Chapter 8: Always look on the bright side of life

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They both slept until the next morning only visited by James and Ms. Pye from time to time to see whether they were alright.

At around nine o’clock in the morning, Harry was the first to wake up from the long and dreamless sleep. First, he was a bit irritated about the situation but when he remembered the last day, he even curled himself more into Salazar’s arms hoping that this moment would never end.

Nevertheless, even the good moments end sometime and so did this. About half an hour later, Salazar also woke up moving slightly in order to not wake up Harry only to see that he already was awake.

“Good morning Harry. How have you slept?” Salazar asked him gently.

“I haven’t slept this well in my entire life and I don’t want to get up” he whispered hiding his face so that Salazar won’t see him blushing.

“Hmmm but that’s a shame because I think downstairs is a nice breakfast waiting for us” Salazar said with a look at the clock on the bedside table.

Harry growled. On the one hand, he did not want to leave the bed but on the other, he was quite hungry. In the end, the hunger won and he crawled out of bed.

“I suggest we both take a quick bath and then go downstairs together, okay?” Salazar asked and got a nod in return with a slightly frightened look.

“I’ll be in my own bath on the other side of the corridor so if something is wrong you just have to call” he explained upon seeing the fear in the boy’s face. It seemed that it would take some time for Harry to let him out of sight without fearing that he left him.

Harry nodded and Salazar stood up going to his own bathroom. He hurried and only took a quick shower before he got dressed in long emerald green and black robes before he went into Harry’s room again only to find him coming from his bathroom clean and dressed. He also had put his bracelet back on. Harry showed great relieve to see Salazar and both of them went down to the kitchen to get breakfast.

In the kitchen, they saw Sylvia Pye sitting at the table having breakfast. It seemed that she stayed overnight in case they needed her again. Salazar greeted her and sat opposite her when Harry went and bowed to her.

“Ms. Pye, I wanted to thank you for treating me and apologise in case I have hurt you when…when the incident happened” his voice trembled and was only a mere whisper at the end.

Pye looked at him for his antics before she smiled.

“First, you can call me Sylvia and then there is no need for you to apologise. I had not realised how exhausted and terrified you were at that time. When there is someone who should apologise it is me because I should have known better but I were so shocked that I didn’t realise, I’m sorry” she told him softly which made him blush slightly. “And now sit down and have some breakfast, you haven’t eaten anything for over two days now.”

Salazar smiled and nodded to him while he sat down. Shortly after, one of the elves brought them both breakfast. Harry again shoved the plate away after he was half the way through it with a sad smile.

“You don’t have to be sad. It is okay that you don’t eat all of it” Pye said to him.

“But it is so good and I don’t want to stop, but…” Harry sighed.

“Everything is okay. You are not used to eating so much but with time that will change, you will see. Nevertheless, I like to ask you to do something. I brought you some potions, which will help you to become a healthy boy. One, that will help your bones grow properly and one as a dietary supplement to get your blood parameters to a healthy level. Therefore I want you to drink them for the entire next week every morning and evening, each one of the red and one of the silver-white potion, okay?” Pye explained.

Harry suspiciously looked at the two vials she had put in front of him before he nodded and drank them both.

“Good boy. The others has Mr. Finnigan and he will give them to you.”

“Mr. Finnigan?” Harry asked curiously.

“Oh yes you haven’t met James yet. He is the butler of this house. James!” Salazar called out.

A minute later James came through the door that leads to the annex.

“Good Morning. You called, Sir?” he greeted everyone.

“Yes Harry hasn’t met you yet so I thought it was time. Harry this is James Finnigan as I said he is my butler. Whenever you have a problem or a question and I am not at hand you can go to him. I fully trust him and so can you” introduced Salazar.

Harry shyly looked at the man not knowing what to do.

“Hello, I’m Harry” he finally said while he put forth his hand.

James took and shook it while kneeling in front of him so that he was on eye level with Harry.

“Hello Harry I’m James. As Mr. Slytherin just said, you can come to me whenever something is troubling you. Even if you only need some company, okay?”

Harry nodded while slightly blushing. After James stood up again to get back to work and Harry turned back toward Salazar he kept silence for some time. It looked like he wanted to ask something but did not know how.

“Is there something you want to ask?” Salazar smiled softly at him but Harry kept his silence. “You know when you don’t ask we can’t help you.”

“But what if I fear the answer to my question?”

Salazar sighed. “You have to think about it this way: What do you fear more? The answer to your question or what might happen if you do not ask at all. You can always keep the question to you but in the end it might be that you will ask yourself what might have happened if you had asked and whether that might have been better.”

Harry thought about that for a few minutes before he came to a decision.

