Chapter 19: Heaven and Hell

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He reappeared in his own townhouse in front of Sirius room. After knocking sharply he went in without waiting for a reply. Sirius just stirred in his bed and looked at him in confusion not really awake yet.

“Black, do you still want to accompany me with the Dursleys?” Salazar asked.

Sirius was wide awake within a split second and got out of bed. He went over to his clothes he threw over a chair earlier this night and got dressed before picking up his wand and holster and stripping it to his forearm.

“I’m ready to go” he said about five minutes later with a glee in his eyes.

“First you have to drink this” Salazar hold out a phial with amber liquid in it while drinking one of his own.

“What is it?”

“Let’s just say that you will need it where we’re going and that Sylvia would kill me should I take you there without it” Salazar deadpanned.

Since he saw him drinking it to without any side-effects Sirius shrugged and downed his potion to. Nodding Salazar grabbed the other man’s arm before both vanished in black flames.

“What was that?” Sirius asked confused. “This was no form of travel I know of.”

“Because no one else knows about it, not to mention can perform it. It’s quite useful though to get around any anti-apparition or portkey wards like they are erected here” Salazar smiled. “Do you really think that you know everything that is to know about me?”

Sirius blushed before taking a look around. They were in a cold damp corridor with dark stonewalls. On one side were several cells with bars separating the inside from them, they were deserted though. In the distant Sirius could feel a presence far too familiar to him for his liking though it was dulled and not really bothering him. To him it was like there was a shield around his mind that let their effect take hold, probably because of the potion. He knew they were there but their powers had no effect upon him not like in the four years he had to stay here.

“Azkaban” he whispered. It wasn’t a question but a statement.

“You’re right. We are in a long abandoned and forgotten part of Azkaban deep beneath the normal prison. This part is so heavily warded and so well hidden that even death can’t reach this place” Salazar explained with a devilish smile.

“That is impossible” Sirius retorted with determination.

“You will find it is not. Ekrizdis the builder of this place was a very powerful sorcerer and necromant. He warded this place with so much rune-wards and other things you better not think about, that death literally can’t reach down here. One even can’t fall unconscious here. I found this place when I explored Azkaban after the unplottable charms came down with the death of Ekrizdis.”

“Have you ever used this place before?” Sirius didn’t want to think about what was possible when the victim can’t die, not to mention having to live through torture without the mercy of falling unconscious.

“Only once. With the man that killed my own son…my first one, you know what I mean. I kept him here for several decades before finally letting him go” Sirius looked at him questioningly. “My son died in a raid on his house in 1092. This entire thing was planned and lead by one man who accused him of being evil because he hadn’t saved his wife from dying during childbirth. There was nothing my son could have done to save her but the man blamed him never the less. Well he payed dearly for this.”

“But wait, hadn’t Azkaban been built in the 15th century?” this didn’t add up.

“I don’t know where this mistake comes from but Ekrizdis lived in the 5th century not the 15th. Though the entire fortress was hidden under a concealment charm until it faded away in the 15th century so perhaps that is the reason or someone simply made out of the five a fifteen. But since I knew about it beforehand I could access it. Though I never really bothered except those two times.”

“Well, where is our nightly entertainment then?” the gleam returned to Sirius eyes.

It was obvious that the man inherited at least some of the so called `Black madness´ that engulfed so many of the family into the abyss.

“Follow me.”

They both went down the corridor until they reached the last cell. Inside where both Dursleys cowering against each other and shivering slightly.

“YOU!” Vernon started to shout. “Who are you? Where are we? Where is our son Dudley?” he demanded to know while he stood up and clasped the bars with his hands.

“Son?” Sirius was a bit confused.

“Yes they have a walrus of a son called Dudley who is about the same age as Hadrian” Salazar explained.

“Where is he?” slowly dread rose within Sirius. He had no problem with making adults who knew what they did pay, but a six years old boy? No way.

“Oh he is well and safe and about to receive some re-education. You know those two there are probably the worst parents on this planet. One child spoiled beyond everything not even knowing his borders and what the word `no´ means and the other neglected, abused and hell knows what else.”

Sirius looked at him contemplating whether he is truthful or not. Seeing that Salazar expanded his explanation.

“For your peace of mind I tell you what I did” he said before starting to tell what exactly he did.


