Chapter 12: Not so accidental Magic

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The next morning Hadrian was awake far before anyone else. He first was a bit confused about where he was but then he remembered the last day. So he stood up and silently went around the screen to look for his father. Salazar laid in his bed and snored slightly which let Hadrian chuckle lowly.

He looked at the clock at the wall and frowned. It was half past six in the morning no wonder that not even the Mediwitch could be seen anywhere. Knowing that trying to get back to sleep would be a futile attempt he went to his bed picked up his book, sat down at the windowsill and continued reading where he left the day before using the moonlight as a light source.

It was around eight when the Mediwitch showed up. Hadrian smiled at her and wanted to resume reading but the Mediwitch went up to him.

“Good morning, since when are you awake?” she asked him.

“I woke up at around half past six” he made a grimace. “And since I couldn’t sleep anymore I read some.”

The witch looked at him in thoughts.

“When I made my round this night I happened to see you sleeping agitatedly. Did you have a nightmare?”

Now Hadrian flinched before looking down.

“I don’t want to talk about it” he mumbled.

Yes he had nightmares ever since Salazar got him out of Priv. Drive. They mostly were about him having to return there or that he never got out of there. From time to time he also dreamt about the worst things that happened.

“Okay but you should consider talking to someone about it that might help you.”

Hadrian nodded before returning to his book to avoid any further conversation about that topic. He didn’t want to think about his nightmares and even less talk about them hoping that they stop on their own.

About an hour later Salazar woke up too. The Mediwitch had been ordered to let him sleep because he had been very exhausted the evening before. Salazar came around the screen and looked amusedly at his son.

“Why do I even wonder seeing you reading?” he grinned.

“Morning dad” Hadrian jumped up and hugged him.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?” his son sighed. “Nightmares again?”

Salazar stroked Hadrian’s head. He knew about the nightmares because one night he was wakened up when his son started to scream. After a while he was able to put him back at ease without waking him up but he was worried never the less.

“I assume that this is normal with all you’ve been through but promise me that you tell me shouldn’t they get better in a week okay?”

Hadrian nodded slightly before he nuzzled his father even more.

The Mediwitch brought them both breakfast and they were just finishing when Sylvia walked up to them.

“Good morning you two. How have you slept?”

“Like a stone, the last days have been pretty exhausting” Salazar replied while Hadrian sheepishly looked at the floor.

Sylvia looked at him worriedly before she gave Salazar a questioning look. He frowned and nodded slightly which let her sigh but she didn’t say anything.

She casted some diagnostic spells on Salazar and noted the results on a clipboard.

“Okay you are released Sal but I advise that you don’t do much magic in the next few days so that your magical core can regenerate completely. You can take the floo in my office. I assume we see each other this evening?”

“Sure, but before I leave I’d like to have a word with Mr. and Ms. Longbottom to see how they are.”

The three went over to the Longbottoms who seem to have just finished their own breakfast. Sylvia ran several spells on them too before noting the results. With a nod towards Salazar and Hadrian she left.

“Good morning. I came over to apologise for what I put you through yesterday, I know how…unpleasant it-” Salazar started but was interrupted when Alice hold up her hand in a decisive manner.

“No you don’t have to apologise for anything. It is first and foremost us who have to thank you. Without you we would be vegetable until some day when we would have died. Now we are able to see our son grow and not only him but our godson too” she told him with a knowing smile.

Salazar on the contrary looked quite shocked. Nobody should have been able to tell her so how did she know?

Alice started to laugh a bright laugher that stood in complete contrast to what they had been through. It seemed that at least Alice got through it mostly mentally unharmed much to Salazar’s delight.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t recognise my godson? Even if he is much older than the last time I saw him and the resemblance with his birthfather has lessened, I assume because of an adoption through you, it is not enough to deceive me.”

Salazar nodded in relieve while Hadrian blushed. Alice was a sharp minded woman, no wonder she worked as an auror.

“We owe you our life and I promise you we don’t tell anyone about it.”

He frowned because a life debt was a very serious thing in the wizarding world. Should he want it he could practically enslave them but that was nothing he would ever do especially not to them. He hadn’t healed them so that they owed him their life, he had done it for his son and to enable him a life with everyone he would have had in his life hadn’t his parents died. To give him back parts of what Dumbledore took from him.

But then he couldn’t just reject the life debt either because that would be an even bigger insult so he just groaned. He would have to find a way around it.