“I…I wanted to ask whether you have been serious yesterday when…when…” his voice trembled and failed completely at the end.

“Harry you should know that I never lie and I’m always serious when I promise something especially when it is something that important” he explained in a soft voice upon which Harry’s face brightened up and shone like the sun itself.

Harry feared that Salazar had only said that to him to get him out of his nightmare but had not really meant it. Pye on the other hand was confused and gave Salazar a puzzled look.

“I told Harry yesterday while in you-know-what that I’d like to adopt him legally so that no one has the power to take him away” he explained to her on which her yaw practically fell onto the floor.

“You’re really serious about that? How do you want to achieve that? I mean the moment you tell the Department of Child Care about it Dumbledore will know it and Merlin knows what he will do then. Not to mention that it will expose you.”

“Do I look like someone that goes through the front entrance of the Ministry exclaiming that I want to adopt Harry Potter? No, no, I will do that through the goblins. Much easier, less paperwork for me and as binding as through the Ministry itself thanks to a small long forgotten but never cancelled law from anno 1243” he said with a grin.

“The goblins? I never heard that this is possible.”

“As said, long forgotten law and only accessible to certain persons.”

“Uhm sorry, but what is a goblin?” Harry asked curiously.

“Goblins are a race. They are small humanoid persons and if you do not know it better, they look quite grumpy. In the past, wizarding kind persecuted them but today they are a part of the magical society. They manage and store the riches and properties of most wizards and witches. You will see them when we go to Gringotts later, which is the bank they own. But first I have to write two letters and I’d like to talk to you for a moment Pye.”

Pye nodded and they both stood up but Harry looked anxious on the perspective of letting Salazar out of sight.

“Hey, we only will go over there and have a quick talk. You’ll be able to see us the entire time” Salazar said upon seeing Harrys fear.

Harry nodded with hesitation and the two went to the opposite of the room, Harry never letting his eyes of them. Salazar quickly threw up some silencing charms because what they had to discuss would only worry and scare Harry.

“I fear that this will take some time to wear off” Pye stated.

“You are right but with what he had been through it is no wonder.”

“Up to now I haven’t asked, but what have you seen while you were in his mind?”

“I assume you can perform Legilimens?”

Pye nodded and used it on Salazar. When he sensed her in his mind, he showed her a rough roundup of what he had been through in Harry’s mind. Luckily, she stood with her back to Harry because she would have scared him with the look on her face pretty much.

“Wha- are you serious? Is this real?” she was completely shocked.

Salazar nodded.

“Yes and this was only the light version” he told her.

She had to lean against the sideboard behind her, otherwise she wasn’t sure whether her legs could carry her anymore.

“What kind of people treat a child like that? I mean I know about the nightmares of a child through my work but this…this is beyond everything.”

“Only the worst kind and I can assure you that they will pay very soon. But that wasn’t what I originally wanted to discuss with you, Pye.”

“Please call me Sylvia.”

Salazar nodded to her. “Then call me Salazar. I wanted to ask a favour from you, well to be precisely four.

First, I would like to ask you whether you could come by regularly to check on Harry. It seems that he trusts you and I think checking him on a regular basis would be good for him. Especially, since we do not know the aftereffects of removing the spells and the Horcrux. Not to mention this.”

“That goes without saying particularly after what I just saw. I will come over at least thrice a week to look after him either in the morning or in the evening when I am through with my work at St. Mungo’s. I hope he fully recovers someday” she replied.

“Okay good. Second, I want to write an anonymous letter to the Daily Prophet telling them about Harry’s disappearance and that they should have a look at Privet Drive No. 4, in order to get to Dumbledore. The world shall know what he has done to Harry. I’d like to ask you whether you could then give them a statement that you were able to medically check Harry and what state you found him in without telling where he is now” he continued.

Sylvia nodded.

“The third thing will take place in a week or two, which depends on how quick the Ministry is. I want to get Sirius Black out of Azkaban.”

Upon hearing that, Sylvia took a sharp breath. “He is a traitor and a murderer. Why do you want him out?”

“Because he is neither. He is Harry’s magical godfather and you know what that means. He also didn’t kill anybody; it was Peter Pettigrew who committed all those crimes.”

“If you are right and he in fact is Harry’s magical godfather he truly is innocent. But how do you plan to get him out?”

Salazar grinned. “By poking around the Ministry, asking the right questions…you’ll see soon enough. However, what I would like to ask from you is that once he is out of Azkaban I recommend a placement in St. Mungo’s for a mental check-up and I would like him under your care than under anyone else. Is that something you could arrange?”

“Perhaps. But what is in that deal for me?” she asked with a devious smile an idea coming to her. “I mean that is quite a lot you ask from me.”

Salazar sighed and thought about it for a second when an idea struck him.

