Chapter 26: How to annoy goats

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Only one word crossed Hadrian’s mind at that time, damned!

After staring at the parchment for a few minutes that felt more like an eternity to him, he started to pace in front of the desk upon which the parchment lay, deep in thought. How did the twins manage to get the marauders map? Why did they have to look at it just at the time when his father was wandering around Hogwarts? Moreover, how the hell was he supposed to explain this?

The twins observed him curiously but also a bit worried. To them it seemed that they had stumbled over something massive; something they wondered more and more about whether they really wanted to know the truth. The longer Hadrian paced without saying anything the more they doubted that they truly wanted to know. Nevertheless, what was that truth anyway? Could the infamous Salazar Slytherin truly be alive? On the other hand, had the map malfunctioned? No, that could not be the case. Up ’til now the map had worked perfectly well and considering the expression on Hadrian’s face, he knew that too. However, if it really was the founder, how could he still be alive?

Then another thought occurred to them, what was Hadrian going to do about them? In the best case scenario he would let them in on his secret, but they were not delusional. No, Slytherins did not tell their secrets just anyone and certainly not to two complete strangers. Sure, they had exchanged a few words but that was it. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to show him, had they said nothing and carried on as if nothing had happened Hadrian would not have suspected anything. Now on the other hand they were at his mercy and they could only hope that they would not find themselves as rotting corpses somewhere where no one would ever find them again…as in the forbidden forest for example.

Hadrian on the other hand did not notice any of the growing distress the twins showed. He was so deep in his own thoughts that he hardly took notice of anything in his surroundings. For him the case was clear, lying about this was out of question since he never lied, he could try to redirect the twins’ attention but he doubted that it would work, although he tried nonetheless.

“I assume that you wouldn’t believe me when I say that the map might be malfunctioning?” Hadrian stopped and looked at the twins slightly hopeful, only to receive a glare that spoke volumes about that statement. “Thought as much,” he grimaced.

He once again began to pace before coming to a halt, he sighed and ran his hand through his hair. There were only two options left for him; he could outright refuse to tell them anything, but that would probably not work either. Somehow, he had the feeling that in this case the twins would observe the map day and night waiting for his father to leave their quarters again and trap him in order to learn the truth. No that wasn’t an option either, his father had things to do and it was as his father always said, if someone learns the truth about anything concerning you at least make sure that it is under your own conditions. So, the truth it was, and it was fortunate for the twins that Hadrian liked them enough to not simply send them to his father so that he could oblivate them after taking the map away.

With yet another sigh, he turned towards the twins. “You want to know the truth? The full and complete truth?” he asked receiving a nod from both in confirmation. “Very well, but you’ll need to swear an oath to not tell or otherwise in any way let the information you learn here slip out in any way shape or form under any circumstance,” he told them.

Fred and George looked at each other in open disbelief. Was this really happening? Was a Slytherin, no, THE Slytherin really going to let them in on the secret? They both doubted that, Hadrian must have some ulterior motive because why else would he tell them?

“Why are you telling us?” they asked simultaneously.

“Don’t misunderstand us or take this the wrong way, we feel honoured that you’re willing to let us in on your secret but why? I mean we hardly know each other,” Fred elaborated that question.

Hadrian smiled when he heard that. “It is true that we’ve only known each other for just a few days now, but those days told me everything I need to know about you to be able to come to the conclusion that I like you. You two are brilliant boys who are also fun to have around, and I would be lying if I say that I didn’t want you on my side.”

“Your side?” George questioned.

Hadrian took a quick glance his watch and cursed lowly. “Listen, I don’t have much time to explain anything because I have an appointment with Dumbledore and I’m already late. You have the map, when I’m about to leave the headmaster’s office meet me here,” here he pointed at a corridor next to the one where the office was. “I’ll tell you then, what I meant. Should you then decide that what I have to offer you is nothing you want, I won’t stop you from leaving and I promise you that I won’t take any actions against you, though should you nonetheless try to dig deeper I have to warn you that I will protect what I hold dear. However, should you decide that you want to descend into the rabbit hole then you will have to swear the oath before I tell you the truth. Oh, and I probably don’t have to tell you that it would be in your best interest not to speak about what you’ve seen, not that anyone would believe you anyway,” he smirked.

The twins again looked at each other once again this time more fearfully, before they nodded.

“Good, I’ll see you later then,” Hadrian said, turning around and leaving the abandoned classroom.

