Chapter 8: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

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The next few days not much happened. The twins returned back home only to show up again not much later because her mother started to scream all over again once they arrived at the Burrow. She was of the firm opinion that Harry was bad company and that they were not to meet with him again. They simply told her that she should send over Errol once she calmed down, until then they would stay with Harry and they didn’t care what she thought about it. However, the only letter they received, stated or better screamed since it was a howler that she was sorely disappointed with them and if they placed Harry over their family, they shouldn’t dare to come back during the holidays. She obviously expected them to return grovelling at her feet and begging for forgiveness for their mistake, she would have another thing coming seemingly not knowing the twins at all. Harry grew quite angry over it and his opinion of the Weasley family dropped even further because the woman didn’t know her own children well enough to know that such a technique wouldn’t work nonetheless called herself their mother. The twins on the other hand were content staying with Harry during the summer and Harry had no problem with letting them stay, he had enough rooms after all.

He also finally found the time to tell the elves who formerly belonged to the Malfoys to get some cloth to sew a uniform for themselves. It was a simple plain black robe and they were to keep it in an impeccable condition having to wear it all time during work. They also were to stop the self-punishment when he became aware of this habit and should protect themselves in case someone tried to hurt them. To say that the elves loved him for his orders would be an understatement they completely adored him. On the Dark Lord’s inquiry, why he did this he only replied that the elves represented you and even if you rarely saw them, it wouldn’t be good if they were in a less than perfect condition. Despite that, happy elves were more loyal than unhappy elves, those often tried to circumvent orders.

Harry also received another letter from Dumbledore, which angered him especially when the Dark Lord told him that it had not only a tracking charm on it that fortunately wouldn’t work thanks to the new wards but also a compulsion charm. Once Voldemort had cancelled both he read the letter and instantly understood the reason for the compulsion charm. The entire thing was one contemptuous speech about Lord Slytherin telling him how bad his new guardian was and that he was in danger if staying with him saying that the man already abducted his family. It also told him to return to him as fast as possible. In the end, Harry could only laugh about everything written in the letter. True, his family was abducted by his new guardian but only because he asked him to.

Later that day he wrote a reply telling Dumbledore – since the man was already aware of the vanishing of his relatives – that he was staying with the Weasleys since the beginning of the holidays hence he had no idea when his family got abducted. He also told him that he didn’t receive any letter telling him that he had a new guardian despite the one Dumbledore sent himself.

Dumbledore sat in his office sorting through his paperwork when an owl swooped in. It dropped a letter on his desk and instantly flew out again. He looked after the bird musing who would write him during the holidays since the envelope didn’t bore the Ministry coat of arms. Knowing that there was no better way of finding out then opening it, he did so. With one glance at the bottom his face brightened up, Potter finally contacted him. Quickly reading the letter his initial delight of finally getting to know what happened to his weapon changed into confusion and slight anger.

He was staying with the Weasleys? How could that be? The youngest Weasley boy wrote in his letter that Potter broke up with him so why would he stay with them? On the other hand, had the boy gotten over his petty little tantrum and they were friends again? Then why had the Weasley boy not gotten in touch with him telling so?

There was no way around it he would have to talk to the Weasleys. He could only hope that the matriarch wasn’t in one of her screeching moods. It always grated on his nerves when she shouted on top of her lungs sounding like a harpy.

He stood up and walked over to the fireplace, threw some floo powder in and called out the Burrow before sticking his head into the now green flames. It took some time until Molly Weasley appeared.

“Ah, Professor Dumbledore what can I do for you?” she asked politely.

“Molly my dear. I just received a letter stating, that Mr. Potter is staying with you wondering why you didn’t inform me about this. He not appearing with his family worried me greatly,” Dumbledore inquired with a grandfatherly smile.

Hearing that Molly grew angry in an instant. “Harry Potter you say? Pray that he never darkens my doorstep. He is an insolent cheeky brat with no manners at all. When he called a few days ago, he behaved like a git and treated me as if I wasn’t worth anything. After that he even managed to drag the twins towards him, they despised their own family deciding to stay with him,” she screamed spitting the last word out with so much venom that Dumbledore asked himself what happened but he let it go for now.

Dumbledore pinched the bridge of his nose. He already grew a headache. “Did he say anything about where he is staying at the moment?” he inquired.

Molly huffed indignantly. “He said something about a Haven manor but don’t ask me where that is. Headmaster you should really teach him some proper manners,” she answered in a slightly lower voice.