“What if I become your personal potion brewer when you accept?”

“Hmm that sounds quite promising. But first your last request” she smiled again. This has been just the thing she wanted.

“Well the last thing I’d like to ask from you is to swear a magical oath to never reveal anything regarding me or Harry without my approval. It is not that I do not trust you but for your protection. Every information is under a Fidelius Charm with me as the Secret-Keeper but that would be another protection from prying eyes and ears.”

Sylvia nodded. “You are quite right. A Fidelius Charm is quite powerful but better be safe than sorry. Especially if you make me a Secret-Keeper in order to give information to the Prophet and the Ministry” she thought about it for some time before she continued. “Okay I accept for you becoming my personal brewer to help you with your task to get Dumbledore of his throne.”

A golden light started to emit from both of them and twisted with the respective other as the magical contract formed itself. Salazar on the other hand looked at Sylvia quite surprised because of her formulation of the contract.

“You know that you didn’t have to formulate it that generally? I only asked you to do certain things.”

“I know but to be honest I’m fed up with Dumbledore and his hypocrisy and you are the only one I trust to get him down and I also do this for Harry” she explained with a smile.

Salazar did not know what to say. He was astonished about the woman in front of him and the trust she had in him.

After that, Sylvia swore the oath of never revealing anything regarding Salazar and Harry without Salazar’s explicit consent and Salazar in return made her Secret-Keeper.

Now that they were finished with the discussion, Salazar cancelled the silencing charm and they both went over to Harry. He had in the meantime become quite worried because the whole discussion took over half an hour.

“Are you alright?” Salazar asked and Harry nodded showing relieve. “I’d say I quickly write the two letters and after that you, James and I go to Diagon Alley and Gringotts to get the adoption done, okay?”

Harry smiled broadly and he jumped up and down in excitement.

“Okay I’ll leave you to it then and get to work. I don’t think that my boss will take another free day from me” Sylvia laughed.

“Alright we will see you soon I assume?”

“Yes I’ll come over in two days to look after Harry” she waved at them and turned to the door in order to use the floo in the drawing room when she suddenly was tackled from behind with a hug from Harry.

“Thank you again” he said to her back.

At first, she was surprised but then she smiled and hugged him back.

“I’ll see you in two days and don’t forget your potions.”

Harry nodded vigorously before he let her go. She smiled at him and with a last wave at him she went to work.

“So to the study then, I assume you want to come with me Harry?”

Harry looked sheepishly to the floor but nodded.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You can always stay with me if you like as long as I do not have to do something very important out of the house alone. But that won’t happen soon.”

After a quick talk to James where Salazar told him to get ready for a trip to Diagon Alley, the two of them went to the study where Salazar quickly wrote the two letters. One anonymous to the Daily Prophet and one under a false identity to Amelia Bones the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Before he put them both into the inner pocket of his robe, he placed anti-tracking charms on them so that no one could track them back to him. He also casted a small glamour on Harry and on himself before they left the study.

“Why did you do that?” Harry curiously asked.

“I haven’t told you yet but you are quite famous in the magical world as well as I am, so that no one recognises you before I have adopted you I cast a glamour on you. This lets you look a bit different you see?” he explained while conjuring up a small mirror for Harry.

“Ah so now nobody knows who I am and leaves me in peace” Salazar nodded. “But why am I famous? I am no one special and I didn’t do anything special.”

“I think I’ll tell you some other day because for today we have more important things to do and I don’t want to overload you with information again. There will be enough later at Gringotts so that you don’t need those to today.”

Harry cocked his head thinking about it but finally nodded.

Twenty minutes later, they both left the house together with James and went to the Leaky Cauldron via floo. Harry was tight in Salazar’s arms because this was his first time to travel that way but James left the fireplace behind them.

Salazar shortly smiled and nodded to Tom the innkeeper after he let Harry down.

“Good morning Sal. This early? And since when do you have a child?” he asked curiously.

Salazar was a regular customer in the Leaky Cauldron so he knew Tom pretty well. Tom knew the short form of his name but was otherwise unaware who he was since he always wore the glamour when going to Diagon Alley.

“He is a relative of mine. His parents died and now I care for him. He came to me a few days ago and now we are making a trip to Diagon Alley to sort some things out. Hadrian would you come over here please?” he called out to Harry who stood with James while making a gesture that he meant him.

Harry looked at him quizzically but did as his father asked from him.

“Yes? What is it?”

“Hadrian this is Tom he is the barkeeper and owner of this bar. Tom this is Hadrian” he introduced them.

Harry did not know what to think of the change of names but decided that Salazar would have his reasons and thus played along for now.

“Hello, nice to meet you” he greeted Tom.

“Nice to meet you too Hadrian.”