Outside stood Neville and Gillam waiting, the latter looking worried while Neville was mostly confused as to what the twins had wanted.

“Neville, could you please return to our rooms? It seems that we’ll have guests this evening,” Hadrian told his friend with a pointed look.

Neville though looked shocked and surprised at Hadrian’s statement before looking back and forth between the twins who just left the classroom and Hadrian. “Are you sure?” he asked carefully looking at the twins with a questioning glare, what did they tell him, that they managed to earn his trust this quickly?

“They have the map,” was the only thing Hadrian stated dryly in reply.

Neville looked at him confused not knowing what map his friend was talking about when it suddenly hit him what map Hadrian was speaking of. Sirius had told them several stories about how they invented the map and what they did with it so it was no wonder they knew about it. “Oh,” was all he said before he nodded, turned around and left towards the next entrance to their rooms in order to inform Salazar about what was about to happen later.

“Good, well that is that. Messrs. Weasley, you know where and when to meet me,” Hadrian nodded towards the twins before he addressed Gillam who had simply observed the entire thing with interest. “Come on! We’re already late because of this entire ordeal…” he sighed.

Together they continued their way to the headmaster’s office in silence. Gillam was quite curious as to what the twins had wanted but he would never outright ask Hadrian about it, either he trusted him and told him or he would not and that was also fine with him. A few minutes later, they arrived in the corridor where a gargoyle was guarding the entrance of Dumbledore’s office an angered Snape pacing in front of it.

“Ah Mr. Slytherin, you finally grace us with your presence,” the man sneered.

“Good evening Sir, I’m sorry but a certain pair of twins thought it a good idea to abduct me this evening hence my lateness,” Hadrian inclined his head towards his head of house.

Snape looked at him before giving the gargoyle the password. “Twins? The Weasley’s?” Hadrian simply nodded. “A wonder that you’re still in one piece,” he chuckled lowly.

“It might surprise you, Sir, but the twins are not bad to have around once you got to know them. They are intelligent, quite fun and not bullies like a certain other group…” Hadrian growled the last part, which surprised Snape though he could not ask anything since they now stood in front of the door to Dumbledore’s office. Unseen by his companions Hadrian drew a vial from his robe and quickly donned the contents.

Snape knocked sharply and after a jovial “Enter,” the three entered the room.

“Ah, Hadrian my boy, how nice that you came. Can I offer you something? Tea? Coffee? Or perhaps a lemon drop?” Dumbledore beamed with a twinkle in his eyes. “Severus, Mr. Gillam, thank you for escorting him here but your presence is no longer required,” he clearly dismissed them.

Hadrian looked at Dumbledore with a soft smile but inwardly he was wondering, what was the old fool up to? What game was he trying to play with addressing him this informally? However, he could play that game as well and it seemed to be past time that he showed the man that he was not only a Slytherin by name. Dumbledore would be in for a very nasty surprise if he thought that lacing his lemon drops with a truth serum would work, and not only because of the potion he had taken prior to entering that stopped any other potion from working on him for the next hour. Sure, it bore the risk that if he hurt himself and needed a potion for healing it would not work either but he did not plan on getting hurt. Though one thing he knew for certain was that he didn’t want to be alone with Dumbledore.

“Albus my old friend, a nice cup of tea wouldn’t go amiss. But how are you fairing? It must have been an eternity since we last met, five years, wasn’t it?” he asked in a happy-go-lucky tone of voice taking one of the offered lemon drops and popping it into his mouth, momentarily stunning Dumbledore silent with his statement. All the while, he could feel Snape going stiff next to him and Gillam drawing a sharp breath because of his informal address of the headmaster.

“Unfortunately, Professor Snape’s and Gillam’s presence is necessary, or did you forget Albus, that when the headmaster of Hogwarts wants to talk with one of the students, either the head of the house said student is a member of or the student’s guardian has to be present as it is stated in §153 of the Hogwarts Charter? We would not want to break the school rules in such a way, would we?” he said in a sorrowful voice. “As for Gillam, he is here as my advisor in everything concerning Hogwarts and its population since he has been at this school far longer than I have and therefore has a better grasp on the internal workings than I do. I hope you have no problem with this because otherwise I fear that we have to terminate this meeting here and now and wait for my guardian to arrive,” he continued in a far more serious voice.