Salazar appeared with Dudley Dursley in a side alley of a huge complex of buildings. The sun was standing high and shining outside of the alley but they stood in the dark. Just at that moment the boy woke up completely and started to fight him. Luckily Salazar threw up a silencing charm on their arrival so that no one could hear them.

“Boy, if I were you I’d stop throwing a fit in an instant” Salazar hissed.

“Who are you? Where are my parents? What do you want?” Dudley totally ignoring the threat the man posed and keeping on rambling nearly whining while trying to hit and kick Salazar, not that he was successful. “Bring me back…NOW!”

Salazar laughed. “Bringing you back you insolent spoiled little brat? You hurt Harry…beat him on to the brink of unconsciousness. No, I won’t bring you back.”

Dudley’s eyes went wide when he heard that. He even stopped with his movements. “You’re one of those freaks? Get away from me. I don’t want anything to do with you” he screamed panic clearly tainting his voice now that he finally recognised Salazar as a wizard. Looking around for a way to escape he knew it would be in vain. He had heard about magic when he one day mentioned it because of some film in television. What his parents told him bestowed nightmares upon him for several nights. Therefore it was no wonder he wanted to get away from the man who abducted him in the middle of the night.

Salazar took a step close to him now towering over him, letting his magic flair around him. He knew that mundane people didn’t feel it the way like magicals did but it was threatening none the less.

“You should be grateful that I don’t raise my wand against children or you would receive the same treatment your parents are about to get. But don’t think I let you get away though. You have to decide here and now. Either you behave yourself or I’ll kill your parents, your friends and everyone else you hold dear. It’s your choice” Salazar growled lowly.

He wouldn’t kill anyone, especially not children, but that wasn’t something the boy needed to know.

Dudley made a move towards Salazar as if he wanted to attack him again in despair but with a swift flick of his wrist the man had his wand in his hand and pointed it threateningly at him. Deciding that he was at a huge disadvantage Dudley froze and stayed still. It seems that his parents at least taught him one thing: Fear of magic. Salazar though transfigured the boy’s nightclothes with a flick of his wand into some mundane street clothes. He also cast a glamour upon himself so that he resembled the boy in front of him only older and also in mundane clothes.

“Follow me. One move into the wrong direction or one sound and…” Dudley nodded fearfully. “Good.”

Salazar cancelled the silencing charm and walked out of the ally and towards the main entrance of the building. Once inside he went to the reception. Dudley only one step behind him.

“Good mornin’, Sir. How may I be of assistance?” the receptionist greeted him.

“Good morning, my name is John Smith. I fear that I need your help. My son Howard…he is becoming more and more a troublemaker. You know it first started quite harmless, orders he disobeyed or work he didn’t do but now…I’m at the end of my tether” he shrugged helplessly.

Dudley stared at him as if he was mad. “My name’s not Howard and I’m not your son. Where are we? What is this? Where are my parents? LET ME GO!” he screeched in panic before bolting for the door. He didn’t get far though since the door was guarded by two security men who promptly stopped the boy and guided him back. Such escape tries were seen often in this institution hence the security measurements.

“You see? He even denies me…I don’t know what I can do anymore” Salazar sighed.

“That’s what we’re here for, Mr. Smith. If you would please follow me, I’ll guide you to the director. He will talk with you about what our school has to offer and a possible placement of your son here.”

Salazar followed the woman down a corridor and shot Dudley a glare that promised nothing good should he try anything else. So the boy ambled after them. Dudley had to sit in an antechamber while Salazar talked to the director. After about five minutes he thought he might finally be able to get away only to find the door locked. In a rage fit he started laying waste to the furniture in the room. It was something he shouldn’t have done because when a few minutes later Salazar and the director came out of the office he knew he was in trouble. Both adults were giving him glares that promised nothing good.

“So you’re one of the very hard cases. But don’t worry we will teach you to behave. Mr. Smith, you can trust us that your boy will become a muster child and don’t worry because of the damage. One of our rules here is that not the parents pay for the damage but the children themselves whether might it be through repairing what they destroyed or hard labour if it is beyond repair. This is so that they learn that what they did was bad and not to rely on their parents to answer for their misbehaviour” the director said towards Salazar. “And you my boy will now clean up this mess before you get your room assigned. Don’t laze around this will only make matters worse.”