Salazar exchanged a few more words with Tom before the three went through the backdoor into a small courtyard with a tall brick wall around it.

“Hadrian?” Harry asked curious now that they were alone.

“Oh yes I’m sorry I forgot to warn you about that. As I said, you are quite famous and before people jump to conclusions, I slightly changed your name so they do not recognise it. I hope you do not mind. I should also tell you that I go by the short form Sal so please don’t call me by my full name or my last name, alright?” he explained. “The only ones who know the truth despite James, Sylvia and Reichard are the goblins.”

Harry nodded and stored that information for later. He did not want to disappoint Salazar and if he thought it was necessary then he would not say a thing against it.

“But how do we get to this Diagon Alley? We are in a small yard….”

Salazar smiled, took his wand out and turned to the brick wall. After he had tapped the right bricks the wall started to shift and opened up to an archway behind which a long street laid, Diagon Alley.

Harry stood there with an astonished look on his face. All the magic was so fascinating to him and he was eager to learn how everything worked but for now, they had other more important things to do. They stepped through the archway that just closed behind them and all that remained was the brick wall again.

While walking up Diagon Alley Harry did not know where to look first. There was a shop, which sold cauldrons in various sizes and materials. In front of it, two men were discussing the pros and cons off copper and silver ones. Right next to it was something that looked like an old apothecary with the shelves full of strange and mysterious things in jars, bottles and bowls. On the opposite of the street was a shop that sold owls in every shape and size he knew and even more.

Harry slowed down a little while he looked around in awe. The others when they noticed that he did not follow them anymore waited.

“Harry we later can look around here as much as you like, but for now I’m sorry but we have more important things to do” Salazar said with a soft voice.

Harry looked a bit sad but he knew Salazar was right they could look later as long as they liked but so long the issue with the adoption wasn’t through there was always the risk someone noticing him and in the worst case reporting to Dumbledore. He did not know the man personally but from what he heard from Salazar this would be extremely bad and most likely would end him with his other relatives again and that was not something he wanted even if it meant he had to supress his curiosity for now. Hell, he even would swear that he never ever would come back again to Diagon Alley and all his wonders when that would ensure that he would never have to go back to Privet Drive again.

Therefore, he speed up getting back to Salazar and James before they together went on until they came up to a huge white building on which in big golden letter said “Gringotts”. It was larger than every other building in this street.

Next to the large bronze doors stood a small humanoid person in a scarlet red and golden uniform. It was about as tall as Harry was, had a dark and clever face and quite long fingers.

“So this is a goblin?” Harry asked while he smiled at it.

“Yes they are extremely clever” Salazar explained while he bowed to the goblin which the goblin returned with something that looked like a sneer to Harry.

“As I told you earlier to those who don’t know better they look quite grumpy but this is how they smile and as long as you don’t try to steal from them they are nice and friendly to you” he continued his explanation while pointing at the words engraved at the silver door they were just facing.

Harry read carefully the words that warned everybody never to try stealing something from Gringotts as you may find more than you were looking for. They went past that door and after entering, they shortly stopped and Salazar cancelled the glamour on them.

“The goblins don’t like it when you come in with a glamour or something the like on you because that shows them you have something to hide and possibly aren’t up to something good. Normally they don’t say something when you don’t cancel them but the politeness demands it that you do it.”

Harry nodded. He took the time Salazar needed to look around. They stood in a large hall at which on the left and the right side were long counters. Behind most of them sat a Goblin. Some were counting gold, inspecting gems or writing furiously on some papers or into books. Some other goblins were showing people around and lead them through hallways going form either side of the room, which probably lead to offices and the like.

After cancelling the glamour charms, Salazar went up to a counter behind which a goblin weighted some gold. He greeted the goblin in a language Harry did not understand but the goblin looked up in surprise. Salazar shortly bowed and the goblin retuned the gesture with what Harry now knew was a smile.

“I’d like to talk to the account manager of the Slytherin and the one of the Potter accounts together and we would need a heritage test. Could you please supply us with everything necessary my friend?” he politely asked.

“That would be Rognok for the Slytherin and Griphook for the Potter accounts. I will lead you to Rognok’s office before getting Griphook and the requested test. If you would follow me please” the goblin replied.

The goblin went to the left corridor and led them around several corners. Harry tried to keep track but after some time he could not keep it up anymore and without a guide, he would be completely lost. After about two minutes’ walk they stopped in front of a door with a golden plate that read Rognok. The goblin that led them knocked and after a short “In” from the other side, he opened the door.

“Sir, Mr. Slytherin requested to speak to you and Griphook together. I’ll go and get Griphook and the also requested heritage test” the goblin supplied the other goblin, Rognok, with the necessary information.