Dumbledore only sat there silently stunned for a few moments the twinkling in his eyes visibly dimmed. Having met five years ago? For the life of him, he couldn’t remember having met the boy at any other time over the years, ever since the night he left him with his relatives ten years ago, so what was he talking about? It also irked him that the boy so blatantly disrespected him by calling him by his given name not to mention tried to lecture him about school rules. A mere eleven-year-old boy would not best him.

“Very well, it seems Severus that you will have to stay but Mr. Gillam will have to leave,” Dumbledore said in a tone that dared Hadrian to argue against this.

Hadrian however did not even think about not arguing that point. Remembering the last time when Dumbledore had found it apt to play the “who knows the law better” game, he had been beaten by his father so badly that he never again argued against him the entire time that he currently worked for the DMLE. Now let us see whether his ego can stand being shown up by an eleven year old boy with an eidetic memory who out of boredom and the need to be prepared read the entire Hogwarts Charter as well as the school rules and has no qualms about using them to his benefit.

“§192 of the Hogwarts school rules, a student can name an advisor in case that the student has insufficient knowledge of the topic he names his advisor for. As you certainly know this is my fourth day here at Hogwarts and I undoubtedly have insufficient knowledge about the student population, what is going on and what could be important,” he replied with a smirk that was that of a shark that smelled blood in the water.

“You should become a lawyer once you graduate,” Gillam next to him muttered.

“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. While I agree that you should have a vast knowledge about both I would say that having knowledge about the rules you and everyone else has to follow is equally important. You cannot get around laws and rules if you don’t know them by heart,” Hadrian snickered while Snape narrowed his eyes at him. “Professor, don’t worry, you will probably never find even a single one of my toes out of line.”

“That is not what I’m worried about. It is the why that concerns me,” Snape sneered.

“Ah yes, the fine and subtle art of bending the rules to one’s benefit, a true Slytherin trait don’t you agree Albus?” he mused taking a sip of the offered tea.

Hadrian having closely observed Dumbledore throughout the entire discussion saw something that troubled him massively. At first, it looked to him like the man was highly disappointed in him, which he somehow expected but when Hadrian mentioned, that it was only a question of how to bend the rules when you want to cross them, his eyes had lit up. To Hadrian it seemed that Dumbledore wanted him to break the school rules. Hadrian would certainly have to talk to Snape about this, but he unfortunately had a lot to do this evening so it would have to wait until tomorrow.

“Indeed Hadrian,” Dumbledore smiled grandfatherly giving in to Hadrian’s wish of having Gillam attend this meeting. “However, the reason for why I wanted to talk to you is that I’m deeply worried about you. You see, ever since you left the security of your relatives I was concerned that you would come to harm as there are quite a few people out there who would wish you harm, especially after your victory over Lord Voldemort,” Snape hissed lowly upon hearing the Dark Lord’s name but despite that didn’t say anything. “Would you mind telling me where you’ve been staying over the last five years my dear boy?”

“Oh, you know, here and there. I was in China, America, Russia, England and Germany mainly but also in many other countries,” he shrugged.

Dumbledore’s eyebrows rose slightly. “But where have you stayed while you were in England?”

“That depends on several factors actually. Have I been with my guardian I stayed at Phoenix Street while when staying with my godfather I was at Grimmauld Place. Then I also spent quite the significant amount of time at Longbottom manor as well as another manor I cannot name,” Hadrian explained. “Fidelius charm,” he elaborated upon seeing Dumbledore’s confused gaze.

Dumbledore hummed upon hearing that, those were all locations he knew so there was no real news in that except the ominous manor that was under the Fidelius charm. “How is your guardian my boy? He hasn’t hurt you has he?” Dumbledore once again showed deep concern about Hadrian’s wellbeing.

Hadrian on the other hand furrowed his brows taking another sip of the tea not because he was thirsty but for Dumbledore to believe that the truth serum in the tea was working. But was he really going to believe that old fool that he was worried about whether his father had hurt him or not? He who dumped him with Petunia of all people? Though he refrained from pointing this out because he doubted that it would do him any good concerning Dumbledore.

“John is a great guardian, he always treated me like a real son and never ever once beat me or hurt me otherwise, or do you believe that any of my godparents would have let that happen?” he finally said though Dumbledore didn’t need to know that his father had sworn an oath to never hurt him on purpose. Who knows what the man would otherwise come up with if he learned of that.

