Chapter 5: The “Malfoy Striptease Dance”

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He walked up the extremely long driveway seeing that Malfoy already stood in the massive double door waiting for him in his hand a black cane with the head of a snake as the handle. The eyes of the snake were emeralds.

“Welcome to Malfoy Manor, Mr. Potter. I have to admit that you are pretty paranoid for your age,” he greeted him.

“Thank you, Mr. Malfoy. Is someone really paranoid if he truly is under close scrutiny of a certain person?” he dryly replied throwing a glance on his wristwatch. Half past four in the afternoon. When he was quick, he could get his business at Gringotts done today. It would be better since he did not doubt that the very first thing Granger and Weasley will do is informing Dumbledore about what happened on the train.

“That remains to be seen. You can let your owl out and she will find her way to our Owlery. Dobby!” he called out and with a pop a house-elf wearing a dirty pillowcase appeared. “Show Mr. Potter his room.”

“If Mr. Potter follows Dobby please,” the elf squeaked bowing so low that his oversized ears touched the floor.

“Mr. Malfoy there is something I have to address. I need to go to Gringotts as quickly as possible preferably today. There are quite a few things amiss with my trust vault and it would be nice if you could provide your help with this since it is Dumbledore’s fault for it being in disarrange,” Harry observed amusedly how the elf tried to move his trunk. “Oh and please call me Harry.”

“Very well Harry, meet me in half an hour in the study and I will escort you to Gringotts. It would also be my pleasure would you call me Lucius,” he replied after a quick glance on the mantelpiece clock a few feet away.

Harry nodded before picking up his trunk Dobby still tried to move to no avail. Once the elf was sure that Harry would follow him giving him a strange look that he did not allow him to carry his trunk he guided him to his room. They walked down a few corridors before Dobby stopped in front of a rich ornamented door.

“This Master Harry’s new rooms. Can Dobby do something else?” the elf asked dutifully.

“No, you can go,” Harry dismissed him.

The elf nodded before vanishing with a pop. Harry opened the door and entered the beautifully decorated room. It was tastefully equipped with dark wooden furniture. A four-poster bed covered in the best dark green silk bedding standing at the opposite wall. On his right, a large desk placed in front of a large glass front leading onto a balcony from which you could look down onto the extensive garden in which peacocks strode around. Harry thought that they very much looked like Lucius with how the man walked around. On his left, he found several bookshelves as well as the door to a walk in wardrobe and the door to the bathroom. The floor of the bathroom covered in black marble while everything else was white marble with gold ornaments and instruments. The whole shebang in his rooms spoke volumes about the wealth the Malfoys had at their disposal.

Harry placed his trunk in the walk in wardrobe before refreshing himself in the bathroom. He decided there and then that should he have the time he would also buy at least one entire set of wardrobe in Diagon Alley. It would simply not do running around in his Hogwarts school uniform all the time and he definitely would not wear the hand me downs from Dudley. He relaxed a few more minutes laying on his bed before he called Dobby back so that the elf could lead him to the study since he had no idea where to go in this mansion one might call palace. About five minutes later, yes the entire thing was this ridiculously large, he found himself standing in the study before a desk that would at least be as large as his old bedroom.

“Ah Harry, nice that you’re so punctual. Let me just…” Lucius said while sorting through some documents before standing up and walking around the desk his cane in his hand. “Alright let’s go.”

With that, Lucius apparated them to Gringotts and a few minutes later they both stood in front of a teller.

“Good afternoon, Sir, I’d like to talk to Mr. Griphook please,” Harry told the goblin who looked at him in curiosity, because of the friendly tone and the fact that he actually remembered the name of one of them. Normally wizards did not bother being anywhere near friendly, not to mention remembering any names if they had not to do with them regularly but even then it was a rare occurrence. Lucius also looked at him but more confused.

“Very well, if you would follow me please,” the goblin replied.

Not long after they sat in a small office together with Griphook. Harry sat right in front of the desk while Lucius sat on his right a little in the back indicating that he was only there as Harry’s advisor.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Potter?” the Goblin asked expectantly.