“Yes, yes,” he answered absently not listening at all having already other things on his mind. “Thank you very much.”

With that, he stood up and cancelled the floo call. Haven manor? He didn’t knew any manor called that way. Where was the boy staying and why with the twins? It seems that he would have to write another letter. Sighing he walked back to his desk and went to work when he remembered that he also wanted to talk to Snape. With another sigh, he picked up his wand that was lying on his desk and sent the potions master a Patronus informing him that he wanted to see him as quickly as possible. He wouldn’t get any rest soon as it seemed.

About half an hour later his door opened and revealed Snape stalking in.

“Severus, my boy,” said man sneered at the way Dumbledore addressed him. He hated it being called `my boy´, he was an adult after all not to mention had a mastery, so no he was definitely not a boy. Dumbledore however ignored his sneer and continued as if nothing was wrong at all. “Did you happen to hear anything about this new Lord Slytherin?”

Snape rose an eyebrow knowing exactly what the man wanted. Dumbledore wanted to know whether the new Lord Slytherin was in reality the Dark Lord without saying as much. “Not much admittedly. Lucius mentioned him in passing saying that the man seemingly is from America who only recently was informed about his status. Despite that I don’t know anything about that man,” he replied smoothly giving the old man the hint to search around in America. Hopefully, this occupied Dumbledore for some time so that he didn’t bother him or Harry.

Dumbledore hummed hearing what Snape told him. This would fit with the death of the Dark Lord since only after his death another descendant of the Slytherin line could claim the title of Lord Slytherin. Yet the entire thing still irked him. Could Potter really have killed the Dark Lord without destroying the Horcruxes first? Despite that wasn’t Potter the Heir of Slytherin and therefore would become the next Lord? How could then someone else come forth and claim the title not to mention that the line was assumed extinct? He was missing something, all the information he had didn’t add up and on top of that, he had to meet the new Lord Slytherin yet. Luckily for him, there was a Wizengamot meeting right the next week.

“Could you perhaps ask around and see if you can find out more? I fear that this new Lord Slytherin is bad news,” he asked making a pained face as if he didn’t want to ask this from his potions master but was forced to.

“Albus, I already have to stock up the potions supply for the infirmary. Ever since Potter attends this school, the consumption nearly doubled. Despite that I have to write out the curriculum for the new school year,” he told him flatly. Dumbledore looked at him pleadingly and he sighed. “Very well, I’ll see what I can do,” it was better to let him think that he got what he wanted. That way he was less…annoying.

“Thank you. I know how much you have to do but this means a lot to me,” Dumbledore responded with a twinkle in his eyes, behaving as if Snape fulfilled his deepest wish.

Snape had supress the urge to gag upon that, it was disgusting how he tried to manipulate him, as if he as a Slytherin wasn’t able to see through it. At least the Dark Lord outright told him what to do, that apparently didn’t change.

“Is there anything else you want? As you said I have a lot of work to do,” Snape sneered.

“There is one more thing,” Dumbledore said thoughtfully. “I talked to Molly Weasley and she said that Potter currently resides at Haven manor but I don’t know any property with that name. Perhaps you could find out something about that too while you’re at it. You know it is mandatory that the boy is kept safe but I can’t see to it when I don’t know where he is.”

The sneer on Snape’s face deepened but Dumbledore was completely unimpressed by it. “I will ask around but I can’t promise you anything. Can I go now? Potions don’t brew themselves.”

“Yes, that was all, my boy,” Snape stood up and walked towards the door. “Thank you.”

The potions professor stalked to his private quarters in a quick pace and flooed over to Hræfn manor to report to the Dark Lord.

Exactly one week after Snape reported his meeting to the Dark Lord said man had his first appearance before the Wizengamot as Lord Slytherin. He made sure to be there before Dumbledore arrived by sending the potions master to the old meddling fool with the order to tell the man that he was from a very secluded cult and that it seemed that his ancestor was one of the first who left Europe when America was colonized. That should be back far enough in time to be hard to prove.

Now he was sitting in the room where the Wizengamot met on the Slytherin seat and waited for Dumbledore to arrive. He observed the other Lords who already arrived and started to assess who might be willing to side with him, who would opt to stay neutral and who might become a problem later on. Not that he wanted to get rid of those who might oppose him, far from it actually, but it would be better to have an eye out on them.