“However, I didn’t fail to notice that you seem to be quite distant in your description of him, my dear boy.” Dumbledore leaned forward placing his folded hands on his desk his eye twinkle and grandfatherly persona on at full power, exuding an air that just screamed kind old grandfather, trust me with anything, even your deepest darkest secrets you have told no one.

“Huh, I didn’t know that it was any of your concern as to how I call my guardian in front of you Albus,” Hadrian asked curiously.

“Buy my dear boy, you simply must understand that I’m quite worried about your wellbeing. This also includes the article this morning. Do you think it wise to admit openly that you are dark? Not to mention a parselmouth? There are quite a few people out there, who would see you as the next Dark Lord in coming for this alone. Is this what you truly want?” Dumbledore sighed. “Then there is the statement you gave. My dear boy, I don’t know whether you’re aware of it or not but Voldemort used a quite similar phrase.”

Hadrian closed his eyes and placed his index finger on his mouth thinking about what he had just heard, or so it looked to Dumbledore. Inwardly he was slightly seething at the terribly informal way Dumbledore was addressing him while thinking about something entirely different, namely on how to proceed. He could sit there and continue to discuss the matter with the man either getting nowhere with it, or in the worst case he would drive the meddling old fool to desperate measures in his quest to control him and his fate. No, that definitely would not do.

All warfare is based on deception.
If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him.
If he is in superior strength, evade him.
If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.
Pretend to be weak, so that he may grow arrogant.
If he is taking his ease, give him no rest.
Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

Unfortunately for Hadrian, Dumbledore was of superior strength at the moment so it was better to evade him for now. So perhaps another strategy would be of better use, he did not want to tickle a sleeping dragon after all, although that did not mean that he would give him time to rest.

“Perhaps you’re right,” he finally admitted opening his eyes again. “It wouldn’t do to come across as someone who wants to become the next Dark Lord or be like the last one,” he evaded saying the name for Snape’s sake.

Dumbledore now smiled, as if that had been exactly what he had wanted to hear. “It is good to see that you’ve seen reason. Having to see you be hurt would pain me greatly, and while you are safe as long as you are here within the walls of Hogwarts, I would not be able to protect you in the outside world. I know all this must be hard for you, having to bear the fame and expectations everyone has heaped upon you since from a very young age on. But I promise you that my office door always will be open for should you need help or simply someone to talk to my dear boy,” he said in a soft kind grandfatherly tone of voice.

Hadrian slowly nodded as if agreeing with Dumbledore’s statement but inwardly he shook his head. As if he would ever go to the man for anything other than the necessary deception.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said aloud.

“Very well, is there anything that you wish to address yourself, my boy?” Dumbledore asked his twinkling once again back full force but Hadrian simply shook his head. “Good, then I would say you should return to your common room as curfew is approaching and you don’t want to be caught roaming the halls after curfew, now do you?” Dumbledore said with a smile and his eyes twinkling even more.

“Of course not, Albus,” Hadrian replied as if Dumbledore had asked the unthinkable.

“Then off you go, Have a good night and sleep well my boy,” Dumbledore smiled dismissing Hadrian and by extension Snape and Gillam.

Hadrian stood up and walked towards the door followed by Gillam and Snape though he turned around again before reaching the door looking Dumbledore straight into the eyes.

“Oh and Albus, before I forget it, I expect you to apologise to me in front of the entire student body within the next twenty-four hours. Good evening,” he said with a curt nod of his head before he left the office followed by Snape and Gillam. Dumbledore stared after them as if he had never seen them before.

They walked down the stairs together and past the gargoyle before Hadrian turned around towards the other two.

“Did you think it wise to accept the lemon drop from the headmaster?” Snape cautiously asked. “They are laced with a truth serum you know.”

“I know,” Hadrian smirked before pulling another vial of the potion he took beforehand out of his pocket and giving it to Snape who inspected it closely.

“Sly, but you should be glad that it was only a minor truth serum and not Veritaserum because this potion is ineffective with it,” the Potions Master nodded in approval giving the vial back.

“Professor, I didn’t take it because of a possible truth serum, but because of compulsion, loyalty or other potions of that sort. Despite that it wouldn’t have mattered whether it was only a low level truth serum or Veritaserum since neither would have worked on me with or without the potion,” Hadrian said placing the potion back from where he took it earning a confused look from both Snape and Gillam. “There is one type of person that no truth serum works with no matter how strong, those who don’t lie on principle.”

“You expect me to believe that you, a Slytherin by name and blood, never lies,” Snape sneered.