Dudley looked like he wanted to argue but quickly duck his head when he saw not only the gaze the director threw him but also Salazar’s which promised pain and death if he didn’t behave. Therefore he started to clean up the mess he made promising to himself that he would leave as soon as possible. That this would be futile he didn’t know.

So his first day but definitely not his last day at the Blackwater Ridge Institute for Difficult Children began.

“Thank you director. Please keep me updated about your progress. Have a nice day” with these words he left the office and Dudley behind. He could only hope that with time and the right education the boy would change. It wasn’t his fault that his parents were such idiots. Salazar would even go so far and help him getting the education he wanted but that would have to be seen.

The entire thing took forty-five minutes before Salazar could go back to business at Priv. Drive No. 4.

~Flashback end~

Sirius laughed his ass of when he heard that.

“This is truly the best punishment you could give such a child” he said after calming down.

“He is six years old. Hopefully they can help him becoming a well behaved young man instead of a spoiled idiot that is used to getting every of his whims fulfilled.”

“But are you really sure with this non dying part?” Sirius couldn’t believe it.

“Yes I am but for your sake…Avada Kedavra” he pointed his wand at Petunia who cried out and grabbed her chest like having a heart attack when the green light hit her. She wasn’t dead though.


In the meantime Vernon became even redder in his face and shouted while Petunia joined screeching like a harpy after recovering from the curse which was surprisingly quick.

“Let us out you maniac and give us our son back” she screamed in a high pitched voice. “When the police gets wind of this…”

“I shall let you out?” Salazar mocked. “Why in the name of Merlin should I do this? You beat Harry, starved him and I don’t want to know what else you did to him. So tell me on what basis shall I let you out?”

“You’re one of those freaks” Vernon roared. “Let us out in an instant. You surely also have laws that prohibits the abduction and torture of others.”

“Sure we have and should the Aurors ever get to know of this I’m sure they would try to imprison me in Azkaban if not getting me kissed in an instant. But here’s some news for you: they will never find out. And now shut up! Sanguinem Ferventis” Salazar hissed.

The curse hit Vernon and the man instantly started to scream. It was a pain on par with any Cruciatus curse that rushed through his body because this curse let his blood boil.

“What are you doing? Leave him alone you monster” Petunia screeched over her husband’s screams.

This was when Sirius had enough. “I always hated you wholeheartedly so this will be a pleasure for me. Confringo.”

The Blasting Curse hit her right shoulder but thanks to the low power with what Sirius cast the curse no real damage was inflicted. Instead it hurt like hell.

Both men continued cursing the two mundane monsters for several hours venting their anger and hatred. The most fun they had was with the Imperius curse. Letting those two do what they wouldn’t do in a thousand years was very satisfying. They only stopped when Salazar pointed out that it was well after six in the morning and they would have to return soon.

“Erase the evidence from your wand, Sirius. In the meantime I have to have a conversation with the Dementors.”

“Do I want to know?”

“Surely not” Salazar laughed.

He then walked down the corridor and some stairs up to the real prison. He entered it through a hidden door no one else knew about and approached the first dementor he saw.

Flaring his magic towards the creature to show him who he was and that the creature better not tried anything he spoke in a demanding tone. “I want to speak to your leader.”

The Dementor flew away quickly and it took only a few minutes before he returned with another one. This one was different to the normal Dementors that guarded Azkaban. Not only was he much larger but he also wore a black metal crown with large spikes.

“King” Salazar spoke up while bowing slightly to show his respect. “I wanted to inform you that I have some new residents in the high warded area of Azkaban. Feel free to have your fun with them while I’m not here but please don’t kiss them. I want them to suffer not braindead.”

“What a pleasure to see you again, Serpent King. We appreciate the distraction you offer to us and I will personally see to it that your wish will be respected” the Dementor King answered, his voice deep and distorted.

Dementors loved having prisoners in the warded part because they could do so much more with them than with the regular ones. Humans could take only so much before they collapsed but the wards prevented that. Unfortunately they didn’t have many prisoners down there. The last one also was provided by Salazar but that was centuries ago. It was also very unlikely that they would kiss them since torturing braindead people with their powers was kind of pointless.