The last weeks he did some research on the wizarding population of England and he had to admit that he was shocked to the core. Nearly two third of the old lines were either shortly before extinction or already completely eradicated and it was at least partly his fault. So many died during the last war, hopefully he might be able to forgo a new one because he highly doubted that the British wizarding world would survive another one.

When he thought about what he did before his downfall now, he couldn’t even start to fathom a reason for why he acted as he did. Who in his right mind went after defenceless babies only because of a prophecy that isn’t even concrete? Yes, his resurrection changed many things especially when it came to his precautions regarding death. He did a ritual the week after he came back to life to examine what exactly changed and what a shock that had been. His soul that should have been shattered beyond repair was actually whole again mended by the elixir of life. What was even more surprising was that his soul pieces he stored in several objects still existed. It would be interesting to see whether it was possible to resurrect a second soul piece but he didn’t want to risk it, not wanting to have an insane version of himself running around or having to deal with possible repercussions because of it. Right now, he would be content to keep them locked up but for that, he would need to get them all back. Before he sent Snape to Dumbledore, he told him also to retrieve the diadem from Hogwarts not trusting it to be safe there anymore with the old goat getting to know of him today.

This last thought brought him back to the present just in time to see Dumbledore walking in. The man looked around but stopped to do so once his gaze fell on the Dark Lord. His eyes went slightly wide before they narrowed. Voldemort or Lord Slytherin who he was now cocked his head in feigned interest and confusion before shaking his head as if dismissing the other man’s reaction.

After that, he redirected his attention to the man next to him who just arrived. The man introduced himself as Lord Greengrass and they quickly indulged themselves in a heated discussion about local customs with Voldemort true to his background story feigning ignorance.

It took about ten more minutes until everyone finally was seated and the Minister opened the Wizengamot meeting. Dumbledore first following the protocol welcomed several persons in high positions until he came to the introduction of the new Wizengamot members.

“I am happy to tell you that one of the old seats again has been claimed. Please welcome Lord Slytherin,” he introduced the Dark Lord as if there was nothing that would please him more. However, his gaze spoke a completely different story.

Voldemort waited a few moments looking at Dumbledore confused before he decided to speak up. “Mr. Dumbledore, Sir. May I inquire whether there is a problem? You seem to dislike me,” he asked politely having a hard time to suppress a smirk. Oh, how he missed those mind games with the old meddling fool.

“Actually yes there is a problem, your striking resemblance to one Tom Marvolo Riddle or better known as Lord Voldemort,” this exclamation followed quite a few sharp gasps and loud chattering all over the meeting hall.

Voldemort himself on the other hand was surprised. Since when was Dumbledore this straight forward? Alternatively, was he so convinced of his power and that no one would dare question him? Well, all the better for him.

“It seems that you have me at a loss here. Who is this…Lord Voldemort?” again several sharp intakes of breath were heard which confused Lord Slytherin even more, or so it looked. “Is there something wrong with the name?”

“Since you arrived in Europe only recently you probably don’t know it,” now Lord Greengrass next to him spoke up. “Over a decade ago a Dark wizard terrorized this land torturing and killing anyone and everyone who opposed him. He was so bad that no one dared to even speak his name and called him either You-know-who or He-who-must-not-be-named. Though his real name or at least the one he assumed was Lord V…” he couldn’t get himself saying it.

“And you accuse me of being this Dark Lord?” he again addressed Dumbledore.

“I know you are him,” Dumbledore exclaimed.

“This is atrocious. My birth name is Thomas Young and until a few weeks ago, I was a respected member of a small secluded community in America. This was until a message reached me, telling me that there is an inheritance waiting for me to claim. After that everything changed, I was cast out of my house, my family…my life,” he said with a depressed and sad voice. “I had nothing left and I barely got enough together to come here to see the reason for my expatriation but what for? To get accused of being a terrorist and mass murder?” his voice became hard and accusing directed at Dumbledore.

The entire Wizengamot instantly started to chat animatedly. They couldn’t believe what just happened. The poor man obviously lost everything and Dumbledore accused him to be the Dark Lord? He didn’t even look like the man that terrorized them for so long. It was as the man said an atrocity.

Dumbledore blinked a few times in surprise. He had anticipated a lot but not such a well thought of story. Had he been so wrong? Was this really only some unknown man who just recently arrived? Nevertheless, he knew it, could feel it…this was Tom Marvolo Riddle alias Lord Voldemort. This was as it was at Hogwarts all over again. No one but him could see the darkness and evilness of the boy/man. Right now, he had the entire Wizengamot wrapped around his finger with his heart-wrenching story of how he lost everything but him he wouldn’t fool. He always had a way with words. The problem was he had no proof that this was the Dark Lord.

