Baby City VR

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This is a VR project I did at school together with Viktor Wolf (programmer), Phillip Schliebs (programmer) and Max Görisch (programmer). It was made for the Occulus Rift.

In this game the player first sees modules of houses with which he can construct buildings and consequently a little village from the viewpoint of a small child. After a minute however the perspective of the player changes into the one of an adult and gets to see that the buildings, he was playing and building with, were only the play cubes of a child.

Most of the 3D models in this game and all the textures were done by me in Maya and Substance Painter with some help from Substance Designer. All toy cubes were done in six different colours (red, pink, blue, bright blue, green, yellow).

Renderings of the toys will follow.


Centurio Battle Arena

Start Screen

Centurio Battle Arena

This is the start screen for the Game I created together with Falk Hähner on an intern Game Jam here at school. The task was to create a “One Button” game within one week, a game controlled by only one button per player.

We decided to create a small battle game where two roman gladiators fight against each other.

These are examples for two of the menu buttons of the game.

The sprites for the Players were kept in a style like Rayman so that we could create more detailed characters without having to fear, that we run out of time because of complex animations, since this way we only needed to animate the different sprites of the body-parts.