Rognok looked up to Salazar and smiled.

“Welcome honorary clan leader Slytherin. It has been some time since our last meeting; I hope everything is to your satisfaction and that there is no problem?” Rognok asked with a bow that Salazar returned.

“No, no problem clan member Rognok only some administrative deeds I don’t want to deal with at the Ministry because it would catch the attention of certain people, mainly Dumbledore, which I want to avoid before the deeds are done. They also concern Harry Potter hence why I want Griphook to attend this meeting.”

“Ah so this is young Mr. Potter, I thought as much. Please sit down while we wait. Can I offer you something to drink?”

Salazar and Harry sat down in the chairs in front of the huge desk behind which Rognok sat. James in the meantime stood next to the door in case Salazar would need him.

“That would be appreciated” Salazar kindly replied.

He knew that goblins rarely if at all offered a drink to a wizard and it would be a great atrocity to decline such an offer. Rognok went to a small cupboard and took out a flask with golden liquor in it and three glasses.

“Elven nectar, 20 years old gathered under a full moon.”

A very rare and expensive liquor, a bottle of it was worth thousand galleons at least especially one of this age. It had only very little alcohol in it so it was, in small amounts, also okay for children. Rognok poured in some of it in each glass and gave one each to Salazar and Harry the third he took for himself.

“To the good cooperation of the past and the future. May luck and fortune shine on us” Rognok said heaving the glass with the old goblin toast.

“May luck and fortune shine on us” Salazar repeated and they both drank.

Harry in the meantime eyed the liquor suspiciously before taking a sip. When it touched his tongue, his eyes went wide. The liquor was soft and sweet and the most delicious thing he ever tasted.

Just in this moment, the door of the office opened and the goblin from the counter entered with another goblin following him. He eyed the scene and rose an eyebrow but did not say a thing when he placed a piece of parchment in front of Rognok on the desk.

“The inheritance test and Griphook the account manager of the Potter line” he explained.

“Good, good. Then might you explain what you are here for honorary clan leader Slytherin?” Rognok asked after the other goblin had left.

“Sure but first I’d like Harry here to take the inheritance test so that everything is in order” he replied.

Rognok nodded and picked up the parchment the other goblin had placed in front of him as well as a small knife from one of the drawers of his desk.

“Mr. Potter please prick your finger with the knife and place one drop of your blood onto this parchment” he explained.

Harry looked warily at Salazar.

“There is nothing to fear. The wound will heal right after and the knife is enchanted so that it wouldn’t even hurt, I promise” Salazar smiled and Harry did as he was asked.

The blood drop hit the parchment and got soaked in. It took some time before a text appeared on it.

Harry James Potter


Father: James Potter

Mother: Lily Potter née Evans


Lord of Potter

Heir to Slytherin line

Heir to Black line


Godparents: Sirius Black, Frank and Alice Longbottom

Magical Guardian: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Harry looked at the parchment in awe.

“Who is Sirius Black and the Longbottom’s?” he asked curiously.

“Hmmm? I thought I told you about Black but after the hectic and chaotic last days, you probably forgot. He is your godfather but at the moment unfortunately falsely imprisoned, a thing I am going to change soon. The Longbottom’s are an old and noble wizarding family, why do you ask about them?”

“Because this document says that they are my godparents” Harry replied while showing the parchment to Salazar.

“Oh, that’s the first time I hear of that. Your parents must have changed it after I went to start my research on them. Hmmm Alice and Frank…they are regrettably in St. Mungo’s at the moment because some crazy maniac called Bellatrix Lestrange tortured them about four years ago. Something I’ll have to think about” he mused to himself.

“As interesting as this might be, I assume we have more important business at hand?” Rognok interrupted.

“Yes sorry, I didn’t want to waste your time. The reason I am here is that I want to legally adopt Harry James Potter.”

Upon hearing that the eyes of both goblins grew wide.

“You want to adopt the boy? Now I understand why you came to us and did not went to the ministry. This would send of nearly every alarm in England especially Dumbledore’s. I assume you want to invoke the old laws that allows a goblin clan leader to adopt someone as their son and heir in case they have no own?” Rognok asked now with a wide grin.


1243 the goblin nation passed a law that stated that a clan leader could in case he had no child on his own from whatever reason, or that his child died before him and therefore had no heir directly related to him as a child, adopt someone who then would become his legal child. The person adopted could be either goblin or human. This had been passed because one of the clan leader could not get children on his own and through the than new law he legally could get an heir without his line becoming extinct. Later when the goblin nation integrated into magical Britannia, they passed this law through the Wizengamot and so it became a legal method of adoption. At that time, the Wizengamot shrugged it off as some goblin quirk not thinking that they might invoke it anyway because there were only a few clan leader in the goblin nation and those outright refused to mangle with the wizards or so they thought. However, now just that law aided Salazar in his request because within the goblin nation and under goblin law he was a clan leader even if only an honorary one. Therefore, he could adopt Harry this way and he would not have to inform them beforehand. Even better, neither the Ministry nor Dumbledore could do a thing against it once he went through with it since it was binding with the wizards too. It would also automatically set him as Harry’s Magical Guardian so overall the method of his choice.