Harry nodded towards him. “May the gold always flow towards you,” he greeted with one of the many different greetings in the goblin world. “It seems that there are quite a few things with my trust vault amiss.”

The goblin suddenly sat much straighter than before. Never had it occurred to them that a wizard learned their customs in about the last decade not to mention actually use them. It also seemed to him that Harry was unhappy with the momentary Account manager of the Potter vaults since he decided to talk with him about it and not the actual manager. Should he do this right it he perhaps might become the new Potter Account manager a position with high standings within the goblin community.

“Shan’t your vaults ever be empty, Mr. Potter, I will investigate the matter immediately. If you could specify what the problem is it would be done much quicker,” the goblin inquired.

“According to the bank statement I received this winter from Gringotts a certain person…Dumbledore, took money not belonging to him from my trust vault,” Harry replied placing said bank statement in front of the goblin.

The goblin frowned. These were harsh accusations and probably resulted in a wholescale investigation of both the Potter vaults and business, as well as the ones from Dumbledore. They took cases of thievery very seriously within Gringotts especially when it concerned one of the Noble and Ancient houses like the House of Potter not to mention high-class personalities like Dumbledore.

“This may take a few minutes can I offer you something to drink in the meantime?” Griphook who just ordered the Potter account files, which appeared on his desk immediately, asked.

“I would gratefully accept something to drink,” with that, a glass of pumpkin juice appeared in front of him.

Malfoy who sat slightly behind Harry and let the boy proceed for now though received nothing, which earned his annoyance.

“How comes it that the goblins treat you with so much respect,” he asked Harry in a low voice so that the goblin would not hear him. What he did not know was that goblins had a very good hearing and so the goblin heard it nonetheless.

“Lucius, Lucius, Lucius, this isn’t about how the goblins treat me it is about how I treat them, with respect,” Harry replied.

“How can you treat them with respect? Those creatures are below us,” Lucius said with disdain.

Now Harry turned around to the man completely. “One would think that a man of your status and intellect would know what he does but it seems that I was wrong with that assumption. These creatures as you called them manage your entire fortune, monetary as well as your physical property and documents. You should be glad that they at the moment don’t have the interest in showing wizarding kind what they are truly capable of or you would be stripped off everything you own,” he growled. “So I think some respect wouldn’t hurt you.”

Lucius snorted. “They wouldn’t dare doing such a thing” he replied with arrogance.

That cast a vindictive smile upon Harry’s face. He would not tolerate someone insulting an entire race as useful as the goblins. Time to show Mr. Peacock to never mess with him.

“Mr. Griphook, I read about an old goblin law called the `Right of Conquest´ is that correct?” he addressed the goblin who still checked the Potter documents but listened to their conversation. Yes, Harry read all about goblins, their costumes and laws after the incident on Christmas. In his opinion it wouldn’t do trying anything without the proper background knowledge and since he had a lot of time during the nights for reading because he mostly only slept for a few hours…he was well informed at least in that regard.

“This is right. It allows a person to take over everything the one he defeated or his closest followers own,” the goblin knew what this was about and had to grin maliciously. Nobody shall say that the goblins could not be a bunch of vindictive bastards and since Lucius never was very nice to the goblins, no love was lost between them.

“Hm, would you agree that a person loyal to Voldie, who I defeated over ten years ago, to the point that said person wears his mark falls under the category of a `closest follower´?” he didn’t say that he meant Lucius in especially but the man paled drastically nonetheless.

“Yes, you would be in every right to claim the fortunes of such a person,” the goblin hoped he would do so. It would be a pleasure for him to show the Malfoys that it was not a good thing to mess with the goblins.

Harry again turned around to Lucius. “You see? Sometimes it is better to leave ones pride behind and show a bit respect. I will not allow you to disrespect them in front of me did I make myself clear? It takes only two words from me and you would lose everything,” he glared at the man daring him to say anything further in this regard.

