stood up, turned around and lifted the shirt he was wearing so that they could see his bare back. He heard two simultaneous gasps. His entire back covered in scars of different size and age the worst ones forming the word “freak” in bold letters going from one shoulder to the other.

“Tell us who and where they live and we take care of them for you,” growled one twin while Harry put down his shirt and sat down again.

Chuckling he replied. “Oh they are already taken care of. I think I will have a lot of fun this summer,” whether he meant that because he got rid of them and hadn’t to stay with them or because he would have fun with them was everyone’s guess but it seems the twins very well knew what he meant.

“If you need help, we are just one floo call away,” the twins chuckled darkly. Again, Harry wondered whether they were the light pranksters they pretended to be, this entire conversation pointed towards another much darker truth. Was this enough though to trust them with his secret? Only one way to find out. “You’re doing this glare again…” it freaked the hell out of them.

“It is because I decided to tell you something about me but before I can do so I need your oath that you won’t redirect or otherwise let someone beside us three know the information I’m about to give you,” he said with a grin that contained a not insignificant amount of sadistic glee. Should they take the oath Harry would know that he could trust them. Would he be honest he would have to admit that he liked the twins pretty much. Whether they would fall into the same category like Snape would remain to be seen nonetheless.

“May we ask why?”

“Let’s just say that a certain person who is included in this secret would be very displeased with me should I not take any possible precaution that said secret doesn’t get out,” he threw them a questioning look.

The twins looked at each other before they swore the oath that no one outside the three of them would get to know from them what Harry was about to tell.

Harry happy that they took the oath started to talk. “What do you know about the happenings about a week before the end of term? The ones Dumbledore awarded us a ridiculous amount of points for.”

“Only what everyone else knows. That the three of you went down the restricted third floor corridor in order to stop You-know-who from getting the Philosopher’s Stone and that you succeeded. Why? Isn’t that what happened?”

“Well parts of it happened a bit differently. What is your opinion of Voldie?” something he needed to know before he proceeded. What he did not put into account however was the sharp minds of the twins. On the other hand, he was not very subtle with this.

Their eyes went wide. “Voldemort got the stone?” they were too surprised to even call him You-know-who. What they registered nevertheless was the flinch on Harry’s face upon them saying the name. That piqued their interest even more. “What happened really?” they asked with glee.

“If you refrain from saying his full name again I tell you what happened,” he said. Seeing the questioning looks he elaborated that statement holding ups his left hand showing them the ring. He knew well that should they not accept his point of view he would have a problem and most likely would have to get rid of them. With every minute passing it became clearer and clearer however that this would not be the case hence why he took the risk. “This thing starts to burn quite painfully when someone says his name hence why I call him Voldie.”

With this, he told them everything about what happened leaving Snape’s part out though respecting the man’s wish of anonymity. He even told and showed them that the gem in his ring in fact is a splinter of the Philosopher’s Stone. The entire time he observed them and their reactions, which ranged from wicked grins to awed stares at the ring he wore. Never once they showed fear or a sign that they would go against Harry for what he did quite the contrary actually.

“It seems that interesting times are ahead of us, my dear brother,” one of the twins said when Harry finished. “Interesting indeed,” replied the other. Again, they seemed to have a silent conversation before turning around to Harry. “We are thankful that you shared your greatest secret with us” “and we think that it would only be fair if we share ours with you.” “The thing is we are different to the rest of our family.” “We love the Dark Arts” “and practise them ever since we got the hold on our first book about them in our first year.” “The whole pranking is only a façade for what we’re really doing” “getting back at those who crossed us” “and making them pay.” “To be honest we would like to do more” “a lot more” “but we don’t want to risk being exposed.”

Harry slumped back in his seat. He had expected a lot…that they were not like the rest of their family was clear as day, that they were grey wizards…sure, perhaps bordering on dark but that they were rooted in the Dark Arts as they were? Never. Maybe the capture of his tormentors could serve another purpose, too. It would prove to be an excellent way to check whether the two where truthful or not and how far they would go. To Harry it looked like they just replaced the old “Golden Trio” by a new one and people would have to be very careful because they would not take shit from anyone.

“I think I have a perfect opportunity for you two then should your offer from earlier still stand,” he said with glee upon the prospect of what they could…would do.

“Sure” “simply call us,” they answered.

That was when they registered that their conversation took the entire train ride not even registering the trolley though that was no surprise since Harry had erected a two-way silencing ward. They were right at that moment entering Platform 9 ¾. Quickly getting up Harry cancelled the wards and left the compartment.

“I will call you,” he said on his way out in a happy tune.

Both twins were positively beaming. Their summer would prove to be very interesting. With that, they took their trunks and left to join their family on the platform. Ron, still wearing Slytherin colours upon which the twins grinned gleefully, threw them a wary glance.

Harry on the other hand went to the compartment where his trunk still was. There was no doubt it was still there since his enchantment also included some spell he found that made it for everyone except himself impossible to move the trunk. Yes, security spells were the very first thing he researched since he could not be sure whether he would have to return to the Dursleys or not and he did not want them near his trunk or anyone else for that matter. So picking it up from where he left it he also exited the train and went straight to the barrier between the magical and the muggle part of the train station. He told Malfoy that he would take the Knight Bus to their manor since he did not want to risk someone seeing him with them openly. Dumbledore had his men everywhere.

With a last nod towards the twins, he left the platform and the station in order to call the Knight Bus. About half an hour later, he stood in front of the impressive Malfoy manor.

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