Voldemort observed how Dumbledore stared at him with barely concealed hatred in the eye. “What do you want from me? An oath that I’m not that man you accuse me of being?”

That let Dumbledore perk up. An oath would prove here and now that he was right. “I know it is much to ask from you but if you would give one…it would put the people on ease,” Dumbledore replied much gentler with a grandfatherly smile and the all-annoying twinkle in his eyes.

The Dark Lord sighed before standing up the wand in his hand. “I swear on my magic that I am not the Dark Lord Voldemort also known as You-know-who and He-who-must-not-be-named, so mote it be,” he intonated. A white hue appeared and vanished into him when the oath settled. He had to supress the urge to shoot a killing curse at the old fool as a proof that he still could perform magic instead simply shooting some green silver sparks into the air. With a smile, he sat down again.

It might be interesting to see what the idiot made out of that because it was true he isn’t Voldemort, at least not anymore. Right at the same day, he decided to become Lord Slytherin he also decided to get rid of Lord Voldemort, for once he wasn’t that man anymore. He wasn’t an insane mass murder any longer and he didn’t want to become one again. Sure, he would do what was necessary…even kill but not without reason.

Despite that it was like Harry said, the name of Voldemort would only result in outright war also nothing he wanted. No, this time he wanted to achieve everything the way he originally planned, slyly and from within. When he performed the ritual to create Horcruxes for the first time he thought it would be the perfect solution for his problem but it came at a high price, his mind and sanity shattered together with his soul leaving behind an insane man in the end. Sure, he would still punish those who failed him dearly but he wouldn’t dish out Cruciatus curses as if they would be out of style any time soon. That remembered him of what Harry did to the Malfoys. Oh yes, there were so much better and not to mention legal ways of punishing someone.

Right then a thought occurred to him, the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord; he had to supress a laugh. Yes, Harry truly managed to vanquish the Dark Lord, as he was known at that time. But he will have power the Dark Lord knows not, how true…sanity and cold hard logic as a power he at that time didn’t know anymore. The irony of this wasn’t lost on him, a prophecy that he at one time feared and made him act irrational now amused him and even gave him more, some kind of family. Perhaps he should tell Dumbledore about it only to see his face upon that revelation…but no then he would have to reveal who he really is and that would have consequences he didn’t want.

The Wizengamot members talked excitedly with each other both relieved that the man within their ranks wasn’t the Dark Lord but also angry with Dumbledore for implying such a thing in the first place when said man lost everything because of his inheritance.

Dumbledore on the other hand looked dumbfounded at Lord Slytherin who was talking to Lord Greengrass again. He knew this was the Dark Lord but then how could he still perform magic? The oath should have rendered him a squib. It completely eluded him that the man used present tense and not past tense. Had he used past tense then he would be right and the man a squib but that way…. When the man looked over to him again, he saw it. This smirk and the knowing glint in his eyes, he was the Dark Lord and he knew very well that Dumbledore had no proof especially after he swore the oath.

Voldemort had to admit that he found delighted entertainment in messing with Dumbledore and as long the old fool didn’t start a new war he would slowly but surely drive him crazy. Perhaps if he did it the right way he might be able to draw the real Dumbledore to the front for everyone to see, to see that the man wasn’t the nice grandfather he pretended to be. Oh yes, this would serve the meddling idiot right, his entire façade brought down, his reputation shattered beyond repair and his power vanquished. He interfered with the wrong people and that he will learn, if not today then tomorrow.

The Dark Lord here and now decided to show patience. If his actions before his fall showed one thing without fail, it was that wanting too much in a too short amount of time only led to failures. No, he would be the snake lying in the grass waiting for its prey and the right time to strike, he would let everything come to him in time and time he had thanks to Harry’s brilliant idea to splinter the Philosopher’s Stone.

He listened to the ongoing meeting while observing the members. Maybe he was able to gain allies from them. That was another one of his mistakes, marking his followers like cattle in such an obvious manner. It was stupid and the only thing you achieved with it is that the enemy instantly knew who belonged to you hence why so many of them rested in Azkaban now. No, it was better to do it in a less obvious manner as he did it with Snape and Harry if at all.