“Thank you” Salazar bowed again before leaving back to Sirius.

When he reached Sirius who just finished casting some harmless spells to erase the evidence from his wand they both vanished in black flames. Salazar did this on his way to and from the Dementors.

About half an hour and a good shower later both men sat in the kitchen with hot coffee before each of them.

“That was really liberating. Thank you for letting me participate” Sirius said while sipping his coffee.

“You’re right. Casting whatever spell you want without fearing punishment is really liberating. I hope that with Augusta as Minister that we can get rid of several repressing laws. Especially those who confine the usage of magic the light side considers `dark´, or better Dumbledore considers dark. Not to mention those stupid laws to supress the creatures” he spat the name with so much venom.

“I hope you’re right and that this will get through” Sirius mused. He had to think of Remus. The letter he sent while being confined to bed at St. Mungo’s hasn’t been answered yet. He could only pray that his Werewolf friend was alright. There was so much he had to tell him and apologize for.

Right at that moment Sylvia entered together with Hadrian.

“Good morning. What have you been doing all night? You look like you haven’t slept at all” she scolded the two men, ever the healer.

“Well I for my part haven’t slept that’s true. We let off some steam” Salazar replied.

She casted some diagnostic charms over them only to sigh.

“Salazar no offense but you really should take a break. Your core is nearly depleted and you definitely need some nights of good sleep. I’d advise you to refrain from doing much magic during our holiday” she said with a stern look which let Hadrian snicker.

“Yes mum” Salazar retorted and gave his son a look that said he didn’t find this the slightest little bit funny. He had done this for him after all. But Hadrian was completely unimpressed by the gaze and snickered even more finding it hilarious that his father, older than anyone would deem possible, was scolded by someone like a naughty child.

“Oh you…laughing about me…just wait for my revenge” he growled playfully before starting to tickle his son until he couldn’t breathe any more. “I hope that teaches you not to laugh about me” Salazar laughed himself.

Sirius, still on a high from earlier, decided to intervene and flicked with his wand. Salazar’s hair suddenly sported the Gryffindor house colours. “You let my godson laugh as much as he likes” he deadpanned.

“Don’t you dare” with a flick of his wrist Salazar had his own wand in the hand and waved it towards Sirius who now fittingly had emerald green hair with silver streaks. He completely ignored what Sylvia just said a minute ago.

Said healer pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head exasperatedly…men, she would never understand them. But Salazar was old enough to take care of himself and if he ended up with a crippled magical core it was not her fault, she warned him. That thought let her snicker, Merlin if not him who is old enough to care for themselves?

“Is that all you’re capable of, old man?” Sirius taunted playfully his Marauder personality clearly flashing through.

With that any restrictions fell and both started to jinx the respective other. Hadrian sat there looking at them both in astonishment and amusement. It didn’t take long before he started to snicker and later broke out into full laugher. Several jinxes hit their target since they rarely bothered to throw up shields and now both adults looked more like strange crossbreed animals than human. Sirius was covered in green feathers while having cat ears and tail combined with the nose of a mice. But Salazar wasn’t any better. He had fur in the colours of Gryffindor, the ears of an elephant and a pig snout. On top of that they both weren’t able to speak properly anymore. Sirius only spoke in riddles while Salazar sang operas so off key that it wasn’t funny anymore.

When Hadrian fell from his chair laughing so hard that he could barely breathe both stopped their attacks. They looked at Hadrian before looking at each other. Upon seeing how they looked they started to laugh to.

“I have to admit that I haven’t have so much fun for quite some time now” Salazar finally said after cancelling the spells on him and Sirius, wordless magic be thanked because otherwise it would be doubtable that they would have succeeded.

“I second that. Never thought that I would get into a jinxing session with the proud and stiff Salazar Slytherin” Sirius laughed.

“You will find out that some of the stories about me are very farfetched.”

“True. So what are your plans for today?”

“Well, I have some business to attend to and perhaps some brewing in the afternoon” here he threw his son a questioning glance upon which the boy nodded. “Thankfully the elves will take care about packing for our holiday. That reminds me…Hadrian should there be anything you like to take with you just place it on the desk in your room and they will pack it to, same for you two” he added with a look at Sirius and Sylvia.

