Chapter 11: One inconsiderate comment

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The next days were quite uneventful. Hadrian finished his herb book and started with the potions book. Salazar in the meantime took the time to attend to the business he supported in both the mundane and the magical world. He also found out what the matter was with Hadrian’s owl but was quickly sworn to silence when the bird furiously started to peck him. In the meanwhile Sylvia who settled in one of the empty bedrooms tried to avoid reporter, the Ministry and everyone else who wanted to question her about Hadrian alike. It made working pretty stressful but somehow she managed it.

Now it was Monday and Salazar was about to go to St. Mungo’s to take a look at the Longbottom’s.

“Can I come with you please?” Hadrian asked pleadingly.

“Why? It will be quite boring for you.”

“I’d like to see a magical hospital and well…” he knew this might take longer and he wasn’t comfortable being left behind for so long even with James as company.

Salazar looked at him and thought about it for a moment. On the one hand it was quite risky now that everyone and their mother was looking for him but on the other he couldn’t lock up his son all the time. Not to mention that the security at St. Mungo’s was the third best after Hogwarts and the Ministry. Beside that no one knew how he looked like and even the strong resemblance with his birthfather had lessened since the adoption.

Hadrian’s hair no longer were a chaotic bird nest but laid neatly on his head much to the pleasure of him because he always dreaded his messy hair. Also his facial structure changed slightly, he now looked a bit nobler but since he was just a child one had to look very carefully to see the change. Would he have been older the change would be more obvious.

All this was the side effect of the magical adoption. Such an adoption also changed the features of a person so that said person resembled more the adopting parent and therefore strengthened the bond between child and parent without erasing the resemblance to the birth parents completely. It was as if the adopted person now had three birth parents instead of two.

“Okay but I have work to do so please don’t disturb me, understood?”

“Sure, I’ll read my book further if it gets to boring” Hadrian happily exclaimed before running of to his room to get his bag and book.

Half an hour later they both stood together with Sylvia at the beds of Alice and Frank Longbottom. Hadrian made himself comfortable on a windowsill from where he could observe his father but wasn’t in the way.

Salazar went up to Alice, sat on the edge of her bed and hold his left hand over her forehead. He concentrated for some time using Legilimens to look into her mind. Sometime later he retreated from her mind and went back to Sylvia who stood next to Miriam Strout who was the healer in charge of the Janus Thickey Ward where long term patients were stationed. They told her that Salazar was an expert from another country Sylvia had been able to find.

“So what do you think?” Sylvia asked.

“As I thought it is a state of utter shock” he replied and started to explain it further upon seeing the questioning look on the other healers face.

“Normally when someone is in the state of a mind lock said person is somehow trapped in a nightmare. But in this case it is different. Thanks to the Cruciatus Curse the minds of those both are so thoroughly shocked that they withdrew completely. You know when you are scared and panicked so that your mind goes complete blank and you don’t know what to do anymore?” both woman nodded. “Well this is an extreme version of it where the mind stays that way without any chance to recover itself but I think I can do something about it.”

“And what exactly?” Strout asked.

“This is where it gets tricky. In order to get them out of it I have to replace the fear of the Cruciatus Curse and the pain inflicted by it with something stronger and more imminent.”

“How would you achieve that? The Cruciatus Curse is one of the strongest known curses” Sylvia was curious.

“Their son. I will show them a scenario that shows their son in a deadly danger and so I hope their parental instinct to protect their child will kick in and rip them out of their mind lock.”

“That will help?”

“Hopefully, it won’t be pleasant for them and should it fail I have no other idea how to wake them. But for it to work I need their son here. How fast could you reach him and get him here?”

“Reaching them shouldn’t be the problem but for them to come here? Maybe an hour? But why do you need him?” Sylvia mused.

“Because I have no idea how he looks like” Salazar stated as if that was obvious and Strout went off to contact the Longbottoms.

“You know that the news of them waking up will mean even more work for the Hospital security?” Sylvia chuckled.

“Oh they have to work for their money for a change, how bad…” Salazar grinned while walking to Hadrian.

“Hey there. I hope it isn’t too boring for you.”

Hadrian laughed. “No, no, I have my book and it is really fascinating to learn how all those ingredients act with each other and in the end create a potion.”