“Let’s talk about that some other day. For now I’m just glad that you are both well. There are also so much more things I have to tell you and Augusta Longbottom…but first you have to get cleared because I fear otherwise Ms. Pye will bite off my head” he chuckled while Alice nodded approvingly.

“I’ll leave now, see you soon…hopefully” with that he turned around and wanted to leave.

“Wait! You never told us your name” Frank spoke up for the first time.

“Salazar Slytherin” he replied and finally left together with his son the two gobsmacked Longbottom’s behind not noticing a small beetle that flew out through the open window.

On the way to Sylvia’s office Salazar spoke up.

“Such a nice day, what do you think of a nice ice in Diagon Alley? I also wanted to talk to you about a few things.”

Hadrian blushed knowing what his father aimed at and he wasn’t very eager to have this conversation but in the end he nodded. There was no point in delaying the inevitable and despite that he looked forward to another day with his father.

“Can I have another `Hogwarts Special´, yes?” he asked with a gleam in his eyes slightly bouncing.

“Sure, why not? I’ll leave a short message for James so that he knows where to find us and then we go.”

Salazar smiled when Hadrian shot of towards the office. It has been only about a week now that he took Hadrian away from his other relatives and he could clearly see the change. Unquestionably most of the time the boy acted much too mature for his age and he had an inkling about why, not that he would ask the boy directly, but it were situations like these that assured him that he did the right thing.

Sylvia wasn’t in her office and so they used her floo to return to the mansion. Salazar quickly talked to James while his son waited in the drawing room for him to return. A few minutes later they both took the floo to get to the Leaky Cauldron and went out to Diagon Alley. It was another nice warm and sunny day therefore they sat outside the ice-café where they ordered their ice and something to drink.

Salazar casted some privacy charms not taking any chances being overheard and then looked at his son expectantly. Hadrian shifted uncomfortably in his chair stirring the chocolate drink he just received.

After a few minutes of awkward silence Salazar finally sighed.

“I’m not mad with you or something like that I just want to know how you conjured up that light. You should get to know that this is quite a remarkable achievement for someone of your age” he explained carefully.

“Neville’s granny said something like that to. I don’t know how I did it in the first place. It was three days ago in the middle of the night when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I wanted to read some but it was so dark. Then…then, I-I don’t know how to describe it” his voice started to tremble while fear rose within him.

His father reached over the table and grabbed his hand squeezing it slightly.

“There is nothing you have to fear, everything is okay” he smile reassuringly.

Hadrian took a breath to calm down again and thought about how to describe it.

“You remember what I told you during the meal after Mr. Reichard was finished examining me?”

Salazar nodded. “You said something about where before was a small stream now is a broad river, if I recollect it correctly.”

“Right. Well that night in the dark it was a bit strange. While I sat there said river started to act different than normally and I decided to poke it a bit out of curiosity. I don’t know why it happened but suddenly a small light appeared in front of me, I-I was so shocked and started to panic…it went out immediately again” his voice faded out at the end.

“Let me guess, your uncle bet you because you did some magic accidentally” Hadrian nodded slightly.

He had to close his eyes to calm down before he did something incredibly stupid…like going onto a killing spree within a certain house.

“I know you’d never do this…but the memories…” he vigorously shook his head to get the thought out of it before he continued. “After I eased the panic I tried to get back the light but this time on purpose. It took me some time but in the end it worked and after some practise…well since then I use it to read in the evening.”

Salazar leaned back and thought about what he just heard while his son looked at him in anticipation.

“To me it sounds that the first time you conjured it up was semi accidental. Your wish for light and triggering your magic combining on its own and coming up with a solution, the rest then was as you said just practise. But what I find more fascinating is that you have been able to get Neville to do it to.”

Hadrian sheepishly looked at his ice the waitress just brought and he blushed.

“I-I just told him how I did it and it worked…was that wrong?”

It was about a minute of awful silence for Hadrian where he feared that he indeed did something wrong before his father finally answered.

“No it surely wasn’t wrong to do it but I want you in the future think closely about whom and how you help someone because you might end up with the other one indebted to you without wanting it.”

“Like you?”

Salazar just nodded.

They both sat there silently eating their ice. Hadrian thought about what his father said about someone being indebted to him and what he heard in the conversation this morning. It sounded like a very serious thing the debt the Longbottoms hold towards his father and it was obvious that his father wasn’t comfortable with it. But what was with himself? Would he want that Neville owes him for that? He didn’t know much about such debts and he decided to read more about it but for now he thought that no he wouldn’t want it. What he really wanted was a friend and that was the reason he helped Neville because to him he was a nice boy and he liked him. Hearing how the other boy had been treated for NOT showing magic…it let him think of his own treatment if only for the opposite reason, and so he wanted to help.