One might now state that Harry is already Salazar’s heir but he is not his son and that is what counts for the law. This is because they also designed this law so that a clan leader can prohibit that another relative who is not his child can get the hands on his status as clan leader without his approval. So overall the clan leader can choose whom he wants to have as heir as long as he meets the requirements.

Now Rognok grinned even wider and Griphook seemed very interested in this.

“I also assume you want to adopt him through a ritual?” Rognok further asked.

Salazar nodded. “Yes since a ritual adoption is far more powerful.”

Rognok nodded too before he pressed a button on his desk. Seconds later another goblin appeared in the door.

“Yes sir?” he asked.

“Please prepare one of the ritual chambers for an adoption” Rognok stated.

The other goblin looked at him with wide eyes but nodded. “As you wish, Sir.”

“What is the difference between an adoption through a ritual and a…normal one?” Harry who had been silent the entire time was now curious.

“Well the main difference is that with a normal magical adoption I’d become legally your father and you’d become my son but there it ends. With an adoption through a certain ritual, you would not only become my son and heir but you would be able to access the inherited family magic properly and fully. I do not know how far this will reach with me because I have some…unique magical traits but it will definitely bypass the aftereffects of the mistake my grandson made that rendered him a squib. So in a nutshell it will make you even stronger then you already are” he explained.

Harry thought about that. The magical world was fascinating but also very complex. There was so much to learn and he again felt his head buzzing because of all those information he gained today. Salazar warned him about it and he now was glad that he insisted in not telling him even more.

“You shouldn’t think about it too much for now. With time you will understand it” Salazar was concerned that it again was too much for Harry and he did not want to repeat his mistake.

A few minutes later, the goblin returned stating that the ritual chamber was ready and that they could begin. Therefore, everyone followed him and entered the camber. The chamber was like the one in Salazar’s house but even larger and in the middle of this one stood a huge marble altar.

“You would have to lie on the altar Harry. I promise this won’t hurt” Salazar told him.

“Before we forget it this would be the chance to change your name if you want to” Griphook added.

Harry thought about it while Salazar raised him onto the altar. While Harry was a nice name and all it belonged to his past. A past he wanted to forget as fast as he could and start anew together with Salazar so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

“What about Hadrian the name you gave me this morning?” he asked Salazar curiously.

“This is your choice and nothing I can help you with” Salazar said with a smile.

Harry again thought about it. “Yes Hadrian would be nice” he said.

“So then your name would be Hadrian Harry James Potter-Slytherin” Rognok stated. “I’m sorry we can’t erase your old name completely as it is given to you by your birth parents and is therefore a memento to them. Nevertheless, you would be able to go by only Hadrian Slytherin and be perfectly fine. You can also arrange it that no one shall call you Harry Potter ever again since it is your choice how you want to be called.”

Harry nodded. That would do and the goblin was right his parents had named him Harry James Potter and it would be treason against them to get this name erased.

He laid down and Salazar started the blood ritual of adoption. He went through the chanting that came with the ritual for about fifteen minutes when he spoke out the final words.

“I hereby adopt you Hadrian Harry James Potter Salazar as my son and heir. May you inherit the magic and the status that comes with it and honour it until you die. So mote it be!”

A green-silver glow started to emit from both Harry and Salazar, twisted with each other and then vanished.

“It is done” Rognok stated.

“So no one would ever be able to take me away again?” Harry, no now Hadrian asked.

“Not without my consent which I wouldn’t give” Salazar smiled, another step done. Dumbledore will be in for a very nasty surprise.

Hadrian launched himself from the altar into Salazar’s arms and gave him a strong hug. He was happy. No more Dursleys and a new life no one could take from him.

Now that the ritual had been completed they all went back to Rognok’s office were they again sat down.

“So now that this is done is there anything else we can help you with?” Rognok asked.

“Yes. It is about Hadrian’s vaults. I’m not interested in what’s in there, I’m more concerned that a particular individual, Dumbledore, might have taken things or gold out of there without Hadrian’s knowledge or approval” he used Harry’s new name right from the beginning like it has always been his name.

“If you are right this would be an atrocity. I’ll instantly check this” Griphook exclaimed furious.