“Hmmm perhaps depending on when we get back home you could start brewing your first potion this afternoon but only under my supervision” Salazar suggested.

Hadrian smiled like Christmas had come early and Salazar started to laugh over the eagerness of his son.

“I wonder what you have with windowsills. Every time you read you sit on one, isn’t it uncomfortable?”

His son shook his head. “No I find it quite comfortable and so I’m not in the way of anyone.”

They talked a bit more about the potions Hadrian wanted to try to brew until about 45 minutes later Neville Longbottom arrived with his grandmother Augusta.

“What was this about a possibility to heal Frank and Alice?” she demanded to know.

She was a stern old woman wearing a long coat, some fancy hat and in her hand she had a big red purse. Right next to her was a boy around six years old and a bit round in the face, seemingly Neville Longbottom. He stood shyly behind his grandmother.

Sylvia went up to them.

“Hello, I’m Sylvia Pye head for the Department for Spell Damage here at St. Mungo’s and yes it is right. It seems that there is a possibility to wake them both up. This is Sal and he is an expert in the subject of mind locks I have just been able to find” she introduced her to Salazar.

Ms. Longbottom critically eyed the man in front of her not really believing what she just heard.

“So you claim that you can help them? Where have you studied healing and how comes it that you seem to be the only one to be able to do it?” she was very cautious and wouldn’t let just anybody try to heal her child and daughter-in-law.

“I have to admit that I’m not a healer under an oath and I’m sorry should have any confusion arisen but I’m a master in the mind arts which is useful to get someone out of the state of the mind lock. Ms. Pye can assure you that I successfully healed someone in such a state quite recently. To why I’m the only one able to do it, well the process requires skills only very few people are able to possess” he explained.

“This is right, Sal had been able to get someone out of such a state just a few days ago hence why I actually got to know about his abilities. I can tell you he is more than capable to do this” Sylvia supplied.

Neville who found that entire conversation quite boring started to trail off until he found Hadrian reading on the windowsill. He went up to him in hope of making a new friend.

“Hello there, I’m Neville Longbottom” Neville greeted him holding out his hand.

Hadrian looked up from his potions book before he marked the page he was at and shook the other boy’s hand.

“Hi, my name is Hadrian Slytherin.”

Neville stopped in his movement and looked at him with huge eyes. Augusta Longbottom who seemed to have heard especially the last part took a sharp turn on the spot and looked at him too.

“Is something the matter?” Hadrian asked with a curious look at his father.

“S-Slytherin?” Neville stuttered and Hadrian nodded.

While Sylvia gave him a strange look Salazar could only think of one word.


He had totally forgotten to warn his son. Yes he told him that he shouldn’t address him with his full first name or his last name in public but he never told him that he had to be careful to whom he addresses himself as Slytherin. Now could only hope that this didn’t ruin everything.

“What in Merlin’s name is going on here and who are you really?” Augusta had tensed up.

Salazar sighed. There were three ways out of this situation, he could outright lie but that surely would bite him in his ass later. The second option was to twist the truth but in this case this also would bite him later especially since he fully planned to tell them the truth later so he settled with the third option, telling the truth now. It wasn’t what he originally planned but there was no way around it anymore.

So he asked Miriam Strout to leave them alone for some time because he didn’t want her to hear what he had to say. She gave him a curious look but left them alone. When she was gone Salazar quickly threw up several silencing charms and anti-spying wards. Hadrian in the meantime walked up to him because he was worried that he did something wrong but Salazar gave him a reassuring smile and laid his arm around him before he started to explain.

“Before I tell you everything there are two other things. First, in case that you plan to tell anyone about what I’m going to tell you now, you’ll find out that every information is secured with a Fidelius Charm” Ms. Longbottom nodded and Salazar took out his wand.

The old woman looked at him warily but Salazar just continued.

“Second…I swear on my magic and my life that everything I tell you now is true as far as I’m aware” he swore a magical oath to show the woman that this wasn’t a hoax which confused her even more. Who would swear an oath if he would only introduce himself? After that he removed the glamour he always wore while not at home which got him a curious look from Ms. Longbottom.

“So with that settled…my full name is Salazar Slytherin. Through time I have been known under several other names but this is the one I have been born with and before you ask, yes I’m the actual Salazar Slytherin and one of the four founders of Hogwarts” he started.