He mused a bit more about it but came to the conclusion that for now he wasn’t able to do anything about it and so would leave it be.

It was shortly after noon when they returned back home.

They both sat in the study in their normal fashion when James entered a newspaper in the hand.

“Sir, this one arrived a few minutes ago and I assume you would be very interested in the front page article” he laid the newspaper onto the desk in front of Salazar.

“Thank you.”

Salazar picked up the newspaper and carefully read the article James hinted at. He was half through when he flinched.

“Something wrong?” his son asked.

“Read for yourself” he handed over the paper and observed his son’s reaction.

Longbottoms’ awakening

Yesterday something one only could refer to as a miracle occurred. The Aurors Frank and Alice Longbottom who were tortured to insanity by several Death Eaters shortly after the defeat of You-know-who and were long term patients in St. Mungo’s ever since have awaken. An inside source told us that Sylvia Pye head of the Department for Spell Damage to which also belongs the Janus Thickey Wards where the Longbottoms laid until now had been able to find a specialist from another country who was capable of healing them. Up to now it is unknown, who said specialist is or where he comes from but one thing is for sure he was successful where many others failed.

What is far more interesting is that said specialist a young boy around the age of six with black hair and emerald green eyes accompanied. This devoted journalist was unable to uncover the name of said boy but one could not oversee a disturbing resemblance to one James Potter. Is this just a coincidence? Alternatively, is this boy perhaps the lost Harry Potter, the Boy-who-lived? Then the question is what business did he have at St. Mungo’s and who was the man he came with.

The next interesting thing happened this morning. A witness overheard a part of the conversation between the unknown man and the Longbottoms.

“The Longbottoms admitted that they were the Godparents of the boy,” the witness reported.

Is this a hint that the boy really is Harry Potter, since it is known that the Longbottoms were good friends with the Potters, or is this only another coincident? In addition, had the man perhaps an ulterior motive to helping them other than that he could?

For now, we cannot give you the answers to these questions but one thing is for sure, strange things are happening and we at the Daily Prophet are determined to find out.

-Rita Skeeter-

For more about the vanishing of Harry Potter see page 2

For more about the Longbottoms and their stationing at St. Mungo’s see page 10

“How?” that was the only thing, Hadrian could think of.

“That is a pretty good question I don’t know the answer to. We can be glad that every other information is protected because I don’t doubt that she otherwise would have printed everything else too” he made a face that clearly stated how displeased he was with this article.

Hadrian looked back at the article and thought about it. The only persons who were there the other day had been Sylvia, the Longbottoms and they themselves. No wait there was also the other healer, Strout.

“What about Ms. Strout? She was the only other person who knew I was there” he asked curiously.

“Yes you’re really sharp minded but she wasn’t present when I talked to the Longbottoms this morning so she couldn’t have leaked out that part.”

He mused further about that topic but couldn’t come to a conclusion. There was this feeling that something important was staring straight at him but he wasn’t able to tell what.

It was an hour later when suddenly a humming went through the room indicating that a floo call was pending in the drawing room. Salazar looked up shortly but left it to James to answer it. A few minutes later there was a knocking on the door.

“Come in!” he called.

The door opened and behind James entered Augusta Longbottom and her grandson the study.

“Sir, Ms. Longbottom wishes to speak to you” he stated.

Salazar put the document he read aside and pointed at the chairs on the other side of his desk. “Good afternoon, please take a seat. May I offer you something to drink? A tea or a coffee?”

“A good afternoon to you to. A tea would be nice” the stern woman answered while sitting down.

“Hadrian would you please leave us for some time so that I can talk to Ms. Longbottom? Perhaps you can take Neville with you to the drawing room or your own room and I’m sure James can bring you a bottle of pumpkin juice” he looked at Augusta questioningly who nodded towards Neville thankful to have the opportunity to talk to Salazar alone.

His son nodded and went over to Neville. Upon passing he nodded and said “Ma’am” in a greeting towards Augusta.

“We will be in my room” he answered before the two boys left the room together with James.

“I have to admit that your son is very well mannered for his age.”

“That is true but sometimes I wish it were for different reasons” upon seeing the questioning look he explained some things. “His aunt and uncle treated him very badly and I fear he behaves like he does because of it. But I doubt you came to talk about him. How can I help you?”