Malfoy though not easily intimidated especially not by a mere child grew angry. “Don’t you dare threatening me like this! I gladly offered you a home for the summer holidays even going so far as to invite you to join our vacation to Spain and that is how you thank me? This will have consequences,” now it was him threatening Harry his nostrils flaring dangerously which impressed Harry not even the slightest little bit.

“Oh yes, it will have consequences,” Harry sneered before turning to Griphook. “Do it! Though only the Malfoys,” he didn’t want ending up angering some family he had no knowledge about and despite that stripping one family bare should make it plain to the others. Harry had them in the hand and he was not afraid to use any means necessary to get his point across.

“You only have to sign here and everything will be done automatically,” the goblin gave him a parchment and a quill with a smug grin.

Harry read what the decree said; it transferred everything to him. Pleased with it he signed. Once his signature was complete, the parchment rolled itself up before vanishing in a puff of smoke. The decree becoming active Harry suddenly felt how the wards of every single house the Malfoys owned shifted to him including Malfoy manor. He could suddenly feel every single person and elf inhabiting the buildings though only the one he was at earlier more than house-elves inhabited.

“Interesting…Draco’s playing Quidditch at the moment,” Harry snickered feeling where exactly everyone was including three muggles in the basement when suddenly pain rushed through him because a new set of wards settled around Malfoy manor. Blood wards? Once Harry could breathe again, he decided that this was something he would have to investigate since Blood wards did not suddenly appear out of nowhere. However, they would make this building possibly safer than any other one except perhaps Gringotts and Hogwarts. He had to admit that the wards around Malfoy manor were impressive even without the blood wards.

“Is everything alright, Mr Potter?” the goblin asked in concern. Normally the shifting of wards did not induce pain so he was quite worried about what happened.

“Yes, yes, it was only that suddenly a new set of blood wards shifted to Malfoy manor. That brings me to a question, is it possible to rename buildings? I mean the yearly letters from Hogwarts automatically address and read the current location of the recipient. It would arise some suspicion should mine read Malfoy manor you understand?” should the renaming be possible he could stay there all summer without having to move to the Leaky Cauldron.

“Sure, you only have to say: Malfoy manor now shall be known as…. Although I have to inform you that the renaming of a building also renames the floo address for that particular building automatically,” the goblin answered.

Lucius on the other hand was as silent as one can possibly be cursing coming here with Harry in the first place. They now where penniless, homeless and should anyone get to know this also disgraced. He frantically tried to find a way to reverse what Potter just did but he knew that there was no way. Panic started to rise in him when a thought occurred to him. They were even poorer than the Weasleys. He had to stop the bile rising.

Harry in the meantime tried to find a new name for Malfoy manor. It had to be something neutral and harmless therefore it did not help him that his mind came up with names like “Tikka Tukka Land” or “Death Eater’s Hideout”. Best was “Voldie’s and Dumbledore’s Snogging Zone” he would have loved to see Dumbledore’s face when his letter was addressed to this. Nevertheless, definitely not helpful. In the end, he decided upon “Hræfn Manor”. Hræfn was the old English word for raven. This was nondescript and no one would know who lived there and whom it belonged to, simply perfect.

Once done with the renaming the goblin spoke up. “The Malfoy fortune includes at the moment two main vaults storing money, one trust vault former belonging to the Malfoy heir Draco Malfoy, three storing vaults containing heirlooms, books and the like, two estates on the British islands and five distributed all over the world. If you want I can prepare and send you a complete and detailed list of everything including a statement of how much money each vault contains, a list of the content of the three storage vaults and an overview of the investments taken via owl tomorrow,” Harry nodded in approval and Griphook quickly took a note before continuing.

“At the moment two keys and three Gringotts cards are in use. One key belonging to the main vault and one to the trust vault. The other vaults are high security vaults and do not require a key. Two of the Gringotts cards are keyed to the two main vaults one belonging to both Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy each. The third card is keyed to the trust vault and belongs to Draco Malfoy. Do you want to make any changes?” the goblin listed every for the moment necessary information.