Augusta Longbottom looked at him total flabbergasted. Neville would never have thought to ever see his grandmother in such a state. Hadn’t it been for the oath he just swore a minute ago she would have assumed he was a loony but with that…she didn’t know what to think.

“But…but this is impossible” she had to sit down.

“No, not impossible nonetheless highly unlikely I know. I’m truly sorry I didn’t want you to learn it this way. On the other hand I would have told you eventually.”

Ms. Longbottom nodded. “And this is your son?”

“Yes and no. He is my adopted son, originally he was my grandson in 33rd generation.”

Hadrian looked at his father questioningly in order to ask for approval. Salazar who knew what he wanted nodded.

“Hello, I’m Hadrian Slytherin or in full name Hadrian Harry James Potter-Slytherin” he introduced himself properly to the old woman.

Ms. Longbottom was glad that she already sat because she wasn’t sure her legs would have carried her anymore. Not only had she just learned that the infamous Salazar Slytherin was very well alive and standing in front of her but was also directly related to the Boy-who-lived, not to mention that he somehow has managed to legally adopt said boy. The only things she couldn’t wrap her head around was on the one hand why he had hinted the Prophet at it because it made no sense to her and why he offered his help with her son and his wife.

“There are two questions bothering me. First why the article in the Prophet and second what does a dark pure blood fanatic want from my son and daughter-in-law?” she narrowed her eyes at him.

Salazar flinched at the second comment.

“One might think that the biased lies from Godric would be lost in time but they got even worse and that bastard Voldemort hasn’t made it any better” he growled.

Upon seeing several quizzical looks he sighed before he started to explain things.

“I never ever had something against the mundane born or half-bloods as long as they had the necessary power and discipline to learn the art of magic. My problem at that time laid entirely on their mundane relatives. You have to know that when we founded Hogwarts it was a totally different time then today. It was at that time when it all started with the persecution of witches and wizards. Before magical and mundane people lived peacefully together but now the mundane only had to be suspicious about someone and soon they raided the home of the person armed with pitchforks and torches no matter whether said person was magical or not and the security measures at that time also weren’t as good as they are now. I only was worried about the security of our students and therefore I told the other founders that we should be careful who to tell about Hogwarts and where to find it. Helga and Rowena thought it wouldn’t hurt to be careful but Godric was a diehard idealist who only saw the good in the people and so we got into quite a dispute over that matter. In the end he even went so far to tell the whole world that I would hate anyone and everyone who wasn’t a pure-blood” Salazar sighed again. “At that time I didn’t do much against it because I hoped that when I leave it be the quarrel would settle but it even grew worse. When it went out of hands I left Hogwarts but I fear the damage was done by then.”

He rubbed his eyes and he now looked like the old man he was. This had brought back bad memories about his first son. It had been about a century later but he was victim to one of those raids. They surprised him in the night when he slept. When Salazar learned about it, he was in the region where Poland is located today while his son stayed in England. He was really tempted to do what he had been accused of by Godric and eradicate the entire village his son lived in. Because of this event he really started to hate everything mundane especially when the persecution reached its peak level in the 16th and 17th century. Until now his hatred nearly vanished completely but from time to time, like when he saw people as the Dursleys it tended to come back in some lower form.

“Later then Voldemort claimed to be my heir which is complete nonsense and started to persecute everyone who was mundane or related to mundane and well you know how my reputation is now.

To the point about being dark I can only say that this depends on the point of view. You should know that magic originally is neither light nor dark. It is what you do with it that makes it fit into these categories. A healing spell depending on how you use it can next to healing a person also hurt one but is it therefore a dark spell?”

Reluctantly Neville’s grandmother nodded. He had a valid point there and also with his explanation about what happened at Hogwarts after it was founded. She knew very well from history lessons and books that this was the time when witches and wizards started to go into hiding because of the persecution and she also had to admit that this sounded much more believable than this pure-blood fanatic stuff. That didn’t mean that she suddenly trusted him she only started to see things from a different point of view which was why she always had been known as a neutral person during the war. She never focused on only one side of the coin but also put the other into consideration.

“I think I understand what you mean and I believe you which doesn’t mean I trust you. But you didn’t tell me what you want from my family.”

“They are Hadrian’s godparents beside Sirius Black” Salazar stated as if that would explain everything.