The meeting went on without any further disturbance though Dumbledore was unusual quiet. Voldemort didn’t doubt that he was scheming, trying to find a way to pull him into the open.

Later that day then, once he was back at Hræfn manor he decided to show the memories of the meeting to Harry and Snape. Said man again came to give his report. He told that Dumbledore rambled the entire time after the Wizengamot meeting that the new Lord Slytherin was in fact the Dark Lord in disguise and that he would have to find proof for it. Worse of it all was that said man was now also the guardian of Potter.

Snape furthermore managed to acquire the diadem from the room of requirements which was easy since no students roamed the corridors and Dumbledore was away to the meeting. The diadem now rested under heavy warding in one of the drawers of the desk.

Once the report was given, Harry and Snape watched the memory of the meeting. Harry found especially the reaction of Dumbledore hilarious. It was as if someone told him that the entire production of lemon drops would be folded. However, one thing piqued his interest.

“What amused you so much after you took the oath?” he asked upon which he received a disbelieving glare from Snape. The man still had problems accepting that Harry could ask pretty much everything from the Dark Lord without getting cursed, not that he himself got cursed for anything since the Dark Lord’s return for that matter.

“Actually it was the prophecy that amused me.”

That shocked Snape who instantly tensed up. He had hoped…prayed that the Dark Lord would forget about it and didn’t start his mindless hunt after mere babies all over again. Okay, not babies anymore but eleven years old children not to mention that Harry is his ward, which would make it infinitely easier to kill the boy.

Voldemort snickered lowly seeing the reaction of the potions master. “Don’t worry your oath is in no danger, I won’t do anything in regards of the prophecy. In fact it already has been fulfilled.”

Now Snape was completely confused. The prophecy has been fulfilled? How?  Both of them were alive but the prophecy said that one of them had to die. “I beg your pardon?” he finally brought out.

“It is true, Voldemort is dead. This is also the reason the oath I swore in front of the Wizengamot worked. He died nearly eleven years ago and he will stay that way if I can help it. The day I took up the title of Lord Slytherin I decided that Lord Voldemort is nothing I want to become ever again,” he explained. “And the reason for all that is Harry with his logical thinking and ability of finding solutions no one else would expect.”

The potions master didn’t know what to think anymore. The thrice damned prophecy that led to the death of the only woman he ever felt anything for…fulfilled because of…yes, because of what? Because of Potter’s ability of finding unique solutions to problems? The fact that the stone obviously also restored the Dark Lords sanity? The Dark Lord vanquished only to be substituted by one even more dangerous since he knew the art of patience? He wondered whether this was how Dumbledore imagined the fulfilment of the prophecy but highly doubted it. A low chuckle escaped his throat that earned him a questioning look from the Dark Lord.

“I just imagined Dumbledore’s expression when he learns about how the prophecy has been fulfilled,” he elaborated.

“That is the problem with such prophecies, they leave a lot of room for interpretation,” Voldemort replied amusedly.

Both Harry and Snape nodded in agreement before leaving the Dark Lord to his work.

Time went on and in the meantime, Harry had lessons with his new guardian covering several topics from his atrocious handwriting to proper spell casting, or he played with his family both mostly with the twins in attendance who eagerly wanted to learn more too.  It was appalling how sorely lacking especially the DADA lessons at Hogwarts were. They didn’t even cover the most basic things like how to hold a wand properly in order to not get disarmed. The Dark Lord made it absolutely clear that he was in no way responsible for what Quirrell taught since he most of the time slept to conserve his power.

True to his word, Harry let his relatives taste their own medicine letting them from time to time attend the meals. It went without saying that they were under full body bind hexes and had to watch without getting anything themselves. That was until the twins had a devious idea. Why not giving the Dursleys into the care of the elves to do their biddings as cleaner. They would only have to see whether there was a way that they couldn’t run away but to their luck, the Dark Lord helped with that finding the idea hilarious. So a few days later, the Dursleys became the slaves of the elves. The elves on the other hand were over the moon. They loved to have their own slaves and made sure that they worked properly doing those jobs even the elves didn’t like to do, like mucking out the stables. Unfortunately, they were no longer available for target practise but everything had its downside.

While the two adults had too much pride to say anything, Dudley broke about a week and a half later and begged Harry to stop. He pleaded that he would do everything Harry would ask from him if only that he stopped this torture. Harry however only laughed upon that and said that he didn’t even knew what real torture was.