The goblins took the security of the vaults and their respective content very serious and every accusation that someone took something out of there without permission would end in huge investigations. Even a Magical Guardian could not take items or gold from the vault of their protégés without their approval or worse without their knowledge. They only had the allowance for taking out the amount of gold needed for the expenses to give them an average life but even that the goblins regulated heavily.

Griphook called in the documents related to the Potter accounts and went through them. It took some time but finally he finished them and looked at the two wizards in shock.

“Mr. Potter-Slytherin are you sure you never gave permission to Mr. Dumbledore to remove things or gold from your vaults?” Griphook asked.

“Sir, you can call me Hadrian and no up to today I didn’t even know I had any vaults at Gringotts” he replied shyly.

Now Griphook grew even more furious. “These documents state that every month galleons worth three hundred British Pounds were removed from your trust vault and transferred to an account that belongs to one Vernon Dursley.”

“This would be to cover the expenses for the Dursley’s while he lived with them but that can be cancelled now since he now is my son” Salazar explained with a frown.

“Okay that would be explained but on top of this one Albus Dumbledore removed several books from the trust vault and the Potter family vault. Some of those he returned but most of them, especially all regarding his ancestry and family business have not yet. Dumbledore removed them shortly after the proclamation of him becoming Magical Guardian to Hadrian went through. Also several items have been removed, I have a full list here” Griphook told them.

Hadrian looked at him in shock while Salazar took the list and looked through it. He knew that Dumbledore was not a nice person. However, that he would steal things that rightfully belonged to his son was a new low even for him.

Salazar frowned again. The items that the man removed were nothing special, some trinkets, jewellery and the like but those were Hadrian’s never the less and Dumbledore had no right to take them.

“Is there any way to get them back?” he asked cautiously.

“Since they originally belong to you, you have every right to claim them back” Griphook addressed Hadrian. “If you would be so kind and allow me to handle this, I’d see that those books and items return to where they belong. Dumbledore would be wise to return them because otherwise he would be marked as a thief with his vaults migrating to your ownership as punishment.”

Hadrian thought about it. “As long as you can get back my property I don’t care. But is there a way to keep him from entering the vaults again?”

“Well it seems that he has the key to your vaults because otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to enter them in the first place but we can replace it or if you want it transfer the content of the vaults to high security vaults which don’t require a key anymore with you the only one to access them. You can later add additional persons with access clearance but they would have to sign a contract and can only retrieve objects or amount of gold you allow them” Griphook explained.

Now Hadrian looked confused, because he had no idea what to do.

“I think you should take the offer. This way without your permission nothing can be removed and those vaults are much harder to break into” Salazar who saw the confusion on Hadrian’s face said. He knew that the goblins normally did not make such an offer without the respective person having to pay heavy funds for it but thanks to the situation and Hadrian now being his legal child this was something entirely different.

“Hmmm okay if you think it is the best I’ll do it but is there a possibility to withdraw money without coming here every time? It’s not that I need it now but in the future it might be a good thing.”

“Sure there is. There is something a muggle would call a credit card. You activate it with a drop of your blood and you are the only one to use it. It is directly linked to your vaults and you would have to state from which vault you want to draw the gold but since you are not seventeen yet you can only access the gold in your trust vault which at the moment counts 489.291 galleons, 32.531 sickles and 14.023 knuts.”

“Wow that sounds like a lot” Hadrian was astonished.

“For a trust vault this is a lot considering that the entire education at Hogwarts one of the most expensive schools in the world costs around 30.000 galleons. How comes it that it is that much?” Salazar was astonished to.

“Well Hadrian’s birth parents have left the managing of the Potter accounts, therefore also Hadrian’s trust vault, entirely to us goblins only with the statement that we should increase the amount of gold the best way possible. Originally there were only 60.000 Galleons in the trust vault but with some clever investments we were able to raise the amount to said sum within the seven years it is now open” Griphook explained.

Hadrian sat back. He had money and no small amount as it was. “Huff” was the only not so eloquent thing he could say about this.

“I don’t think we should change anything regarding the management of the Potter accounts. As long as the value does not decrease, everything should be fine. I also doubt that he needs a Gringotts-Card now because I will pay for any expenses and I do not need to touch his trust vault for it. His parents have set it up for him and I think we should leave it for after Hogwarts” Salazar stated and the goblins nodded.

He looked at Hadrian and saw that he looked a bit exhausted. Salazar casted a quick wandless tempus charm only to see that they have been here for about three hours so it was no wonder.

“Hmmm it got quite late. Hadrian what do you think would you like to go with James and get yourself an ice while I quickly discuss some more boring stuff with the goblins?” he asked him.

Hadrian looked at him. On the one hand, he was anxious to leave Salazar’s side but on the other, the sound of a delicious ice was quite tempting especially since just at that moment his stomach began to growl.