“I beg your pardon?” this day truly held a lot of surprises for her.

“It’s something I also got to know just recently when I adopted Hadrian but the inheritance test at Gringotts clearly listed them as his godparents. I thought you knew about that” he was a bit confused.

“Well I haven’t seen them in between the murder of the Potters and their own incapacitation since there were only a few days difference, perhaps it was something that was changed shortly before the Potters death.”

“I think it is futile to discuss this any further since the only ones who have the answers lie over there unconscious. So do you give me the allowance to treat them?”

“First I’d like to know the exact procedure and why you need to see my grandson for it” she really was a cautious person.

While Hadrian who stayed by the side of his father the entire time went back to his book to read Salazar explained the procedure another time.

“I needed to see your grandson in order to create a realistic image for his parents. If you allow I would also like to use some slight Legilimens on him to get to see a normal day of his life. The more realistic the image I am able to project the higher the chance of success. I promise I neither hurt your grandson nor his parents. For them it only will be quite unpleasant as you can imagine but I fear there is no other method.”

Ms. Longbottom took several minutes to think about everything she just heard. On the one hand she was very concerned that the man would use Legilimens upon Neville but on the other she knew that there really was no other known way to help her son and his wife. Perhaps someone found some method in a very distant future but that was highly unlikely. This man on the other hand offered a solution now, not a perfect one but a solution never the less.

“Granny? If that man can help mum and dad he can do this thing he talked about to me. He said it won’t hurt so it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” he asked nearly pleadingly because he was desperate to get his parents back and the entire explanation gave him some hope.

“If it helps you with your decision, I as a healer under oath can tell you with a clear conscious that I trust that man. When he says he won’t hurt anyone than he doesn’t not to mention that he is still under his oath towards you” Pye interjected getting her a thankful smile from Salazar.

Augusta reluctantly nodded again. Over all the things she just learned she totally forgot the oath Slytherin had sworn at the beginning.

“Okay, I allow you to treat my son and his wife and I also allow you to use Legilimens on my grandson but should you hurt one of them in any way pray that the oath kills you because otherwise I will make sure of it” she warned him.

Salazar nodded before he cancelled the charms and wards he had cast before calling Strout back in.

“So everything is said?” she asked after arriving.

“Yes he has my allowance to try to break the mind lock and also to use some minor Legilimens upon my grandson.”

Strout looked questioningly at Salazar but said nothing.

“So then let’s begin. Neville…I want you to recall one of your days at home, the best would be a scene where you play, understood?” Neville nodded before he closed his eyes to think about said scene.

“Perhaps you feel a light touch in your mind when I enter but don’t fear it doesn’t hurt.”

With that he entered the mind of the boy and saw a scene where he sat at the floor playing with some toys while his grandmother sat in an armchair together with another man discussing about something. He ignored the two and solemnly concentrated on the boy so that he would remember every detail. When he was done he immediately left Neville’s mind.

“I’m done Neville. Thank you very much this will really help me a lot and it didn’t even hurt did it?” Neville shook his head. “Why don’t you go over to Hadrian and talk a bit to him while I try to wake you parents okay? I will need some time for it and it will be pretty boring for you to watch.”

Neville nodded being glad that he could be of help before he went over to Hadrian. Salazar happily noted that they started to talk when he turned around to the others.

“And now to the hard part. I’ll start with Alice, you can monitor her during the process I don’t mind but please do not interrupt me” he told Strout, Sylvia knew how that worked.

After he took a deep breath he went to Alice bed and sat on the edge. He placed a hand on either side of her head before he closed his eyes and started to concentrate.

A few minutes later he stood in endless nothingness. The only thing he felt was the nearly overwhelming panic and shock. He would have to work quickly if he didn’t want to be rendered unconscious by it, he was strong willed and it would take some time but even he wasn’t immune to it.

So he went to work creating a nearly identical copy of what he saw in Neville’s mind. When he was finished the small Neville sat in front of him playing with a small train. He left his grandmother out of this since she wasn’t a vital part of this and it would cost him even more concentration to also have her behave correctly.

Now that he was done with that part he would need a threat. He would have preferred to use Voldemort for this but since he had no fitting image of him in his mind he would have to work with the second best some faceless Death Eaters which should proof sufficient enough. So he started to create a believable scenario.