Dumbledore sent him letters nearly every day now trying to convince him to come back. At one point, he had enough and floo called the old coot.

“Hogwarts, Headmaster’s office,” he called out after throwing some floo powder into the flames.

It took a moment before Dumbledore answered. “Harry, my boy. How are you? You gave me quite some worries,” the man greeted him concern clearly audible.

“Headmaster, I’m well but you sent quite an amount of letters. Where is the problem?” he asked flatly.

Dumbledore smiled fondly at him. “Harry, I’m worried about you. You’re in danger, your aunt and uncle were abducted at the beginning of the holidays and I fear that whoever did it is also after you,” he said.

“You said as much in your letters but at the moment I’m at a very well warded manor and I doubt anyone will be able to harm me here.”

“I heard about it, Haven manor was it?”

Harry furrowed his brows in confusion. How did he get to know how his manor was called, or at least something that sounded similar? That was when he remembered that he told the twins while their mother was still there. It seems however that she didn’t understand him correctly. Yet, would he want Dumbledore to know the correct name? Would be interesting watching him try to find him or getting through the blood wards.

“It is Hræfn not Haven and yes that’s where I’m staying at the moment,” he drawled out. “However I fail to see in what way this is your concern.”

Dumbledore sighed. “Harry, at your home at Privet Drive are special wards that protect you from harm, I wouldn’t want to see you hurt. You have to return there.”

“You expect me to return to an empty house? You said yourself that my aunt and uncle were abducted. Despite that I’m safe here…” with every second he grew more irritated. “While we’re at it…you’re no longer my guardian as you also said yourself so you have no say in what I have to do or where I should stay.”

The problem was that Dumbledore knew the boy was right; he had no say in his life anymore as long as he wasn’t at Hogwarts. He had no idea how he could convince the boy to return to where he should be. Then there was the problem that his relatives were still missing. As Potter said, he would return to an empty house. Damn that boy to hell and back, nothing went, as he wanted it to. First, he obviously defeated the Dark Lord without destroying the Horcruxes first, and then he manages to get that information out of him. All that resulted in a new Lord Slytherin coming forth and claiming guardianship over him. Right now, all his plans spun out of his control and he had no idea how to stop it.

“Harry, please I only want your best. You’re not safe,” Dumbledore practically begged in hope that this would convince the stupid boy.

“So what? It’s not that I’m any safer at Hogwarts. At least here I know that no troll can get in,” Harry growled.

Dumbledore had a hard time stopping himself from wincing. Did Harry know that he redirected the troll so that he would attack Granger all so that they would become friends? Not that it held for long since Potter broke up with her, too.

“Headmaster, if this was all…I have to do my homework and I would prefer it, wouldn’t you send me an owl every other day especially with those annoying as hell compulsion charms,” that stunned the old fool. “Oh and don’t try to find this manor…it is unplottable, have a nice day,” with that he cut the connection leaving a shocked to the core Dumbledore behind.

The Dark Lord who sat at the desk and observed the entire conversation snickered lowly. “You really have a way of giving out half cooked information but do you think it wise giving him the name of this manor?”

“Let him try finding it. It is unplottable and he doesn’t know the password to the floo,” Harry shrugged. “And even if he finds me here he would have to tear down the wards before he gets in and until then I’m already somewhere else.”

“If he is clever he will put anti-apparition wards up and shuts down the floo to prevent you leaving” Voldemort pointed out.

Harry shook his head. He somehow had the feeling that wizards sometimes were complete idiots, not that he would say that to Voldemort. “That leaves me with brooms, horses…hell I could simply walk away under my invisibility cloak and he wouldn’t be any wiser. Only because someone can’t apparate or use the floo doesn’t mean that there are no other ways.”


At Hogwarts in the meantime Dumbledore sat at his desk trying to find out at which point everything went wrong. He had to get the situation back under control and quickly. Perhaps he would be able to get the custody over Potter back. With determination, he stood back up and flooed to the Ministry.

The next weeks went by without a hitch. Dumbledore ran around in circles especially trying to get new information about Lord Slytherin. He quite quickly learned that the American Ministry was not very cooperative when it came to him and getting information on those cults from which Harry’s new guardian came was nearly impossible. Furthermore trying to regain guardianship over Potter seemed to be impossible, he was at a loss.

Also Harry had his 12th birthday at which he held a small party inviting only those he knew wouldn’t work for Dumbledore, so except the twins exclusively Slytherins. He had a lot of fun that afternoon.