“Ice sounds nice but please don’t take too long” he looked sheepishly at the floor.

Salazar smiled. “I won’t. It is only a few things regarding business, quite boring as I said.”

Hadrian nodded, stood up and went up to James. Rognok called for another goblin who then lead the both to the front entrance of Gringotts.

“So now up to serious business” Salazar began. “The other reason why I came here today is because I wanted to warn you. As an honorary member of your society, I take account for what is likely to happen within the next years, possibly decades. I plan not only to dethrone Dumbledore for his atrocities against the goblin nation and the wizarding world but also to change the behaviour and views of the British magical society. Fools long enough fools have led Britain. I fully plan to fight for the goblin rights once again and not only theirs but every magical being that has been suppressed for long enough now.

Getting Hadrian out from Dumbledores influence was the first step but more will follow soon beginning with Sirius Black being released from Azkaban.”

Both goblins now had a broad grin on their face. Oh yes this was long overdue. The wizards had grown much too confident and looked down on everything that was not fully human. Therefore, if Salazar planned to do something against this he would have the full support of the goblin nation. They knew well that they could trust him. He had fought for them in several goblin wars and rebellions and had been the one forcing the Wizengamot to acknowledge the goblin nation and their rights hence why they made Salazar Slytherin a member of the goblin nation and later a clan leader despite not being a goblin.

“We will have to report this to our king but I think I can assure you in his name the support of the goblin nation for your task. Just tell us what you plan and we will aid you in every way we can” Rognok exclaimed.

“Thank you. For now I only plan to get Black out of prison and train Hadrian properly so that he can stand Dumbledores manipulations.”

“How do you want to achieve this?”

“Did you know that Sirius Black is Hadrian’s magical godfather?”

Both Goblins looked at him in surprise. “Wait, you mean…?”

Salazar nodded.

“Okay this is some serious news and considering he never got a questioning under Veritaserum or a trial the Ministry will have a hard time to explain why they imprisoned him in the first place.”

“You see. I also wanted to give you something.”

Salazar took out a glass phial and his wand. He pointed his wand to his temple and then carefully extracted a memory and placed it in the phial.

“These are memories from an incident three days ago. Hadrian had been in a state of mind lock after a burst of his magic and in order to get him out of it I entered his mind. These are the memories of what I saw there. It has been the images of events before I took him with me. To say they are disturbing is quite an understatement even putting into account that they are a twisted version of reality. I want you to take them as a precaution and given the case that Dumbledore tries to pull some stunt because of the adoption. He put him with his aunt and uncle in the first place. I hardly doubt that it stands within the last will of the Potters that Hadrian should be placed there but I can’t prove it because the will has been sealed” Salazar detailed.

“You mean that there is the possibility that Dumbledore acted against the explicit last will of Hadrian’s parents which in the end led to those events?” Griphook asked horrified.

“As said I can’t prove it.”

“We will look into it. Should it be proven true Dumbledore will be in for even more trouble.”

“Please be careful. Dumbledore is no light opponent, you have to look into it without stirring him up to much otherwise we will get into trouble and this isn’t anything I want right now.”

The goblins nodded. Yes with Dumbledore, you cannot be careful enough.

“There is one other thing. I plan to reveal the fact that `Harry´ went missing from under Dumbledores protection via the Daily Prophet. They most likely will turn up here and ask questions. I would ask you not to tell them who adopted him and where he is now but you can tell them that he is alive and adopted. This should send Dumbledore running around like a headless chicken searching for him” Salazar chuckled.

“We will make sure that despite those information nothing leaks out” Griphook said. “Is there something else we can do?”

“For now this was everything. I should get back to Hadrian, at the moment he barely lets me out of sight and when he does then only for very short periods of times. His aunt and uncle really have done a number on him in the four and a half years they had to care for him” Salazar stood up and went to the door.

“Okay I hope we see you soon honorary clan leader Slytherin and may luck and fortune shine on you” Rognok lead him to the front entrance of Gringotts.

“May luck and fortune shine on you to” Salazar said and bowed to him in farewell before he left Gringotts after reapplying his glamour. He had not cast it again on Hadrian because now even if someone recognised him, which without his scar that disappeared after his magical outburst would be quite unlikely because no one knew how he looked like now, nobody could take him away from him. There also was James who would protect Hadrian from everyone who would try to harm him. James was a good dueller and one would be surprised how many spells he knew others would consider as dark. Therefore, Hadrian was safe even without the glamour. He himself on the other hand did not want to be recognised how unlikely that was but one never knew when a Hogwarts student, especially one from Slytherin, passed by and those knew how he looked like thanks to a painting in their dorm.

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