“If there is one thing my father abhors more than anything else it is lies,” Hadrian retorted. “So yes, I never lie. Notwithstanding, that the truth is far worse than any lie I could come up with.”

“But don’t you fear that you would have to reveal something you don’t want to?” Gillam spoke up for the first time.

Hadrian was just about to reply to the question but Snape beat him to it. “Mr. Gillam, you should know that there is the truth and then there is the truth. Only because someone does not lie it does not automatically imply that what said person told you is the undiluted truth. The truth can be twisted in multiple ways so that you barely recognise it, but as a member of the house of Slytherin you should already know that,” here the Potions Master raised an eyebrow.

“Of course I’m aware of that, it was just a simple misunderstanding as I assumed that you would tell the truth,” Gillam replied.

Hadrian snickered lowly. “It seems that I have to teach our house the art of listening carefully to what is said. I said that I do not lie, not that I would always tell the truth. You know one small insignificant word at the right time and in the right place can make the difference between a prospering kingdom and utter failure,” he explained with a smirk looking at his watch before cursing lowly. “However, I have another meeting to attend to. Professor Snape, Gillam, I have to thank you that you came with me to the meeting with Dumbledore. Professor, before I leave, there are a few things I would like to discuss with you, so would it be possible to meet you tomorrow evening?”

“Indeed,” Snape simply said with a curt nod before he stepped around Hadrian and walked down the corridor towards the dungeons.

Gillam watched the professor leaving before turning back to Hadrian. “You have quite the nerve calling Dumbledore by his given name, I thought he was going to kill you,” he shook his head.

“It was Dumbledore who called me by my given name first so it was very well within my right to call him by his also.”

“True. You said you had to attend another meeting, do you need me for it?” Gillam asked.

“No, but thank you. I probably will not be able to come to the common room this evening considering that it is already past eight, so I think we will see each other at breakfast tomorrow. Goodnight,” Hadrian curtly bowed his head.

“Good night then,” Gillam followed suit before also leaving towards the dungeons.

Once alone Hadrian also left the corridor and walked to the place he had shown the twins where they should meet him. Upon entering said corridor, he could already see them leaning against the wall patiently waiting for him to arrive.

“Messrs. Weasley, I hope you didn’t wait too long,” he greeted them.

“First things first,”

“Please call us Fred and George.”

“No need to be so formal,” the twins said, while simultaneously pushing of the wall.

“Very well then, Fred and George, it would be my pleasure if would you call me Hadrian then. If you would please follow me, I don’t want to discuss this where we can be overheard,” Hadrian said leading them to another empty classroom before sealing the door with anti-eavesdropping runes the twins looking at him expectantly.

“You want to know what I meant with my side. Well, it is exactly as I said my side. As you can probably tell, I am not on Dumbledore’s side and I am definitely not bowing to that hypocritical half-blood Riddle. Do not be mistaken I am not that golden poster boy and heroic saviour some people want to see me as. What I, or rather my father wants to achieve, is to bring the British wizarding community back to the glory and status that it deserves. Thanks to Dumbledore, everyone who is a creature is oppressed, more than half of the original classes at Hogwarts have been cancelled, hundreds of books forbidden, and more magic or potions that could help people declared dark and illegal, than I could count. On top of that comes Riddles proclaimed blood purity resulting in heavy inbreeding within the old families, which increased the number of squibs born within the last century.”

“So, to make sure we understood you correctly, you want to make the dark arts legal again, equality for creatures and freedom in what you want to study,” George summed it up.

“In a nutshell, yes,” Hadrian nodded wondering once again about the twins, they asked good questions and seemed to have put quite some time in thinking about those topics as well.

“How do you want to achieve this? I mean the Wizengamot surely wouldn’t go with it, at least making the dark arts legal again,” now Fred spoke up.

“Between the Potter, the Slytherin, the Black and the Longbottom name we have more than enough political influence and power to see our goals achieved and that is not putting our other allies into consideration. Though I have to admit that it will take its time, changes do not come overnight after all, and we do not want to shock the people by making changes too suddenly. We also want to get rid of Riddle ultimately, and yes before you ask he isn’t dead, as well as Dumbledore,” Hadrian sighed, he was taking a large risk with telling those two this much, but he hoped to convince them to accept it and join his side.

Fred and George looked at each other having a silent conversation.