“Yes you’re right. I came here because I wanted to formally thank you for what you did not only for my son and daughter-in-law but also for my grandson. Our ent…” she started but Salazar hold up a hand to stop her.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you but I have an inkling about what you’re going to say and I would ask you to hear me out first please. Should you insist on continuing what you wanted to say I won’t stop you again” he looked at Augusta and she nodded. “I had a similar conversation with Mr. and Ms. Longbottom this morning when they told me that they owe me their lives and I can assure you that this is not the reason I did what I did. The thing is I would never call them upon it and neither would I call your family upon it. What I would wish though and which is also the real reason I helped them is that they help me caring for Hadrian and perhaps Neville becoming his friend. But this is entirely their own decision to make and I would never demand such a thing.”

Augusta lent back in her chair in absolute surprise. Yes she started to doubt everything she thought she knew about that man but now he gave her a new reason to doubt that knowledge even more. Other pureblood families would kill to get on the good side of a powerful and influential family like the Longbottoms not to mention holding a life or family debt over them but now he told her that he didn’t even want it in the first place.

“I see you’re asking yourself why I act like I do. You should know that I don’t need such means as calling upon a debt to get people to see my way or to help me. The problem with this is that calling in debts or favours might be the easy way to accomplish things but in the worst case you force someone doing something he absolutely hates or what is against his principles. It is far more effective to convince someone to do it out of one’s own free will and it hasn’t the side effect that said person hates you in the end given the case you do it properly. I also have to admit that even if it is the longer way to go it’s more satisfying succeeding in it than taking the short cut” Salazar chuckled. “It might be my age that I prefer the subtle art of convincing someone” and perhaps the fact that he had a nearly infinite amount of time to get what he wanted but that he would never say loud.

Augusta nodded in approval. “I understand your argumentation and I approve most of it but this isn’t a matter of what you or I want but a question of honour. The Noble and Most Ancient House of Longbottom can’t leave such a deed unanswered otherwise I would dishonour our ancestors and our name” she took a deep breath. “Therefore I hereby place the loyalty of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Longbottom towards the Noble and Most Ancient House of Slytherin and offer a family debt to said house for saving the life of two honourable members of the House of Longbottom. May the debt persist until it is fully repaid or a thousand years have passed.”

“I hereby accept the debt offered by the Noble and Most Ancient House of Longbottom.”

“You really are an honourable man Mr. Slytherin and should you ever need help don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Please call me Salazar if only in private, no need to be so formal.”

“My pleasure Salazar then call me please Augusta.”

“Come on, my room is on the first floor” Hadrian said while walking towards the stairs.

“I’ll send an elf to you with the juice and some snacks” James told him.

“Cool, thanks” he replied.

Neville looked at him strangely for the slight different behaviour but said nothing. They both went upstairs and to Hadrian’s room. Hadrian sat in one of the armchairs his legs folded under him while gesturing Neville to sit down as well.

“I wanted to thank you again for…for yesterday” Neville shyly started.

“Hey no problem and please don’t think you owe me anything for it.”

His eyebrows rose. “Why not?”

Hadrian sighed and looked down.

“You remember that I said my relatives I lived with were bad?” Neville nodded. “Well every time I performed accidental magic…it grew even worse…and…and when I heard how your relatives thought of you…the memories came back…I had to do something…” his voice trembling.

Hedwig who seem to sense the uprising feelings in Hadrian flew down from her post, landed on the arm rest and hooted softly to calm him down. Hadrian started to stroke her head and a smile stole itself on his face.

“I’m sorry I brought that up…” Neville said ashamed but Hadrian just chuckled lowly.

“It isn’t your fault that my relatives were asses but let’s not talk about it. What did your uncle say when he got to know that you’re not a squib?” he tried to change the topic.

“Oh…” Neville now grinned broadly. “He was so happy he burst with pride, you should have seen him. As a present he wants to go with me to Diagon Alley and buy me a toad.”

“A toad? Really?” his disbelieve clearly showing on his face. “I mean I got to know about the magical world just recently so who am I to judge but I don’t think a toad would suit you.”

Neville’s face brightened up again after he looked slightly depressed by the thought of getting a toad.

“You think so too? I’d like to have a cat…but I don’t think my uncle would buy me one” he let his head hang again.

“Perhaps you should just ask him and when he declines you can always threaten him to go back being a squib” Hadrian replied grinning slyly upon which Neville started to laugh.

“You’re mean” he chuckled.

“If it helps” he deadpanned with a shrug before breaking out in laugher too.