A group of five Death Eaters wearing the long black Death Eater regalia and silvery-white bone masks to hide their face blew up the front door of the mansion they were in and came straight into the room. They laughed and joked what a pathetic defence was on the house and how easy it was to break in. When they saw Neville sitting on the floor they stopped in their track and pointed their wands at him. Neville who was scared by this sight screamed, ran away and hid behind one of the chairs in the room. The five persons started to laugh again.

“Hey boy you don’t have to be frightened we only want to play with you” one said before starting to laugh maniacally.

The boy in the meantime started to shiver and frantically looked around for a place to hide. He ran into the next room when a few curses flew after him only missing him by a hairbreadth. The Death Eaters cackled.

“Come out, come out wherever you hide” they teased while following him.

They played a bit more hide and seek but when they finally found him he was hiding in a dark corner.

“Nah, nah, nah. Don’t you think that it’s a bit dark in there?”

Neville tried to dart through them but was only rewarded with even more mad laugher while they pushed him back into the corner again pointing their wands at him.

“You are a naughty little boy, we should punish you for this what do you think?”

“Yea, yea, punish him!”

Salazar who remained in the first room probed the feelings the mind of Alice radiated but unfortunately they hadn’t changed so he would have to take the scenario a step further.

“Crucio” echoed through the rooms followed by screams of agony and more hooting.

Neville screamed and screamed in agony while hold under the Cruciatus.

Salazar cringed in horror. He knew that this wasn’t real, he knew that this was the only way which had the slightest chance to wake them up but never the less it hurt him badly. There was no way he would allow such a thing to happen in reality and he tried to turn off the screams but that was wasted since he had to maintain the illusion. He could only hope that Alice would show some reaction soon before he had to stop because he himself couldn’t bear it anymore.

The screaming stopped for a moment when Salazar interrupted them for a short time so that he could recover. Half a minute later the screams returned but then suddenly there was a shift in the surrounding feelings.

Bit by bit panic and shock weren’t the predominant emotions anymore but slow and steadily hatred and fear mingled into it. Salazar let out a sigh of relieve, it was working. He waited until said new emotions were strong enough before he made his final move.

The Death Eaters cackled when they stopped the torturing curse.

“You know what? Avada Kedavra!” one of then screamed and everything went black.


Alice’s scream echoed through the hospital wing when she finally woke and sat up so suddenly that Salazar became unbalanced and nearly fell of the bed hadn’t he be able to catch himself. She panted heavily and sweated like she had woken up from a terrible nightmare which wasn’t that far from the truth.

Neville walked over to Hadrian after Salazar told him to before he started his attempt to wake his mother. Hadrian had went back to his book but now looked up at him.

“Hey, I’m sorry about earlier I didn’t want to hurt you…”Neville sheepishly looked at the floor.

“Never mind. Dad told me that he was quite famous why I shouldn’t use his last name but I didn’t think about it any further. Is his reputation really that bad?” he asked curiously.

“I fear so.”

Hadrian sighed. “But he is so nice I can’t imagine him doing anything bad. You know my relatives I lived with before…they were bad, the worst kind…but he took me from there, cared for me…he even risked his life for me…” his voice was only a mere whisper at the end and he blushed.

Neville looked at him. He wanted to ask about what had happened but he felt that it was a bad idea. So he smiled reassuringly before he answered.

“I saw how he behaved around you and now I also find it hard to believe what others say about him, I think that what he said is true and that these are only rumours which got out of hand.”

Hadrian nodded. “But let’s talk about something more pleasant okay? I’d like to ask some things if you don’t mind.”

Cocking his head in curiosity Neville nodded.

“What is it like to live in a magical household? You know my other relatives were mundane so I have no idea and do you know a lot of magic?”

Neville blushed before looking down at the floor again suddenly finding the spacing between the tiles fascinating and Hadrian feared he said something wrong.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked.

“No, no, it’s just…granny and my uncle both think I’m a squib.”

“Why would they think that?” Hadrian was confused.

“Well I never displayed any accidental magic. You should know that normally children who inherit magic perform from time to time magic accidentally when they are exited or something the like but I never did…”

“You mean something like this?” with that he hold out his left hand the palm pointing towards the ceiling and concentrated a bit. A few seconds later a ball of light in the size of an orange appeared floating over his hand. Neville looked at him with huge eyes.