“No, for the moment the Malfoys can access everything like they’re used to,” he looked at Lucius. “It isn’t my intention to openly disgrace or cut you of your money. This was a mere show of what I am capable of when pushed. Should you however try any fancy things like emptying the vaults and vanishing with it you will get to know what it really means to face my wrath.”

Lucius still pale simply nodded. If that was a mere show of power what was the boy able to do when truly angry? This was definitely something Lucius did not want to find out. He had somehow the feeling that the boy was even worse that the Dark Lord. Sure, the Dark Lord tortured you if you failed him but most of the time there ended his punishment. Harry on the other hand…he could be glad that he and his family still was allowed to access the vaults and wasn’t thrown out with nothing other than the clothes they wore if even that much. He did not doubt one second anymore that when pushed Harry would leave them without anything and that was in his uneducated state. Lucius truly feared the day the boy got to know how much power he really held in the wizarding world. Merlin have mercy with whoever gets on the wrong side of the boy.

At least his monetary situation was one thing less to worry about now. Perhaps the Dark Lord could help him getting back what was his but then he would get to know his shame. No this wasn’t an option he would have to sort it out himself and pray that no one has to know what happened here at Gringotts. Should anyone get to know that the eleven years old boy stripped him bare…this was nothing he wanted to think about right now.

“Good. Mr. Griphook, I originally came with an entirely different concern before we got distracted. Dumbledore took money from my trust vault,” he said getting back to what he really wanted.

“Yes you are right. Dumbledore took money from your trust vault from time to time.  During your discussion earlier, I had the opportunity to look into your bank statements. It says here that fifty Galleons went to each Mr. Ronald Weasley and Ms. Hermione Granger’s vault each month for about one year now. Then one hundred and fifty Galleons went to Mr. Dumbledore’s own vault each month for about ten and a half year and another seventy-five Galleons to a vault belonging to some `Order of the Phoenix´ also monthly and for the same period of time. Despite that, there was a withdrawal of 3500 Galleons last year in September and some minor irregular withdraws. I get it that you knew nothing not to mention did not approve of this? Normally this should show up on the monthly bank statements you receive,” the goblin now looked slightly taken aback and worried.

3500 Galleons last September? What for? Wait, had he not received his broom at that time? He assumed that either McGonagall or Hogwarts paid for it but it seems now that he himself paid for it without even knowing. That remembered him of something else. “Monthly bank statements? I got to know about all this only because I requested a statement when I received something from Dumbledore that should not have been in his possession in the first place. I never received any other bank statement so no I neither knew nor approved of this,” Harry now growled. It seems that more was amiss than he first thought.

This was when Lucius finally got out of his stupor and joined the conversation in hope to get into the good graces of Harry again so that he would not cut them off their money completely. “Normally every child owning a trust vault starts getting bank statements every month once they reached the age of six. To me it looks like Dumbledore redirected them to himself so that you would not see what he is doing. If I may be so bold, I would suggest that you stop Dumbledore’s doings. Harry if I may ask…do you even know about your Heirship and inheritance?” he knew that this was a delicate question but now it looked like Harry knew nothing about it.

“Heirship? Inheritance? The only thing I know about is my trust vault and…” that was when it dawned him. Sending Hagrid to fetch him not only served the purpose of advertising Gryffindor as the house of choice no it also was so that he didn’t get to know anything about his inheritance. Harry was beyond pissed he was furious which could be felt because of his magic lashing out.

“Dumbledore,” he growled. “I swear here and now that the man will fall. He has pissed of the wrong person.”

The first thing in the new school year he would do is shedding his Gryffindor persona and stop hiding. Dumbledore wanted war? He would get it and he would not know what hit him. However, he would have to do this the right way outsmarting him. Dumbledore was no lightweight. Harry would have to arrange everything in a way that Dumbledore only got to know about it once he was through with it so that the old fool could do nothing against it.

Both Lucius and Griphook ducked their heads. Oh, this boy was powerful and whatever Dumbledore did to make him this furious they did not envy the old meddling idiot. It took about five minutes before Harry cooled back down enough to continue with why they were there.