From his guardian the Dark Lord he got a new toy to play with, also known as Arabella Figg. The look on the woman’s face when she registered that not only Harry knew Voldemort personally but also was taught how to perform let’s say…less legal spells, priceless. Harry made more than clear what he thought of her and her spying on him. Nonetheless, if she thought that Harry was bad she would have revised this opinion once the twins started on her. They hated her especially for not doing anything to help Harry. It was a wonder that she still lived when the three were through with her.

After that, the only interesting thing happened about three and a half weeks before the end of the holidays. Lucius obviously not having learned his lesson made the mistake of attacking Harry.

The twins were out visiting one of their classmates and Harry sat in the library reading a book about potions when Lucius walked in and sat down opposite of him.

“Harry, can I somehow convince you to give us back what you took?” he asked after a few minutes of silence.

Harry looked over his book before continuing to read ignoring the other man.

“Harry…please?” it took him a lot surmounting his pride and practically begging the boy to give them back what he took but he couldn’t take it anymore. Day in day out he feared that someone, anyone got to know what happened. Luckily for him, it seemed that neither the Dark Lord nor, what would be even worse, the twins caught wind of it. He hadn’t slept much for over a fortnight now because of the fear while working all day in hope to find a way to reverse it. Oh, what he had to endure when his wife Narcissa cornered him and he had to tell her what happened. She called him and idiot for antagonising a boy who obviously was sly enough to get a deal with the Dark Lord and yes, she knew whom the man that currently resided in the house was. Afterwards she verbally ripped him apart for his stupidity and trying to keep it from her, a woman of the Black family at work.

Harry however had to supress his amusement. To think that a twelve years old boy could make a seasoned man squirm and beg was hilarious.

Putting the book down, he looked at Lucius in contemplation. “Give me one good reason to do so,” he challenged the man.

“Because you are a good boy and we would be eternally grateful,” the man replied.

“Not good enough. Despite that, when did I give you the impression that I’m a good boy?” he asked in a silky voice. Sometimes he was really questioning his sanity when he was confronted with a reasoning like that. Please…good boy? Were he a good boy he would have never done what he did in the first place. No, he knew very well that he was not a good boy.

Lucius gaze suddenly shifted, became hard and cold. “Sooner or later you will anger someone you can’t subdue that easily, Potter” he spat. “And when that happens I hope to be there to see you fall.”

Harry looked at him before standing up and walking towards the door, turning around mid-way and looking at the man again. “Maybe, maybe not. For now however I hold all the power over you I need and in case you don’t want to end up homeless on the street you should be very careful,” with that, he turned around to leave the library.

Lucius however had enough. With one swift move, he had his wand in his hand and flung a cutting curse at the leaving boy. The curse hit him and a cut appeared reaching from his left shoulder all the way down to the right side of his hip. Harry didn’t do as much as twitch when his back was hit, luckily the cut wasn’t very deep but it started to bleed nonetheless. He turned around with a sweet smile on his lips; he sauntered back over to Lucius and gently slipped onto the man’s lap as if there was no bleeding cut at all. With a flick of his wrist, he had his own wand in the hand and with another flick, Lucius’ right arm was pinned down on his knee. He again smiled sweetly at the man, which however creeped out the man more than any cold hard gaze the boy could muster.

“Lucius, Lucius, Lucius it seems that I have to teach you another lesson,” he said in the sweetest voice moving his wand in an intricate way over the man’s arm silently casting. “You know the only reason you’re still here is because I don’t know how my dear cousins Narcissa and Draco would take it if I just threw you out. Well, it seems that I would have to talk to them…” he mused. “Nonetheless you should prepare yourself, your days are numbered,” with a chuckle and a patting on the arm which made Lucius wince Harry stood up again and finally left the library.

Once the boy left Lucius rolled up his right sleeve. Over the entire forearm was the word “Idiot” caved in and bleeding quite heavily. He cast a quick charm to bandage it so that he could heal it properly later but he knew that with the curse the boy used they would never heal completely leaving scars. How the boy was able to cast the curse not to mention silently was his guess.

Standing up he made a decision. He would show the boy that he wasn’t untouchable and he knew just the right method though he would have to act quickly before he would be thrown out. Therefore, with a plan in mind he walked out of the library and down the corridor. Oh yes, the boy would learn that he messed with the wrong man soon. Luckily for him, he didn’t change much after he took over his property.

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