They all nodded in understanding. Sylvia already instructed her own elf to bring over her trunk completely packed with everything she would need. She had tried to return to her house a few days ago but it still was under siege by reporters and people trying to talk to her. Should she have any hope that this would soon stop that went out through the window the moment she read the newspaper that was just delivered.

Harry Potter’s relatives gone missing – Death Eaters active again?


This night something strange happened. Some might say something terrible, others that it was justice but I think that most of you will agree with me that it is a mixture of both. You all remember when about a fortnight earlier Harry Potter went missing and it came to light that his relatives the Dursleys weren’t as caring as they should have been, confirmed by the Healer Sylvia Pye. This night though said relatives of the Boy-who-lived went missing.

It was about half past two in the morning when suddenly the alarms in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement went off because of excessive use of magic in a muggle neighbourhood, to be precisely the house where Harry Potter’s relatives live. When they arrived at the crime scene two minutes later, the dust had already settled. An Auror squad entered the building where the alarm came from only to find it deserted. Further investigations revealed that the traces of magic they found hinted to a fight and manhunt through the house. They also said that the remnants of a Death Eater’s mask were found at the crime scene.

“The Dursleys were surprised in their sleep but from the look of it they put up some heavy fight even when it was in vain in the end. As it seems they were victims to some dark wizards or witches, probably Death Eaters, who chased them through the entire house. In the end, they took them to some unknown location. Yes, it is unlikely that they are dead since we found no trace of magic that would be able to kill them. I can assure you that we will do everything in our power to find the culprit” Amelia Bones told in a press conference.

The question now arises what the Death Eaters would want from Harry Potter’s relatives. Did they hope that those abusive and uncaring individuals knew something about the whereabouts of the Boy-who-lived when they did not even care that he was missing? On the other hand, was it an act of revenge? Then why would the followers of the man said boy defeated at the tender age of one revenge him? Perhaps the mask was only a distraction and someone entirely different was behind this?

We do not know yet but we at the Daily Prophet are determined to find out. Until then we can only hope that the Aurors take care that the Death Eaters do not target some innocent civilian.


-Andy Smudgley-


For more about Harry Potter’s relatives see page 2

For more about the Death Eaters see page 2

For more about Amelia Bones see page 9

“Oh great. That only reminds them about me” Sylvia complained though she snickered at the fact that Bones only did everything in her might for the culprit to be found but not the Dursleys. It seems that nobody really cared about them.

Salazar who read his own edition nodded in agreement. Yes they both had their own edition since they both had an abo for the Prophet and it was always delivered to the person not their home as long as they were somewhere on the British island.

After breakfast Sirius took it upon himself to teach Hadrian Wizarding Chess in the library. Sylvia went to attend to a few final preparations for the holidays while Salazar retreated to his study in order to look over his business so that they were in order.

About eleven o’clock then Reichard dropped in. He informed Salazar that he finished his research about Horcruxes. Unfortunately he found no way to locate them but he was certain how to destroy them without the main soul piece being aware of it. Salazar advised him to meet with Bones in order to see what can be done about localising those blasted things.

In the afternoon then Salazar and Hadrian did some more brewing. Hadrian insisted in going over his improved version of the boils cure again, he wasn’t content with it yet. Though he ended with blowing up his cauldron spectacularly but thanks to the rune stones nothing happened to him. Salazar chuckled lowly which earned him a glare from his son and Sirius who again sat at the table observing them, not that he had much else to do.

“This can happen when experimenting, Hadrian. Do you think I never blew up my cauldron while trying to figuring out a new potion or improving an existing one? I don’t know how many cauldrons found an untimely end because of it and it is nothing to fret over or to be ashamed of. With time you will know better which ingredients don’t mix well and what to avoid” he lectured while preparing another cauldron for his son.

Luckily his next attempt didn’t end in a molten cauldron and so Hadrian’s mood was restored.

In the evening before Salazar brought his son to bed he took a look over what he had packed in his trunk. When he saw it he started to laugh. Hadrian packed every single book he owned.

“I doubt that you will have any time to read. These are holidays not study sessions.”

Hadrian looked down blushing slightly. “I thought it would be better having them with me and not needing them than needing and not having them” he muttered lowly slightly embarrassed.