“First, I assume Dumbledore is my magical guardian?” Griphook nodded. “Is there any way to change that? Perhaps emancipation or changing it to someone more…suitable for my needs?”

“I’m sorry but for premature emancipation you need to be at least thirteen years old. Changing the magical guardian though is quite easy if a court claims the recent one unable to care for his/her protégé properly. It also can be transferred through an adoption,” Griphook explained.

That sounded quite tempting but who would he want to become his guardian? Surely not Dumbledore and he would not put it above Lucius to take advantage of this so he also was unfit. However, who else did he know who would be suitable and act to his liking? Unfortunately no one.

“Damned that doesn’t work then. How is the situation with my trust vault now? I know that every month 325 Galleons get withdrawn. How much is still in it and how much gets into it every month?” he needed to know whether he could afford it that Dumbledore still withdraws the amount of money since for now he didn’t want to rise any more suspicion through putting a halt to this. It was however quite a large sum and added up over the remaining six years he would have to stay at Hogwarts it would be somewhere around thirty thousand Galleons, five thousand should he manages to get emancipated next year.

“At the moment your trust vault holds 15.329 Galleons with no income,” Griphook answered after taking a short look into the documents.

Therefore, it would not even last over the next six years considering that he also would need money for his school supplies. On the other hand, he hold the charge over the Malfoy accounts, which could come in handy. “What would you need for my emancipation once I reached the age of thirteen?” there was no other way, as it seemed. He would have to endure the one year before emancipating himself.

“The approval of Lord Potter as well as the proven ability to care for yourself. Since there is no Lord of the House of Potter at the moment, better yet you would become the Lord once you’re emancipated this part would be inapplicable therefore only the other requirement would be active.”

“And what would becoming Lord Potter include?” why had this to be so complicated? Damn Dumbledore to hell that he left him in the dark with this. How was he supposed to learn everything needed for being Lord Potter within one year?

“For once it would entitle you to claim your seats at the Wizengamot for which Dumbledore is the substitute at the moment. Despite that, it would mean that you have to attend certain social events throughout the year. Though putting into account that you’re still a student at Hogwarts you’d only have to visit those that take place during the holidays, yule balls and such,” Malfoy explained being the far more suitable person to explain all this since he was Lord Malfoy. “I can tell you more about it later,” he added after looking on his pocket watch. It was already past six. “However I wonder why you know nothing about all this. You should have been taught it already.”

“I was raised by muggles knowing nothing about magic not to mention pureblood etiquette. The first time I heard anything about magic was when I reached the age of eleven and the buffoon Hagrid dragged me from a small island Merlin knows where. Everything I know now I learned from books I either found in the library or leaned from your son,” Harry snorted seeing the disbelieving expression on Lucius face.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. This would be something he had to put up with. It became obvious to him that this summer he would have to learn quite a few things. That left the part of being able to care for oneself, which should not be hard though. Some well-placed investments would take care of that but it would require an account no one knew about especially not Dumbledore.

“One question, who is the assigned Potter account manager at the moment?” he would have to get rid of him since he obviously worked closely with Dumbledore and that was nothing he needed.

“This would be Razortooth, Mr. Potter.”

“Could you call him please?”

Griphook did as Harry requested and a few minutes later a goblin entered the room who looked more like a Christmas tree with all the gold and other jewellery he was wearing. It was glaringly obvious to Harry that this goblin lived very well of the administration of the Potter fortunes.

“What is this about? I was just doing a revision,” the goblin growled not knowing who exactly was together in the room with him.

“Ah yes? Good, because then you can revise something for me. How comes it that I was not informed about my status as Heir of Potter? Why did I never receive any bank statements about my trust vault? And how comes it that Albus Dumbledore was able to retrieve money from said trust vault without my approval?” Harry glared at the goblin.

“M-Mr. Potter,” the goblin stuttered shocked over recognising him and the accusations. “I can only say that the statements were send out properly every month. To you being informed about your status…I waited for you when you reached the age of eleven but you never showed up and with your accusations about the withdrawals, Mr. Dumbledore assured to me that you knew and approved of them.”