“H-how did you do that?” he stuttered.

“To be honestly I don’t know how I did it in the first place but since I know how it works I can do it on will…” he cocked his head. “Is it that unusual?”

“Unusual? Normally wizards aren’t able to do such a thing without many years of practise and some even not then” he exclaimed.

“Well I don’t find it that hard. Why don’t you try it too? It really isn’t that difficult if you know what to do and I can tell you.”

“I told you I’m a squib so I can’t perform magic not to mention such an advanced one” Neville was quite embarrassed.

“Ah rubbish. I can feel the magic radiating from you and it is really powerful even more powerful than your grandmothers or any others I met so far except my dad if that’s any measure. Just try it. I mean the worst that can happen is that nothing happens at all.”

Neville rose an eyebrow and looked at him as he was crazy but in the end he nodded. He could give it a try. It was like Hadrian said the worst that could happen was that nothing happened at all.

“So take a seat and make it yourself comfy” Hadrian said and continued after Neville sat comfortably opposite of him on the windowsill.

“Now close your eyes. It is dark and you need a light to see something but there is no lamp or other light source around you just darkness. So you have to create your own source of light. Concentrate and imagine a small ball of light appearing in front of you. Think about how it forms a ball and how desperate you need that light to see. It appears right before you and it grows brighter every second until it reaches a luminosity you are comfortable with” he slowly explained.

Hadrian continued that way for a few more minutes before suddenly a small light started to flicker in front of him. First it was only small and faded quickly but after some more minutes of concentration it grew and got steadier. When it settled at a decent size and shone steadily Hadrian continued.

“Okay now slowly open your eyes and don’t forget to concentrate how desperate you need the ball of light.”

Neville did as he was told and carefully opened his eyes but he was so astonished seeing a small ball of light hovering between him and Hadrian that it instantly went out again.

“D-did I really do this?” he asked shakily and Hadrian nodded.

“I told you it isn’t that hard, didn’t I? You only have to practise a bit further to get it faster and more stable but for a first try I think that was very good.”

Neville’s face shone like every holiday fell on the same day and on top of that he won the lottery on that day. He was so eager to try it again. After about forty-five minutes he was able to produce the light without even closing his eyes and only half a minute of heavy concentration, he was a bit exhausted but happy that he wasn’t a squib.

“Granny, granny you have to see what Hadrian just showed me!” he excitedly shouted while running up to her.

“Hush you, Mr. Slytherin has to concentrate” Neville blushed and looked down ashamed that he had forgotten that.

“I’m sorry but Hadrian showed me something really awesome and I wanted to show you.”

Augusta sighed. “As long as you are quiet you can show me” she said with a stern look.

Neville nodded excitedly and started to concentrate again. About a minute later another light hovered in front of him and his grandmother looked at him with huge eyes.

That was when the scream echoed through the room.

Strout instantly looked after Alice while Sylvia cared for Salazar who also panted quite heavily. She sat him into one of the chairs at the wall before giving him a pepper-up potion.

“You look like you ran a marathon. Are you all right?” she asked him.

“Yes I only didn’t think that it would affect me so much to have to see this as well but I’m all right I only need a short break to recover before I can go on with Frank.”

“Are you sure that it wouldn’t be better to do that on another day?”

“No I want that done as fast as possible.”

In the meantime Strout had finished her examination of Alice and told Augusta that nothing was wrong despite a minor exhaustion which could be cured by a good sleep. Neville along the way went up to his mother looking at her with wide eyes.

“M-mom?” he asked cautiously.

“Neville…I’m glad you are okay” she said hoarsely. It seemed that Strout also had taken her time to explain her several things.

“Mom!” Neville shouted and launched himself at her tears running down his cheeks. The light he had conjured up followed every movement as it seemed that his subconscious kept it up.

Salazar who saw that looked at it quizzically before looking at his son rising an eyebrow. Hadrian blushed and mouthed a “later” at him.

He took half an hour to recover the magic replenishing potion helping that process a lot before he started the same process with Frank.

Neville excitedly chattered with his mother, the light had gone out half a minute after he had hugged her, before Strout told him that his mother needed to rest and that he should let her sleep. So Neville went back to Hadrian followed by his grandmother.