Salazar looked at his son with pride while walking over to the bed and sitting down. “Come here for a second please” Hadrian walked over and sat right next to him. “Originally I wanted to wait with this until we are back from our holiday but it seems that it is better to tell you now. I have only two rules that I want you to follow. The first one is that you attend your lessons. Once we are back I will set up a schedule for you. Some lessons will be with me, some with James and I’ll have to see whether the others will be included or not” upon seeing the worried look on his sons face he elaborated that point further. “Don’t worry your lessons will be only in the morning so that you have enough free time. However I think that you very well know that there are things you have to learn.”

“Will Neville have the lessons together with me?” Hadrian asked eagerly.

“Good question. I’ll have to talk to his parents what they think about it but in general there is nothing standing in its way. Now to the second and far more important rule. From time to time I will tell you what to do. Most parents would expect that you comply and do what they want. I am different to that. Quite the contrary I even dare you to go against my orders” a gleam entered Hadrian’s eyes. “Before you get to ecstatic about it I should explain what I mean by it.

What I want you to do is to elaborate what might happen when you don’t follow my order and whether that might be better or easier than following them. You should always keep in mind that not following orders has consequences which can be severe.

For example I tell you not to go into a forest. You have to think about why I told you not to go. It could be dangerous or you could get lost. But on the other hand you might find things you wouldn’t otherwise like new ingredients for potions or animals you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Now you have to contemplate whether the risk of going outweighs staying safe and then decide what to do. Do you understand what I mean?”

Hadrian cocked his head and thought about what his dad told him. “I think I do. So what you tell me would be more like an advice what to do and should I decide to go against them I would have to bear the consequences. Like when I get caught with the hand in the cookie jar despite being told not to touch it I would have to endure the punishment” he looked at Salazar to see whether he was right.

“Correct, but here we get to the second part of the rule. Argue. If you get caught with something you shouldn’t do try to argue your way out of the punishment. Like earlier. I told you that you wouldn’t need your books during our holiday but you gave an excellent argument to take them anyway. Or better you try and convince the person that the rule he or she erects doesn’t count for you or that he or she wouldn’t punish you despite you breaking said rule. For example someone erects a curfew after which you shouldn’t leave your room anymore but you do it anyway and get caught. Normally you would be punished but what if the person who caught you likes you so much that she looks the other way and lets you get away with it?”

“That would be convenient, but the situation wouldn’t arise if I don’t get caught in the first place” Hadrian smiled.

“True, but you should always consider the worst possible outcome and be prepared. Like you argued with your books, better being prepared and not being in need of it than having to improvise later on.”

“What about bribing or blackmailing someone?” something his uncle was very fond of especially when it came to Dudley’s temper tantrums.

“Well while both work as well you have to be careful with that. Bribing can be traced back so you should do it in ways that are not traceable. Blackmailing in the meantime can be very tricky. It only works as long as the person you blackmail fears the consequences of the information getting out. Once he overcomes that fear he is in the position to blackmail you with the fact that you blackmailed him in the first place. So you always have to be careful that you don’t become the victim in the end. The problem also is that both methods are frowned upon and illegal.”

Hadrian nodded in understanding. “But why do you want me to go against orders and rules? I mean everyone else…”

“I don’t do this so that you disrespect rules or such but so that you learn something that can’t be taught. The slyness to talk oneself out of trouble, to bend rules to ones benefit…that can’t be taught in lessons that comes through experience in life and own failures in doing so. With Dumbledore and Voldemort out and about…” he heavily sighed rubbing his face. “I’m sorry, I know that all you want is a normal life with friends and playing around. I don’t want to deny you a normal childhood hence why I worked so hard the last weeks to enable you at least most of it. But I fear that there are some things you have to learn and the art of manipulation and sweet-talk is one of it. You can’t get the better of them by playing by the rules.”

His son looked at him before he leaned against him and embraced him in a hug. “Dad, I understand and I will do as you ask and learn as much as I can. You already did so much for me…it is the least I can do.”

Salazar was stunned by Hadrian’s words. A warmth spread through him and he realized that he would move heaven and earth to ensure that his son was prepared and safe from Dumbledore’s manipulations all while giving him the childhood he deserves.

“I love you. But now you should go to bed you have to get up early tomorrow.”

Though this was wishful thinking. His son was far too excited to sleep properly.

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