“Why did you never contact me after I didn’t show up upon reaching my eleventh birthday and why didn’t you make sure that I received the statements because I definitely haven’t? Not to mention when did I tell you that I approved of what Dumbledore did?” Harry rounded on the goblin his magic making him even more intimidating. Griphook was quite glad that the boy’s did not direct his anger at him.

“I-I’ll check that immediately,” was the only thing the goblin could say.

“No need I hereby dismiss you as the Potter account manager and name Griphook as the new one,” Harry made a dismissive gesture with his hand before turning around to Griphook.

“B-but I didn’t knew that something was amiss. Please give me the chance to correct my mistake,” Razortooth begged now. He knew very well that should he lose his post as account manager he was ruined. There was no bigger disgrace in the goblin world than losing an account. As consequences, they would downgrade him to a cart driver with no prospect of a promotion.

“So you didn’t see that there was something wrong when I didn’t show up? You never asked why? You have failed me and I do not tolerate failure nor do I care about your excuses. Now go before I forget myself,” he snapped.

The goblin gulped before he quickly left the room with his head hanging. Griphook on the other hand grinned as if Christmas came early.

“In order to make this change of account manager official you have to sign these two documents. One is the dismissal decree and the other is the decree to announce the new manager,” he handed over the two pieces of parchment. Harry read them before signing them. Griphook had to admit that he respected this behaviour. Most wizards just signed what the goblins gave them not taking the time to read what they signed. “Good. Is there something else I can do for you Mr. Potter?”

“I need a new vault of which Dumbledore doesn’t get to know, is that clear?” Griphook nodded for the nth time this day. “Place twenty thousand Galleons to be withdrawn from the Malfoy main vault in there. Relax,” he said when he heard the sharp inhaling of Lucius. “For one I doubt that this would even put a dent in your fortune and second I only need it until I got my emancipation. That brings me to the why. Which broom manufacturer are on the market at the moment with buyable shares?” the only thing Ron was useful for…getting to know everything around brooms and Quidditch.

“At the moment there are for one the Nimbus Racing Broom Company who will bring out their new Nimbus 2001 this summer. Then there are the Cleansweep Company and the Comet Trading Company. At last, there is another broom in development, a racing broom not many know about yet, the Firebolt. It is said that it will be the fastest broom in development though it will take a few more years until it is ready to be released.”

The goblins knew about this new broom because some goblins worked together with the manufacturer. However, he only mentioned this to Harry because he respected the boy a great deal. Not only treated he the goblins with respect, except those who failed him he also knew how to show those idiots their limits. Yes, he wanted to help this boy to achieve his goals hence why he forwent informing Dumbledore as Harry’s guardian and if that also meant that he shared a few minor secrets with him so mote it be. Sure, Dumbledore could prosecute him for not informing him about what his protégé did but what the man did not know…

Harry nodded in contentment. That were the same information he had, yes even about the Firebolt and goblins working at it, which would ensure the quality of the broom. “Good. I want you to invest three thousand Galleons into the Nimbus Company, no make it seven thousand. The new Nimbus 2001 should be a top seller. Once the selling drops below two third of the pique which should not happen within the next two years sell half of the shares. Another ten thousand Galleons go to the developer of the Firebolt and please make sure that everyone works at pique efficiency,” perhaps this way he could fasten up the process a bit. Goblins normally did not like working together with wizards hence why it came to strikes quite regularly.

“Rise those shares with the income from the Nimbus shares though I want to have five hundred galleons at my disposal at all times. The remaining 2500 Galleons distribute as you see fit as long as the investments result in income. This income doesn’t have to be invested in the Firebolt but adds to the 2500 Galleons as long as it isn’t used to restock the five hundred Galleons,” Harry thought about it before nodding. Giving the goblin some money to his free disposal to work with should prove a good thing. Goblins loved it to work with money freely and often it resulted in heavy income but most of the time wizards wanted full control over their investments and therefor did not allow it. “Yes, this should work out.”