They knew that Dumbledore wasn’t as light as he wanted people to believe, they had known for quite some time now since their first (to their parent’s unknown) visit to Knockturn Alley actually. Having always been told that they were forbidden to go there had spiked their curiosity and one day, they had managed to escape their parents and had gone down the alley. Oh, and had that been a revelation. Sure, the alley was dark and dingy at first, and there also were some questionable individuals found, but once you went beyond the first few shops, it changed. It seemed that the entrance of the alley was kept that way on purpose, in order to keep the prejudiced people who don’t want to have anything to do with those they deem below them, out. When they had travelled down the alley, they had gotten to know what all those creature laws truly were doing and they had hated it, but they were unfortunately only minors of a family with no influence whatsoever.

Then there were as Hadrian had said all the classes Dumbledore had cancelled. Oh, how much they would have loved to study something like Healing or Rituals, but the first had been cancelled without any valid reason and the last simply because it was deemed dark.

No, they wanted to change certain things and it looked to them that they were the same things Hadrian’s guardian wanted to change so it was the opportunity they needed and wanted.

“We want in on it,” they finally said.

“Are you sure? I am not light…actually, I’m what everyone would deem dark though I can confidently tell you that I’m not like Riddle. So, don’t worry that I would throw around the Unforgivables as if they are going out of style anytime soon,” Hadrian asked for clarification upon which they both nodded. “Very well, as I already told you I’ll need your oath then,” he said not being able to keep the smirk from appearing on his face.

Both took their wands and swore an oath on their magic to not reveal what they were about to learn in any possible way. Once the oath took hold, Hadrian nodded in satisfaction before cancelling the runes and leading the twins to the next door to his quarters that was not opposite of the headmaster’s office.

“You know, I wonder…you didn’t even question my statement about a certain someone,” Hadrian spoke up on their way.

“I assume you’re talking about a certain someone who is one of the more hidden supporters of the creature laws but pretends to be their friend?” George asked with a strange emphasis on the word hidden.

Hadrian looked at them surprised.

“On one of our little exploration runs we happened to end up in a certain alley near Diagon Alley and met a few interesting individuals who told us equally interesting things,” Fred continued.

“What are you two doing in Gryffindor with how Slytherin you behave?” Hadrian snickered.

“The hat asked us the same,” they retorted making Hadrian laugh.

“I have to admit that I’m quite glad that you two agreed to join my side and I hope that you don’t regret it at some point, though even if you do and want an out…as long as you don’t join one of my declared enemies you have nothing to fear from me.”

“As if we would willingly join Riddle or a certain other someone,” they scoffed as one.

They reached a painting in which a green garden snake lay curled up on a stone basking in the sun.

“Good evening, would you please let us through?” Hadrian asked politely in parseltongue.

The snake reared its head to look at who had disturbed it before it nodded curtly and lay back down. In the meantime, the wall right next to the painting opened and revealed a short passage leading to a closed door. Hadrian stepped into the passage closely followed by the twins, opening the door and leading them into the living room of Salazar’s former rooms. The twins stopped dead in their tracks when they got to see the room.

“This…” they stuttered astonished. “Not even the head boy and girl have such rooms.”

“Well, what can I say…Snape didn’t allow me to switch rooms with Nott so that I could share my room with Neville and so we decided to stay in Salazar Slytherin’s old rooms,” Hadrian snickered while he walked over to the kitchen. “Can I offer you something to drink?” he asked opening the fridge and taking out the orange juice pouring himself a glass. Looking expectantly at the twins they both shook their head.

He shrugged and placed the juice back where he had taken it from before walking back up to them. That was when they heard a low chuckle from the chair closest to them and that had its back turned towards them so that they could not see who was sitting in it.

“So, you’re the Weasley twins who managed to impress my son?” a deep male voice asked. “I hope that you’re worth his attention and don’t betray him because believe me if you do you’ll wish you never heard of the Slytherin name.”

The eyes of the twins widened and they looked at each other before looking at Hadrian questioningly and not without a certain amount of fear showing through. Hadrian on the other hand only rolled his eyes upon his father’s overdramatic antics.

“Dad, stop scaring them, they swore an oath that they wouldn’t reveal anything they learn this evening. They also want to help us,” he sighed.

They heard another chuckle while the man the voice belonged to stood up from his armchair and turned around to them.

“Do they? Well, in this case welcome to the third side in this petty little war, my name is Salazar Slytherin,” Salazar said with a curt bow towards the twins who only stared at him slightly dumbfounded and in no small amount of shock.

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