They talked more about several topics like magic, Quidditch and the mundane world until late afternoon, enjoying the pumpkin juice and the snacks one of the elves brought.

“I’m curious why do you say always mundane and not muggle like everyone else?” Neville asked.

“Hmmm…never thought about it. I think it’s because my father also refers to them as mundane and I picked up that habit” he shrugged.

It was half past five when James came in and told them that Ms. Longbottom wanted to leave so Hadrian and Neville went downstairs together.

“Thank you for coming” Salazar said while shaking Augusta’s hand.

In that moment Neville and his son entered the room chatting excitedly with each other.

“I have an appointment tomorrow so I’m not at home but perhaps your grandson wants to come around and meet with my son again?” he suggested upon seeing how well the two got along.

Augusta nodded. “I see what you mean. Tomorrow morning we wanted to visit his parents and his uncle wanted to visit Diagon Alley with him but in the afternoon he has time, sounds three p.m. good?”

“Hadrian, what do you think would you want to meet Neville tomorrow afternoon at three?”

His son looked questioningly at Neville who just shrugged before he nodded.

“Sure, why not.”

With that settled they all bid their farewell and the Longbottoms flooed back home.

“And don’t forget to ask your uncle…” Hadrian called out to Neville before he vanished in the green flames.

His father raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Ah nothing important just a conversation we had.”

They both spent the rest of the day talking and playing some games before later in the evening they both went to bed.

The next morning Salazar woke up early in the morning but it was okay with him because today at ten he had his appointment with Ms. Bones. So he got up and took a long shower. When he was finished he only put on some trousers before going over to Hadrian’s room. It was no surprise to him finding his son reading.

“Good morning. I have to talk to you.”

“Morning dad” Hadrian looked questioningly at the bare chest of his father but only nodded.

Salazar smiled. “I have a meeting today at ten. Unfortunately you cannot come with me this time but I think James will gladly spend the morning with you and in the afternoon Neville will come around. Is this okay for you?”

Hadrian had some concerns about it, his fear being left back or having to go back not completely worn off, but he also knew that when his father said he would come back then he would. This was when a grin appeared on his face.

“Perhaps I can talk him into some clothes shopping or a sightseeing tour through London, never been here before” he said with a gleam in his eyes.

“Why not, I’ll talk to him. Come give me a hug” Hadrian jumped straight from where he sat into his father’s arms. “I know I didn’t tell you yet but I love you.”

His son suddenly went completely silent while burrowing his head in his shoulder hugging him even harder. Salazar feared that he said the wrong thing when he heard him sobbing lowly but those concerns went out of the window when his son lent back and smiled at him.

“I love you too, dad” he kissed him on the cheek.

Salazar swept away the tears that ran down Hadrian’s face with a smile.

“Can anyone separate us ever again?”

“NO!” Hadrian shouted cheerfully before squeezing his father a last time and Salazar laughed before putting him down.

“So, but now I have to prepare myself” he gave his son a kiss on the forehead and ruffled his hair.

After going back into his own room he started to get prepared. For this meeting he didn’t rely on magic to disguise himself. He knew very well that in some parts of the ministry were charms and wards imbedded which cancel every magical disguising method like glamour or the Polyjuice Potion. But fortunately for him the magical world was so confident in their methods and their superiority that they never thought about mundane methods of disguising like wigs or coloured contact lenses. Salazar on the other hand didn’t think himself superior and used any means necessary. So with a few trained movements he wasn’t a man with long black hair and emerald green eyes anymore but a blond short haired one with blue eyes. On top of that a simple brown robe and nobody would be the wiser.

With a short look on the clock, it was nine o’clock now, he went downstairs and into the kitchen from where he heard voices coming. Upon entering he saw his son sitting at the table eating breakfast while James and the elves buzzed around the kitchen. Hadrian gave him a wary look.

“Dad?” he carefully asked.

Salazar’s eyes went wide before he chuckled.

“When even my own son has problems recognizing me it seems I did a good job. James, I’ll leave now because I have to make a detour to mask my traveling route. Hadrian said he’d like to go shopping for some more clothes and/or have a nice tour through London. I think you’ll come up with something but you have to be back at three in the afternoon when Neville comes around.”

“Sure, Sir, I know quite a few nice places we can visit together. I assume you don’t return before noon?”

“Doubtable, I don’t know how long it will take but I don’t think that the problem will be solved that quick. Hopefully I’m back for dinner though. Now, now, I have to leave have a nice day, will you?” he gave his son a last kiss on the forehead and a hug before leaving first to his study picking up his briefcase and then to the drawing room.