“Are you sure about investing most of it into one company?” Lucius questioned. This bore a high risk.

“Do you have any idea how much the people love Quidditch or simply riding brooms? Once they released the new Nimbus, many people will want to buy it not to mention the professional teams. The same will happen with the Firebolt should it really be as good as promised and I don’t doubt that,” Harry replied. He knew what he was talking about since he read the Quidditch magazines thanks to Ron and they regularly released the sale volumes of the different broom companies. Nimbus was top selling and that without the release of a new broom. Once the Nimbus 2001 was released the income would certainly double.

Griphook scribbled down everything Harry said. He would prove that he was capable of managing the Potter accounts since he knew very well what would happen if he failed like Razortooth.

“Before I implement your wishes I have to know what kind of vault you want to obtain. We have three different kind of vaults. First the standard vault with a key for five Galleons per year, second the premium vault with a higher security for fifteen Galleons a year and at last the high security vault for thirty-five Galleons per year. The first can be entered by everyone entitled to do so, family members, guardians and the like without restrictions. With the second one everyone trying to withdraw something would first have to gain your approval and the third can only be entered and things being withdrawn in your presence except for business matters for which you would have to sign an agreement that I can use the money within as you told me.”

It didn’t take long for Harry to make the decision. “I want a high security vault and Dumbledore is not to be informed about this. That reminds me, with the statements for my trust vault…is it possible that you send it out twice? One version that Dumbledore can intercept and one in a way that ensures he can’t get a hold on it so that it reaches me? Better yet does it have to be send out via owl or are there perhaps other means to deliver it directly to me?”

“This could be done though it would cost you one Galleon each month for the higher expenditure. Normally the statements will be send out via owl though there is the possibility to obtain a delivery box. This is a wooden box you can take with you to which every month at the first your statements will be delivered as well as every other post you might receive from Gringotts. Another function of it is that you won’t have to send your post via owl either. You just place it in the box and it will be delivered straight to its pendant here with me,” Griphook reluctantly answered. “The only downside is that it is quite expensive with fifty Galleons per month.”

Summing everything up it would make about fifty-four Galleons each month for fees if he divided up the thirty five for the vault but the income from his investments should make up for it. “Charge my new vault with the fees and I want a Gringotts card for my new vault to so that I don’t have to come back every time I need money. Send out one version of the trust vault statements via owl for Dumbledore and for everything else I want such a delivery box,” thinking everything over he nodded. “This should be all for now. Dumbledore shouldn’t be suspicious since I didn’t touch my trust vault and everything for my emancipation in a year is set. Did I forget something?”

“To me it seems that you have covered all your bases. I will arrange everything regarding your investments once the documents are filled out.”

With that Griphook led Harry through the large amount of documents that needed to be filled out so that everything was in order and nothing could happen that wasn’t meant to. Once finished they also keyed a Gringotts card to Harry and his new vault and Harry received a silver ornamented dark wooden box for the correspondences which only he could access. A few minutes later it was already shortly after seven in the evening they finally were finished.

“Ah, one last thing before I forget it. Is it possible to get a family tree of the Slytherin line?” he asked already in the motion of standing up.

“Only if you’re a descendant of said line,” Griphook shook his head.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t doubt that I’m a descendant.”

“I’m sorry but we would have to prove this claim through an inheritance test.”

Harry sighed. “Very well, how long will that take?” he wanted to go home but this was important at least to him because he had this nagging feeling that it would prove useful.

“You only have to prick your finger and drop a bit of blood onto a parchment though it…ah forget about the fee,” Harry already did so much business with them today that it was him a pleasure to forgo this fee.

Harry snickered but nodded. Instantly Griphook pulled a piece of parchment out of a drawer together with a rich ornamented dagger. Harry did as he was asked before holding up the dagger towards Lucius. “Would you please cast a disinfection spell?” the man rose an eyebrow but did as he was asked however, the goblin who thought that the boy couldn’t rise any more in his regard was pleased. Not many wizards took so many precautions especially when it came to their blood but when one thought about who the boy was up against it was no wonder how paranoid he was. To think what Dumbledore could do with even on drop of the boy’s blood…Griphook shivered.