“So you taught my grandson how to conjure up a ball of light?” she asked him curiously.

Hadrian nodded. “Yes ma’am, since I didn’t find it too hard to do I suggested he should try it and after some time he was able to do it himself.”

“You know we thought for most of the time he would be a squib and I’m grateful you proved that assumption wrong. Though I’m quite astonished about you both being able to perform such advanced magic.”

“As I already told Neville it is rubbish that he might be a squib since I can feel the quite powerful magic radiating from him” Hadrian scowled.

Augusta now was very interested in the boy in front of her.

“So you can feel the magic of persons? What do you feel from me?”

“Not only persons but also objects and with you, well as far as I can tell you are also quite powerful but not as potent as Neville or my father and how powerful you are in comparison to an average wizard I don’t know since I don’t know many…” he sheepishly looked at the floor.

She now looked at her grandson who blushed in embarrassment.

“But why if you are as powerful as Hadrian claims haven’t you shown any sign of magic before?”

“I-I don’t know” it was clearly visible that Neville was very uncomfortable with this conversation.

“Perhaps I’m able to explain that” Sylvia interjected. “I’m sorry but I overheard your conversation.”

“And what might be the reason?” Augusta wanted to know.

“It seems that your grandson is quite shy and emotionally calm. Children his age normally perform accidental magic when they are heavily excited, angered or frightened so every time they feel strong emotions. But with your grandson it seems to be that he never reached the point where his magic reacted. The same goes with you Hadrian, from what I have been able to observe the last days you are also relatively calm and the only time your magic reacted was when your fear reached a critical point…. That also might be part of the explanation why you can perform wandless magic that early because one needs not only a strong will but also calm and controlled emotions to perform it” she explained.

Suddenly they all heard a scream and gurgling sounds.

Salazar now tried for almost an hour to get Frank to wake up but he proved to be a harder nut to crack than his wife. This time it was easier for Salazar himself since he knew what to expect and therefore he was mentally prepared. That brought him to an idea and Salazar added Alice to the projected image. Perhaps if not only his son was in danger but his wife to he would finally react.

It took him another quarter hour and he was shortly before giving up hope that he felt the needed reaction. He sat the final blow but he hadn’t anticipated what happened next. After Frank woke up his Auror training kicked in and he instantly started to strangle Salazar who hadn’t even the slightest chance to evade since he was quite exhausted from the procedure.

Sylvia came running and together with Strout they pointed their wands at Frank ready to stun him but Salazar managed to raise a hand and slightly shook his head to stop them. It would be a very bad idea to stun Frank now because that might render Salazar’s entire work void.

Hadrian on the other hand feared for the life of his new found father and so he made a decision. As the only magic he knew how to perform not only properly but also quite quickly was his ball of light he conjured one up and send it straight to the face of Frank effectively blinding him. The man not able to stand the light had to let Salazar go in order to cover his eyes with his hands.

Salazar fell onto the floor coughing with Sylvia by his side in an instant. She led him to a bed opposite of the Longbottom’s and ordered him some rest.

In the meantime Strout tried to calm down Frank but the man was in such a rage that this was a futile attempt. Therefore she bound him to the bed with ropes she conjured up and forced him to drink some calming drought. It took several minutes that he calmed down enough so that she could explain everything to him. Fifteen minutes and several explanations later he was calm enough to get to see his wife and son.

Hadrian meanwhile was sitting with his father who laid on the bed the eyes closed.

“Thank you son” he suddenly said. “That was a really good and quick reaction from you. I owe you.”

Hadrian blushed. “Since I only know how to produce light I did the first thing that came to my mind. My only thought at that moment was that he had to let you go…and you don’t owe me anything, you did so much for me already it was the least I could do.”

Salazar opened his eyes and smiled at him.

“I think there got a little bit of Gryffindor lost in you” he teased him and started to laugh upon Hadrian’s curious look.

In the end Salazar had to stay overnight because of his physical and magical exhaustion. The Longbottoms would have to at least stay until the end of the week to make sure that there were no aftereffects of the procedure but despite that they were in a surprisingly good condition. Hadrian stayed with his father while Neville and his grandmother returned back to their home but not before he promised Hadrian to visit him soon shouldn’t they meet the next day.

All in all another exceptionally good day ended.

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