Class Logo – School of Games 16/17

Wappen Klasse Barbara Beil

This crest is the result of a challenge of the school of games class 2016/17. The task was to create a crest or logo that we think represents our class

I decided on a crest because I felt that a simple logo wouldn’t be able to represent everything that makes our class. So I created this crest with the controller representing our love to games while the code and the brush represent our two different parts of games that we learn at school, programming and art.

McCree Wanted-Poster


This was a little exercise done in Illustrator featuring McCree from Overwatch with Atlantis from Stargate – Atlantis as the background within the character. Indicating that McCree roams the futuristic city of Atlantis it is the combination of something that might come from the past and the setting in the future that makes this poster special.

H.S. Solutions

HS Solutions_gedreht_ Barbara_Beil

This Logo was a homework assignment for the Illustrator program and being busy with one of my fan-fiction stories at that time I was inspired to do a sign for a business called H.S. Solutions which appears in one of my Stories located in the Harry Potter fandom. Selling ready-made potions, the ingredients to produce them as well as enchanted cleaning supplies for those who only inherited very little magic as indicated by the cauldron and the dust mop leaning against it.