“You should eat up your breakfast and get ready so that we can go, okay?”

“’kay” he replied with a full mouth.

James looked at him in a scolding manner.

“One doesn’t talk with a full mouth” he said with a very stern voice.

Hadrian winced heavily and looked sheepishly to the floor before swallowing the bite. “I’m sorry it will never happen again” he whispered but James sighed.

“Hey, hey, there is no need to be afraid of anything” he took a few steps towards Hadrian who eyed him warily before he knelt down in front of the boy. “I have to apologize that I was so unfriendly to you but you should know that I will correct you in the future should you do something wrong or don’t behave like a good boy should. That doesn’t mean I would ever beat you or something the like and your father would be more than displeased if I did” he chuckled lowly. “Are we on good terms again?”

Hadrian gave him a last worried glance before he finally nodded.

“Good, I remember you wanted to see London so eat up and get ready I will wait here.”

Now the smile returned onto Hadrian’s face and he hurried up to finish his breakfast. An hour later they both left the house and went onto a trip through London.

Salazar took the floo to Germany to Reichard’s workshop, he had asked him for permission beforehand. After that he apparated to the German International Floo-Network Department. From there he flooed to the English counterpart and onwards to the Ministry. The whole charade was necessary in case that the Ministry would try to track his movements and this way it seemed like he really came from Germany.

When he arrived he looked around like he was a bit lost until his view fell on a security desk. He went over to it.

“Hello, perhaps you can help me? I journalist from Germany and I having appointment with…ah…Miss Bones at ten. You know where I can find her?” he asked faking a broad German accent.

“Sure, Ms. Bones you said? She sits with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement on level two but before you can go down there you have to register yourself and your wand with me” the man explained.

“Ah yes, yes I heard such thing” he opened his briefcase, took out his wand, well a spare wand he normally never used except for such means, and handed it over to the man.

“Good, what is your name?”

“Herbert Stein, I being journalist from very small local newspaper in small village called Fischbach” he pretended not to know how much information the man needed.

“Alright here is your wand and your identity badge. You have to wear it all the time during your visit here. In order to get to Ms. Bones you have to take one of the elevators over there to the second level and then her office is the first door on the left.”

Salazar nodded and went over to the elevators, it took some time until one arrived. A lot of people came out together with quite a few animated aeroplanes which flew over the heads of the people. He waited until everyone got out before he entered together with the other waiting people and a new batch of aeroplanes. Luckily he only had to go one level down and so a few seconds later he exited the lift again. Walking up to the door on the left he saw the golden plate hanging right next to it stating “Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement: Amelia Bones” and he knocked.

“Yes?” it echoed from inside and Salazar entered the room. He found himself in a small antechamber where a young woman sat behind a large desk and a second door on the opposite side of the room.

“Hello. I being Herbert Stein and I having appointment with Miss Bones at ten” he introduced himself.

“Ah yes Mr. Stein, I’ll inform Ms. Bones that you arrived if you would wait here for a moment please.”

The secretary stood up and went into Ms. Bone’s office returning shortly after.

“Ms. Bones will welcome you in five minutes. You can wait over there until then” she said while pointing to the chairs at the wall.

Salazar sat down and took out a sheet of paper he prepared for today, it was the heritage test from his son. This was one of the many proofs that Sirius Black was innocent. He had even more in his briefcase like newspaper article, official reports and several research results all proving the solitary fact. The only thing now was to convince the ministry to act accordingly.

A few minutes later a stern looking woman exited her office and came straight to him.

“Good morning Mr. Stein, please follow me into my office” she lead him in. “Please take a seat.”

“Good morning Miss Bones, I hope you have nice day.”

Bones chuckled. “It’s Ms. Bones not Miss.”

“Ah, I so sorry my English not very good.”

“It’s okay, no harm done. Should you have questions because you don’t understand something feel free to ask. So to the reason for our meeting today. You wrote me last week that you found several inconsistencies in the Black case. I have been able to look into the case for myself over the weekend and I have to admit that a few things are strange, in especially the fact that he neither got a questioning under Veritaserum nor a trial in front of the Wizengamot. The problem is that at that time we were very busy cleaning up the mess the Dark Lord left behind and so some people got sentenced without a trial given the case that the evidence were strong enough. I had the opportunity to look into the evidence collected and at the moment I don’t see how a trial would change anything but perhaps you can enlighten me.”

Salazar grinned inwardly, oh yes that would prove to be much fun.

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