About a minute later, the inheritance test was completed.

Harry James Potter

Mother: Lilly Potter nee Evans

Father: James Potter

Godparents: Sirius Black (imprisoned), Alice Longbottom (incapacitated)

Heir of Potter Em

Heir of Black D

Heir of Peverell Em

Heir of Gryffindor claim

Heir of Slytherin D/M

Descendant of important lines: Black, Peverell, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Fleamont

Harry felt intrigued, curious and angered at the same time. He was intrigued that he was the heir of so many old lines but also angered about Dumbledore keeping him in the dark. In the end, the curiosity won.

“What do all these shortcuts mean?”

“Em means that you automatically become the Lord of this line upon your emancipation may it be through coming of age or prematurely. The claim means that you have to fulfil certain requirements to claim the Lordship of that line. A D means that there is a Lord in power at the moment and you become the new Lord once the recent one dies or otherwise transfers the Lordship to you. The M then means that you gained the Heirship of that line through magic mostly by doing a certain deed that makes the family magic of that line deem you as worthy or defeating the recent Lord of that line in some cases,” Griphook explained.

That would be an explanation and it also may be the proof he wanted but he needed to be sure. “So since I’m even Heir of the Slytherin line is it now possible to get a family tree of that line however please only those branches that still have living descendants?”

“I will send it together with everything else tomorrow,” Griphook wrote down that point on his pretty long to-do list. “Can I be of help with anything else?”

“No thank you. We took enough of your time already. I look forward to working with you and may the gods bless you with riches,” Harry bowed curtly.

“And may your fortunes always grow,” with that Griphook lead them to the entrance hall of Gringotts.

Harry looked on his watch and cursed. “Damned, I hoped to have the time for ordering some clothes and I hadn’t even the time to play with my present. This bastard’s son of a Gorgon and a goat. Why does he have to make my life this complicated?”

Lucius coughed lowly upon the swearing. “I don’t know about the last part but should you need a new wardrobe I can call in the Malfoy family tailor for tomorrow morning. He will be able to equip you with everything you need.”

Harry nodded. “I think this should do because I have no time to get back here again for some clothes.”

“Good, then let’s get back to Hræfn Manor…” he said with as much depreciation as he dared to add to his voice.

“Be glad that it’s only that. The other option was Voldie’s and Dumbledore’s snogging zone,” Harry laughed glad that he wore his talisman that had a notice-me-not ward imbedded to it, something he ordered during the year through Draco, so that as long as he wore it around his neck only those could see him he wanted to. Otherwise, this whole ordeal today wouldn’t have worked out. Why he hadn’t used it on the train station to vanish with the Malfoys was because it was much too full there to simply vanish.

Lucius on the other hand looked like he wanted to vomit. He would be glad when he would sit in his study and could hopefully forget the whole day over a bottle of Firewhiskey. That remembered him again about the fact that Harry de facto owned everything.

“Harry, before we go home…” he didn’t know how to word this whole thing properly. How was a well-known and respected man like him to ask an eleven years old whether he could drink some without making a fool of oneself? Hell, he would have to ask the boy of allowance about everything he did within his house…this was mortifying. He could only hope that no one got to know about it especially not the Dark Lord. How he could avoid that he had no idea though.

“As I told you before…you can go on like you did before. There is no need to ask me for allowance every time you want to do or buy something. As long as you do not try anything in the regards of disappearing, I don’t particularly care what you do. However, should you want to buy something for over one thousand Galleons it would be nice to be informed beforehand. Not that I want to control you it is only for security measurements because I don’t want the vaults to suddenly run dry,” Harry would have to sort through the Malfoy accounts once he got the statements tomorrow and see whether he could improve the income through investments. He had not taken them over only to run them dry but that he would have to think about tomorrow.

Lucius made a noise somewhere between acceptance and disgust but he could live with that for now. He quickly apparated them back to the manor since both where quite hungry because dinner was long overdue.

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